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Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid

In North America, cruiser bikes dominated the market for many years. Today that has changed somewhat, but undoubtedly still has a solid core of supporters. Over the past few years, the overall price of motorcycles has gone up like all other vehicles. Although cruisers are one of the most popular types of motorcycle, not all are created equal. Even though there may be some fantastic deals on the used market, buying one of these bikes may not be a good idea.

While venerable cruiser maker Harley-Davidson dominated sales for decades, other pretenders fared well in the market. There was a mixture of beautiful, ugly, and terrible events that came and went. While the majority of Harley’s designs remained unchanged, he did manage to create a handful of his racy outfits. Although today’s cruisers are as technologically advanced as any other type of bike, it didn’t happen overnight, and mistakes were made along the way.

Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid – Top Rated

Honda CTX1300

Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid

Built to compete with the Street Glide, this V4 engine had already established an excellent reputation in the ST1300, so it had to be better. However, how they modified it to provide extra mid-range grunt didn’t win any fans.

Their engine rebuild procedure worked wonders on the CTX700; the big bore 1300 was a total dud. The rev range drops to 7000 rpm, which is unusual for a Honda but strange considering what an instrumental ride it feels like.

Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide

Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid

Harley was not the company it is now in the 1970s. AMF was then owned by him rather than the automaker (American Machine and Foundry).

Because of this, almost everything they produced at the time was terrible. Poor performance, poor build quality, and poor performance resulted in lost sales. So they came dangerously close to drowning. There are many bikes from this era that could be on this list, but the FX Super Glide is the one we’ve chosen at random.

Victory V92C

Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid

It’s under-engineered, to put it mildly, for a motorcycle built in the late 1990s. Victory released something that was straight out of the 1960s in an attempt to steal some of that market share from Harley. The National Motorcycle Museum’s 1999 Victory V92CVia. It also had a vintage feel, clumsy gear changes, and a lack of top speed.

Yamaha Bolt

Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid

Despite being one of the top motorcycle manufacturers in the world, they have yet to master the art of creating a good cruiser. Virago was okay at best, and the current effort — in our opinion — is worse. On paper, it looks like it has a ton of power, but once you see it in person, you’ll know what we mean.

Honda DN-01

Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid

The term stands for Dream New Concept 1, as the name implies. The fact that it was put into production makes the situation very strange.

Even Honda doesn’t know what motorbike class this is, but it has at least a few cruiser elements. For obvious reasons, including the $15,000 price in the 2000s dollars, it was a short-lived experiment with weak sales.

Kawasaki Vulcan 2000

Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid

Once again, a Japanese manufacturer is trying to enter the lucrative cruiser market.

We believe that Kawasaki went too far in trying to meet the excesses of its competitors. No matter how big the engine, 820 pounds will always be difficult to haul.

Honda Rebel 300

Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid

Nowadays, every class has an entry-level bike, but it’s not among the many that are much better than most people think.

The Rebel 500 does an excellent job of capturing the torque aspect of a true cruiser, even though it’s quite frankly impossible to do so on a small-displacement bike. Honda only went too far with the 300; It’s an unnecessary addition to their lineup. Get a secondhand 500 instead if money is your primary concern.

Harley-Davidson Street Rod

Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid

Entry-level Harleys are extinct; Long live entry-level Harleys. Sadly, even though it had a ton of potential and could undoubtedly have been better, it wasn’t good enough.

Although Harley should be comfortable, it wasn’t. Although the Harley should be robust, it wasn’t. The fact that it was removed is not surprising, but we hope their later work will learn from it.

Ducati Diavel

Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid

The Japanese have already received a lot of criticism for their mediocre efforts at cruisers, but the Italians’ initial attempt was even worse. Although the new Diavel has evolved significantly, the earlier models were unreliable. By the time the second, much improved Diavel was released, electronic gremlins were a standard feature on these bikes.

Harley-Davidson Dyna

Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid

Although it is still one of the most dangerous motorcycles on the road, this Harley is a favorite among many.

Almost all Dyna motorcycles are susceptible to the Dyna death wobble. Speed blips are common, but with Dyna, there is no recovery; There is only asphalt, trees, pain, and possibly death.

Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Cruisers One Should Avoid
1 Honda CTX1300
2 Harley-Davidson FX Super Glide
3 Victory V92C
4 Yamaha Bolt
5 Honda DN-01
6 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000
7 Honda Rebel 300
8 Harley-Davidson Street Rod
9 Ducati Diavel
10 Harley-Davidson Dyna

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