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Top Ten Bikes You Have Never Seen Before

A lot of well-known manufacturers spend a considerable amount of time in improving their image and increase market share. The custom builders build their dream bike by spending several hours. However, it becomes difficult to rate these bikes over certain positions, but here is our list containing the Top Ten Bikes You Have Never Seen Before, which were made to get the world record or maybe to have something better than what the other has.

Top Ten Bikes You Have Never Seen Before – Top Rated

The Smallest

Top Ten Bikes You Have Never Seen Before

Sweden Tom Wiberg made the world’s tallest bike with a Jaguar V-12 engine called ‘big toe.’ This record was beaten by the world’s smallest bike ‘Small Toe’ and is still the smallest bike. This bike requires unique gadgets like specific boots with pegs that are built-in and can slot in either of the holes on the side. It also has an engine of radio-controlled cars and is made by wheel bearings. It doesn’t serve to be a practical ride, even though it can be ridden.

The Tallest

Top Ten Bikes You Have Never Seen Before

The tallest bike of the world was built by Fabio Reggiani in Italy, which has more than five meters high machine at the top of its ape hangers. These aren’t made for holding purposes as the steering is controlled through a remote.

The Longest

Top Ten Bikes You Have Never Seen Before

British lunatic Colin Furze created the 22 meter longest bike ever made, this title was beaten by Indian man Bharat Singh who made 26.29 meters long bike. However, we still don’t know the purpose of it.

The Heaviest

Top Ten Bikes You Have Never Seen Before

The extra weight in bikes becomes a hindrance to performance and handling. But Tilo and Wilfred Niebel did not care about this and created a bike that had V12 engine, Russian tank which was capable enough for the shifting of a motorcycle and weighed around 5 tonnes.

Biggest Single

Top Ten Bikes You Have Never Seen Before

The idea of a single-cylinder bike with a 2-liter engine surely seems like a surprising idea. This idea was turned into reality by Franz Langer who built the NSU ‘Bison 2000’ with 1000cc and then this record was beaten by 1500cc bike made by his competitor. The top cylinder is bolted from an aero engine while the bottom engine is from an NSU Konsul.

Biggest Twin

Top Ten Bikes You Have Never Seen Before

This bike has two radial aircraft engine cylinders to make a V-twin. ‘Gunbus’ was created by Clemens Leonhardt with a limited production run. It has 6.7 liters which are quite huge for a twin. The aircraft donated massive tire carcasses, and nine-cylinder radial from the original cylinder was made. The website doesn’t exist anymore which means it wasn’t based on high demand, but it was planned to be sold for €325,000.

Most Cylinders

Top Ten Bikes You Have Never Seen Before

The bike is made with 48 cylinders, and this is possible due to the custom engine made from six eight-cylinder banks, in which every cylinder was made by using Kawasaki KH250 cylinders. It also consists of a 49th cylinder as the starter motor of the main engine is 50cc single.

Most Engines

Top Ten Bikes You Have Never Seen Before

Dolomite consist of 24 separate engines and each is of 78cc and has a five-speed gearbox from Harley Davidson. Each motor has to be pull started singularly, which shows that it’s not practical, and the fact that it only makes 170bhp using 1.9 liters.

Most Big and Powerful Engines

Gordon Tronson made multi-engined creation, and each has 100 cubic inch V-twin, which makes more than 100hp and a total of 400hp. The maker also has two twin-supercharged V8s and has a truck that makes more 1000bhp each with V8s, shows he has some magnificent obsession with multi-engined machines.

Most Seats, Wheels, Engines

Top Ten Bikes You Have Never Seen Before

The Czech build bike ‘Bohmerland’ was sold before WW2 and was a four-seat motorcycle; it was made for families during the Langtouren model. But this record was beaten by ‘Timeline’ which could fit up to 10 people and was created by Steve Hopkins, the owner of Doc’s Harley Davidson in Wisconsin. It also consists of seven different Harley engines from 1923 to 1993, including 1200cc JD, 1200cc flathead, 1200cc Knucklehead, 1200cc Panhead, 1340cc Shovelhead, 1340cc Evolution, and 1584cc twin cam. It has four main wheels, two on front and two rear with some removable stabilizers.


We can’t compare the bikes made by manufacturers or custom bikes built by bike freaks, but today’s list is about the Top Ten Bikes You Have Never Seen Before. We still don’t understand the purpose of these bikes but they sure are surprising enough to be included in this list.

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