Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times

Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times

Supermotos are pretty alienating, because a lot of them consider them as thrilling bikes while some consider them as impractical, uncomfortable and slow. To tell you the fact, the supermotos are a combination of all these things. The bikes on our list have slipped from showrooms and there’s no alternative for them since 2010. So, here is our list of Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times, which one are you going to pick?

Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times – Top Rated

10. Honda MSX125

Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times

With its limited size performance, this dull supermoto shaped bike is more fun than anything that’s why it’s worthy of this list. This bike will let you power slide with its 9.7bhp and you might look ridiculous on it if you’re a middle-aged motorcyclist. But if you don’t care about looking silly and focus on this bike’s performance, it will surely unleash your inner teenager. Its new American name is “Grom” which suits it more.

9. Suzuki DR125SM

Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times

Suzuki DR125SM could be your choice if you’re looking for an off-shelf supermoto and don’t have a thing for fancy stuff. This bike is cheap as it’s parts are readily available at local dealers, and it’s the most popular genre for sure.

It has been five years since the company discontinued the model but it still has the DR125SM, for Suzuki supermoto bikes. The look is excellent, with a speed of 70mph which can be compared to the Honda MSX. However, it’s sensible not to put a higher rank for this bike.

8. Yamaha WR125X

Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times

This machine is more severe than Honda or Suzuki even if the prices are higher. It has 15bhp learner legal, water-cooled engine, chassis and suspension that are of quality that makes its high price worth it. You can find touching the ground a struggle in a vertical challenge, because this is an authentic supermoto which was derived from a real-off road bike.

7. Rieju MRT125SM Pro

Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times

This bike has a similar engine as the Yamaha WR125X but its price is £800 less than the Yamaha. This Reiju makes a fantastic package with its modern cruiser aluminum frame which is steel, and the real supermoto style with the brand name parts addition like Marzocchi forks and Galfer discs.

6. Husqvarna TR650 Strada

Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times

Strada isn’t a bike present currently, but still this model has made up to this list. The prices for these stradas are around £1000, which means its good enough to appear on this list if we compare it with Ben Cope. The bike is not a full motocross motorcycle but it has SM-Esque styling which resembles the KTM Duke before the machine was taken off the Standard naked bike line up.

It means that it’s a practical bike and you can ride it any time regularly. It has 58bhp by being tuned, but it doesn’t give up on what you expect.

5. Yamaha XT660X

Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times

The XT660X is one of the supermotos that’s available currently from a famous brand, and it was a tough decision to decide whether to put Yamaha above Strada or not. This old aged and too straight-laced bike was meant to be on this list.

The price of £6599 for this Yamaha is a bit too much. But if we look at its characteristics, then the motorcycle has a perfect A2 license machine, which hits 35kW power limit which means 47bhp and has 0.2kW/kg powers to the weight limit. The XT isn’t only the best supermoto but it’s also considered as the most high-performance bike that you can legally own in this market.

4. Honda CRF250M

Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times

Honda was engaged in making CRF250M when other brands were disappearing from the market of supermoto. The bike is built with a single-cylinder engine and is Off-road oriented derived like the CRF250L. It’s a proper crossed derived supermoto and no other bike can compete with it. But after all it’s a Honda which is a little downside.

The owners look happy with the panache but it’s missing for this bike. However, if you’re looking for a supermoto with low service schedules of the real motocross bike then this bike is suitable for you.

3. Ducati Hypermotard

Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times

The Hypermotard tells us that this bike is a supermoto because that’s what they aimed at making. It has leagues more than performance as compared to anything on the list, with water-cooled, 821cc model of Testastretta 11 degree engine, 110bhp and additional characteristics. It gives up to 30,000 without any high service requirements. Then we have traction control, the latest Bosch 9 ABS and other power modes to enjoy this bike.

The price of £9,695 seems reasonable for this base model. It’s not on the first place of the list because it’s not a traditional supermoto but a day to day bike instead.

2. KTM 450SMR

Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times

This bike is the off-shelf competition which is full-on supermoto which is quite popular and on sales presently. This bike is made for the racers who consider the tracks only and not the roads, which means it’s going to attract a lot of riders.

You can’t ever doubt the advantages of this bike like the injected, competition-spec engine, high-end WP suspension, alloy frame, delectable kits and other parts that are mentioned in the PowerParts catalog to make you crave this bike even more. It’s a bike that we’d love to ride but will think twice before buying. It is the best supermoto but not the real world winner.

1. KTM 690 SMC R

Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times

When it was introduced initially, the KTM was the perfect definition of road-going supermoto, but now that has been changed with Duke Machines. The KTMs V twin 950SM can only live in our memories now. The firm now offers 690 SMC R with 66bhp and 140kg of weight. It has 0.2kW/kg power to weight limit which means 38bhp. If you’re interested in road-going supermotos, then this is the bike made for you but the price of £8k raises a question of whether it’s worth it.

Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Supermotos of All Times
1 KTM 690 SMC R
2 KTM 450SMR
3 Ducati Hypermotard
4 Honda CRF250M
5 Yamaha XT660X
6 Husqvarna TR650 Strada
7 Rieju MRT125SM Pro
8 Yamaha WR125X
9 Suzuki DR125SM
10 Honda MSX125


This list includes the top ten best supermotos for riders who love to go on the road or track. If you’re really into the supermoto genre, then this guide will surely help you to fulfill your need.