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Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times

For many years the best seller in Britain has been BMW R1200GS with their incredible monopoly in sales charts made it seem like you can get enough of their adventure bike. This bike is known for its market stability, and it has beaten the former vast segments like sport s bike. BMW has always had its place higher when comparing to any other motorcycle even GS. By using government six months data of registration documents, we tried to figure out which model is best at selling in the market nowadays in the Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times.

Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times – Top Rated

10. F800GT

Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times

Its boxer twins and S1000RR have entirely conquered BMW but instead, it merely has forgotten F800GT and it has accomplished an all-rounder and lots of buyers have been seeing doing this. Even with their primary focus on the adventure bike, this bike of BMW is the only one with parallel-twin motor and it has appeared on the list of F800GS and F700GS and this has created a massive impact on the sales term.

9. S1000XR

Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times

It is too initial even to figure out the exact figure sales of the S1000XR and conclude its success. Still, if we see its 164 registration yes, it has the worth behavior in a mind that this became was on sale only for a month in the first half of the year 2015, so we can see that all these registrations have been made in June. Not only is an adventure bike, but this bike is also wiser and has fast, comfy all-rounder and this bike is for stiff back people.

8. R1200R

Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times

Another great invention in 2015 the R1200R which have been available for quite a long time, some of the records have shown that the registration has been started by the end of 2014. So the entire sale of 190 was within six months and an exact echo of its fame yet we still want more. It has more of a conservative look but reserve too. The attraction is little than expected.

7. R1200RS

Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times

R1200R ass expected has a lower sale as it was expected, it could be the reason that the buyers of R1200R are gathering by the RS version. S1000XR and the R1200RS were seen on sale for six months, and the entire figure covered about 207 of registration which left a remarkable impression in the market. All this proved this bike as a great adventure and an all-rounder, which could do touring and commuting and scratching.

6. S1000R

Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times

Even though this bike has ranked only one number higher than the R1200RS but let’s not forget the unbelievable sales, which is twice as many given before and one of the next most top famous BMW in the first six months in the year 2015. And if you want the most powerful naked bike, then this is the best one to get. Lots of people do not consider the crooked styling but yet it is still typical. And the unique combination of this bike S1000RR has a perfect engine with wide barred and a sit-up and beg riding position which makes it more attractive.

5. R1200RT

Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times

You probably remember the pre-Ewan and Charley days of SR1000RR when BMW put a pipe slippers image combining with main and big soft, comfy tourers which were able to do any long-distance even with two riders. Yes, they are still making such bikes by buying BMW with two-cylinder K1600GT. Also, though, not a vast number is on sale. This bike R1200RT has done it all with the same power. The cost is much lower than the rest and it is worth buying one of these babies.

4. R nineT

Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times

R nine T was supposed to be one of those models as a little bit too much function model. The users and buyers are just not getting enough if the retro style type of bikes and the unlimited personalization it has to offer—a Triumph with a massive change in the sales market place with the brand new Bonneville range. Scrambler has stood by the Ducati and so has BMW at the time of launching.

3. S1000RR

Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times

This bike is one of those examples which has sustained a great sale in the market and created a great bike with continuous updating often. Its 2009 model has gone to many variations and updated even its racing life was always. And because of all this, it remained in Britain as the bestselling superbike. But the Japanese version of this bike, the 2015 R1 is quite a limp and outdated and especially if you’re looking for a four-cylinder motorcycle.

2. R1200GS Adventure

Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times

Finally, at the top two and both are the R1200GSes. And because of the registration amount they have been spilled into two categories as the adventure and standard bike of BMW range and it divides them into eight groups. With three standard GS and five experience GSEs. In where the adventure is a little costly because of its high spec version, and if you compare, it is much more than the base bike range and that’s making it’s so close to the sale of the highest mode to be saved.

1. R1200GS

Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times

It is essential to be an adventure bike but the GS has still ranked on the top of the BMW sales chart. And to be honest, many riders do not need the off the road-oriented bits with average looks of the GS and its riding position is the one to go after. And good enough to ride on a long tour. Being best or not but still, it is the best option to make it the default choice in the category.

Sr. # Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times – Top List
1 R1200GS
2 R1200GS Adventure
3 S1000RR
4 R nineT
5 R1200RT
6 S1000R
7 R1200RS
8 R1200R
9 S1000XR
10 F800GT


Our today’s article provides the complete list of Top Ten Best Selling BMW Bikes of All Times, and the hard-working team of Bikes Catalog compiles it. It will help these riders who are willing to purchase the new BMW motorcycles in the new future.

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