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Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc

Toddlers are 50cc, or 125cc and ‘big motorcycles’ are 1000cc or more. We’re going to sub-500cc for this top 10 and we’ll tell you which one we think is the biggest. The budget never looks so good. So, here is the list of Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc on Bikes Catalog.

Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc – Top Rated

10. Benelli TRK 502 (from £5,299)

Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc

Forget the extra ‘2’ The TRK is 500cc and is a slightly larger somewhat crude Italian / Chinese version of Honda’s stunning, class-leading, and just upgraded) CB500X is also parallel twin with 47bhp according to the A2 license. It’s tougher than Honda, but it’s still more than enough. Because it is significantly more prominent, it is better for taller riders, especially with wire wheels, a more durable ‘X’ shape.

Also, its current specifications (with LCD clocks, etc.) are somewhat obsolete, but it is still a strong 500cc all-rounder at a great price. Just ask the Italian. This year Benelli 502 TRK has sold more motorcycles than any other motorcycle in Italy.

9. Vespa GTS300 75th Anniversary (£6,650)

Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc

We could not ignore the scooter completely, but which one to choose? Easy Class-Leading TMAX, at 560cc, is too big to add now, and BMW’s C400s are very practical, so there can only be one.

The Vespa GTS remains the ultimate scooter. In the 300cc form, he is an impressive and excellent all-rounder. To commemorate his 75th birthday, he has just released this anniversary model, which features a unique golden color, 75th birthday graphics, metallic Plaque and more. It needs more. Yes, at £ 6,600 +, it’s not cheap, but sub-500cc scooters aren’t very stylish.

8. Honda CRF300L (£5,149)

Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc

Once upon a time (in the 1970s and early 1980s), 125-500cc trail motorcycles were everywhere. Yamaha’s two-stroke / four-stroke DT175 / 250 and XT250 / 500, Suzuki’s comparable TS / DRs and many others praised the race and provided a great start to the on / off ride the road.

No more. CRF, on the other hand, sticks out. It is a ‘real’ trail bike more than just off the road and a comfortable, easy road bike. It was introduced in 2012 and is powered by 23bhp, liquid-cooled, DOHC single.

7. BMW G310R (£4,785)

Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc

BMW’s Indian-made entry-level roadster single was revised to 2021 with Euro5 compliance, new LED lighting and adjustable levers and is the most extensive sub-500cc introduction to the luxury BMW ride (including a G310GS here is less convincing).

There is nothing particularly remarkable about it. It doesn’t have much power of 34bhp. Although it is a comfortable rider and a good all-rounder, it is not as exciting as a KTM, and it is not particularly well equipped.

6. Yamaha MT-03 (£5,300)

Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc

According to Yamaha’s A2, the 321cc twins, the sports-style YZF-R3, and its nude brother, the MT-03, are more attractive rivals (such as Kawasaki’s now-defunct Ninja / Z400 pair) and Yamaha’s shadow. More mainstream or larger stable mats, such as the R125, MT-07 and R1 – but these are both excellent bikes and later.

The Yamaha MT-03 is a great all-rounder and a great introduction to the big motorcycles, now with inverted forks, a sleek new LCD, and an updated design. It has a ready 41bhp engine, a chassis that is elegant, smart, and enjoyable and it is attractive and well equipped.

5. Royal Enfield Meteor 350 (from £3,879)

Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc

If Enfield’s new (yes, new honest) Meteor 350 is a hint, there is a growing trend for less powerful bikes than ever before – but don’t let that stop you as Royal Enfield’s new ‘Cruiser’ ‘Single is a beautiful treat.

Sure, its modest 20bhp won’t please anyone (by comparison, Yamaha’s 350LC produced 47bhp 40 years ago), but it’s a ready-made dog of a bike with a pretty old-fashioned style. It is a pleasure to walk around humbly. Etiquette and the Remaining Economy.

4. KTM Duke 390 (£5,099)

Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc

Ducas, derived from KTM’s SuperMoto, is famous because they are light and agile with punches, modern singles, and aggressive demeanor. While the 125 has the highest price at 17, the current 890R is a vicious vessel of the bike and the larger 1290 is according to its ‘best’ manicure, the medium, 44bhp 390 which is probably the best of them all.

The nimble, energetic, sub-500cc bikes are no better than that and if you aren’t sold on the ‘naked’ look, the Austrian company 390 Adventure or the Snape 390 single in the recently updated RC390 Sportster is also Sold.

3. Husqvarna 401 Svartpilen/Vitpilen (£5,049)

Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc

When Husqvarna, owned by KTM, initially introduced 2018 styled 401 Vitpilen café racer, derived from the Duke 390 and its sister bike, the semi-scrambler / roadster Svartpilen, they had a mixed reaction.

The aesthetic and basic mechanics were well received, but the costs did not exceed £ 6,000. No more. Both are reducing the best, basic KTMs due to significant price reductions and their style (and feature, it must be mentioned) sets them apart from the crowd.

2. Fantic Caballero Scrambler 500 (from £6,499)

Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc

You might think this is a bit of a surprise. We believe this is one of the most fun, fashionable, entertaining, and unique ‘500s’ available.

The Caballero, launched in 2019 by the reborn Italian off-road brand, is a perfect combination of classical mechanics with current mechanics and performance, resulting in one of the best ‘Fell Good’ motorcycles.

Sure, it’s a bit of a specialist; not too many sellers and the mechanics are Chinese. The Caballero Scrambler on the other hand, feels absolute ‘right,’ it is one of the most natural 500s in this category, and it’s 39bhp liquid-cooled, much higher than the 449cc single-engine.

1. Honda CB500F / Honda CBR500R / Honda CB500 X (from £5,749)

Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc

There was nothing wrong with that but they have raised it again. The CB Family (which includes the CB500F Roadster, CBR500 Sportster, and CB500X Adventure Bike) was launched in 2014 as Honda’s all three new solid offerings for the A2 Class and has just been updated. Yes (for the fourth time) and now better than ever and without argument, the best bikes in all 500cc class.

For our money, the long, wide X is the biggest, but we can’t argue with any of them. They are all built on precisely the same chassis and have the exact incredibly ready, adaptable, and straightforward 471cc 47bhp twin. They are also good, neutral handlers, well equipped, reliable and reasonably priced.

Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Budget Bikes Up To 500cc
1 Honda CB500F / Honda CBR500R / Honda CB500 X (from £5,749)
2 Fantic Caballero Scrambler 500 (from £6,499)
3 Husqvarna 401 Svartpilen/Vitpilen (£5,049)
4 KTM Duke 390 (£5,099)
5 Royal Enfield Meteor 350 (from £3,879)
6 Yamaha MT-03 (£5,300)
7 BMW G310R (£4,785)
8 Honda CRF300L (£5,149)
9 Vespa GTS300 75th Anniversary (£6,650)
10 Benelli TRK 502 (from £5,299)

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