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Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021

If you wanted to go anywhere with the most reliable and safest motorcycles then without any doubt, we would consider you adventure bikes. Which are more popular among the adventure bikes and more of a consumer choice winner? One of the significant examples we could think of here is the BMW R1200/50GS, the UK best seller for more than ten years. Making your life more convenient and easy here are some of the best adventure bikes on and off roads which are highly capable for your comfortable ride. So, below is the Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021.

Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021 – Top Rated

10. Yamaha Super Ténéré XTZ1200Z (from £12,547)

Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021

A bike known as the forgotten adventure bike was produced in 2010; we do not see any update except for some minor electric tweaks, costing in the low range you get the best average 110bhp performance. Not to forget this bike is a big ten with its shaft drive and an honest dual-purpose capability rough build and most importantly easy on your pocket. Yamaha is light in weight and its twin-engine makes it easy off the road.

9. Triumph Tiger 1200 XcX (from £15,250)

Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021

The most significant production of bikes in Triumph was the Tiger 1200XcX, the 1200 explorer tiger in 2012. This bike was standing against the BMW GS with a giant shaft drive triple. 135bhp faster and comfy than other GS from the market. In 2016 it saw its most significant change in updates, like the engine chassis and specs, which involved the active suspension in supplying three XR variations and three more XC the one with wire wheels.

8. Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro (from £17,895)

Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021

A game-changer in 2010 for better electronics flexibility in super motorbikes, this bike, the Ducati 150bhp, could handle the adventure with comfort and ease. The wheels were 17 in size which made it not so comfortable for off-road rides.

But not so long this also changed in 2016 when the Italian company introduced the Multistrada 1200 Enduro, an off-road wire wheel 19 inches. A bike that could go on long drives cause of its excellent and strong suspension and dual-arm facility, swing arm and a 30-liter tank with an astonishing rowdy body. The ability to go off-road without losing its speed from a 160bph active ride.

7. BMW F 850 GS Adventure (from £11,105)

Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021

An off-road BMW GS adventure bike was first seen in the 2008s, offering twin parallel platforms and impressing the ability to function as the middleweight bike. Due to its being so light in weight the management proportion compared to the GS 1200 made it a cakewalk ride off the road. Meaning this bike had a lot on its hands, being the dual-purpose adventure bike.

More of a road-oriented bike the F650/700 version although with the same but detuned engine acting in the same way. Both of these bikes have seen unique updates over time. Such as the F850GS which contained a 23-liter tank giving us the 94bhp and rough weather shields a complete adventure package. An off-road ride capable of riding its engine with the best price range.

6. Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L (from £13,049)

Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021

It was unfortunate how the Honda industry did not consider marketing the Africa Twin name CRF1000L in 201 6; this bike was giving us dual purpose with 94bhp twin and an adequate on-road ride. As a 1000cc bike, its chassis was considered the best. It had the typical Honda touch and quality to it with semi-auto sale features. Yet, it did not put many impressions on us. This bike is more focused on off-road rides since being updated in 2020, boosting its bhp to 100 and other electronic tweaks.

5. KTM 790 Adventure R (from £10,999)

Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021

When talking about an adventure bike, we think of it as the middleweight 790 adventure bike and excellent on the off roadside; well, this is precisely the one you’re looking.

There are two types of KTM bikes off-road, one based on 790 as more R. with excellent performance and a road adventure bike. It is probably the best, with 96bhp parallel-twin derived from the 790 Duke distinctive tubular steels trellis frame.

The ride of an R is more appropriate for the off-road rides with 21/18 wire wheels. They are making it better for long travels and comfortable adjustments included with road suspensions.

4. BMW R 1250 GS Adventure (from £14,870)

Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021

When talking about a significant and long-lasting future, there is no way to leave out BMW big chassis GSA . a bike that is great for off-road and has been number 1 on the list many times. A big tank bike and an off-road ability it has nothing we can miss out on it.

Since 2019, it has got an essential 10bhp power improvement thanks to the ingenious new ‘ShiftCam’ engine plus urbane new TFT dash.

3. Triumph Tiger 900 Rally (from £11,700)

Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021

The Triumph of the British has seen hard times in tiger 1200 competitive. Another version that was smaller was introduced first in the market as the tiger 800 in 2010 and was recognized as being the go-to bike and also became the best seller for the Hinckley Marque. The outstanding cylinder with three engines gives us the larger and stroked version of the brilliant Street Triple 675. If we look further into this category, we can find a heavy triple and rugged XC fist which is decent for the life and ride.

2. KTM 1290 Super Adventure R (from £13,399)

Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021

Since the original 950, the KTM 1290 has given us the classification for dirt rideability since it was launched in 2004. It is giving enormous credit to the V twin slim adjustable and off-ride credibility and updating its super adventure 1290 in 2017 as the off-road ability.

With the availability of two KTM, one is road-biased, and the other is dirt focused R with 12 /18 wire wheels and a larger one to focus on with slimmer seats and lower screen.

1. Yamaha Ténéré 700 (from £9147)

Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021

In 2019 the Yamaha Tenere was a long-awaited middle-weight adventure bike based on a brilliant MT07 price range budget. With off-road ability, this is one of the biggest hits for Yamaha without any thoughts.

It has the winner quality ticking every box a great adventure e-bike consists and making it great on-off ride and budget-friendly but not so much either. With a 72bhp twin-engine, it has a slim look and the chassis are the best for an adventure bike; compared to the KTM expensive bikes, it’s almost the same quality. Being taller and specious in the market, this bike has its value gained day by day and making it pretty decent to be on number one.

Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021 – Top List

Sr. Top Ten Best Bikes that Can Go-Anywhere in 2021
1 Yamaha Ténéré 700 (from £9147)
2 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R (from £13,399)
3 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally (from £11,700)
4 BMW R 1250 GS Adventure (from £14,870)
5 KTM 790 Adventure R (from £10,999)
6 Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L (from £13,049)
7 BMW F 850 GS Adventure (from £11,105)
8 Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro (from £17,895)
9 Triumph Tiger 1200 XcX (from £15,250)
10 Yamaha Super Ténéré XTZ1200Z (from £12,547)


For those of you looking for an ideal motorcycle that can take them anywhere, they want then our list of Top Ten Best Bikes That Can Go-Anywhere in 2021 will help them in many ways.

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