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Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies

You can ride 125 on the provisional license with L-plates if you are 17 or over. There are two types of classes you can choose from the 125, and it is a two-stroke or four-stroke bike. The two-stroke bike is much faster and lighter with less economical and prone to be needed with maintenance, but it has simple and easy functions to handle. The four-stroke bike is more long-lasting plus economical. They are heavier and less in power, also slow. But they are expensive to buy even though it is always a pleasure to buy a faster bike, that’s why 125 was created in such a manner that it is durable and affordable. After compiling the Top Ten Best 125cc Motorcycle, we have compiled the Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies.

Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies – Video

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Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies – Top Rated

10. Suzuki Van Van 125


The real California fresh look of Van Van from the 70s little is the copy of sand bikes. It is a beautiful blend of retro-chic in a low-cost package. Also great for people who are short in height and looking to ride something that will build their confidence and which has low life threat functions and lightweight to use. This bike has a flat seat and minimal weight, which makes it very smooth to manage. The U-turn and slalom element is easy breezy with Van Van, and only it shows out while you are taking a fun ride.

9. Kawasaki Eliminator

Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies

If you prefer riding the bike or cruiser slow and you love to travel in such a manner that this bike is it for you. They are not complicated to ride easy as cake having low seats and aren’t faking for what they are not. Japanese have found and offered some perfect example of which is more necessary than another model figure which you can go for. The bike, which is a single-cylinder, is much lighter, and they are simple with a more torque power better than the twins. The resale value is not so good because it can be tough to make it look all new once again.

8. Hyosung GT125R

Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies

One of the 125 bikes which have more significant and broader space as a machine is this bike Hyosung GT125R one of the most excellent options for the Korean conglomerate Hyosung. The quality of considerable presence and with 600cc motorcycle. The twin v engine looks more significant than 125. Even though the Japanese manufacturer’s little compromise the class but they have established concern concerns to get rid of as soon as possible. Only a few machines know this machine very well.

7. Italjet Dragster 125

Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies

It is not a bike. It is also known as the scooter; it is colder than many other devices. They have a big range of tuning parts, and you can also check the website of IraljetDragster.com and find something like 172cc kit or 26mm carb and many decent exhausts plus hopped-up variator. You have to get your full license to make the tuning legal, so try not to come in an accident. And the first joint ball is just a little much to afford to be replaced.

6. Honda Varadero 125

Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies

Honda Varadero is tall and can pass for a much bigger capacity machine. You can call it the quality machine. 15 bhp is punt out of the twin-cylinder engine, which is legally right. And if you want a long journey on the road, then this baby is the one to ride on with highly decent comfort and pure, secure handling, which brings out the confidence in you. It is heavy, but one push can make a go on the road very smoothly. It also has a minor cosmetic update or change in the year 2007.

5. Honda CBR125R

Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies

The bike, which topped the sales charts for many years, is called the Honda CBR125. It has made many excellent compromises. You can easily find them in the used market and still would not find any shortage in the parts or spares. It is small in size but runs very decently. But the miles average are much higher than the one that the Chinese are offering. The only flaw that we see is that the exhaust and shock can rust with time or weaken, which can cause an accident.

4. Yamaha YZF-R125

Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies

Economical and more significant with a durable machine system, also with the look of a sports bike, the YZF is unique in its name. This bike is the half art of Honda CBR125, which is the reason it is this much satisfying. The 15bhp limit is right on target, but the four-valve head needs some more rev than the two-valve alternatives like CBR, and to get it to move, it is often amazing to see.it is a winner in many users books because it has the Italian strikers running costs.

3. Honda CG125

Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies

If someone is looking for a reliable and low-cost ride, then CG 125 is the one. It was released in 1985 with little updates since then. It is one of the real bikes of all time. The air-cooled four-stroke single is exceptionally dependable and ultra-low in maintenance. The fuel consumption is low, and so is the insurance cost affordable.

2. Aprilia RS125

Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies

Flash choice for almost 20 years, the Aprilia knows how to handle itself on the race tracks with excellent handling and brakes. The two-stroke and single-cylinder engines can be restricted to make between 25 and 33 bhp also depending on the model, which is illegal, even for 33 bhp license holders, because of its power and weight ratio. The services are expensive, and the bike which was made from 2006 and onwards has almost the same design and functions. Also, you can experience the high octane pleasure in this machine too.

1. Yamaha DT125R

Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies

This bike is about 20 years old and but you have to be tall enough to ride this bike also. The two strokes engine’s hard as nail as it is not a fragile machine like the one European have shown. It is competent on the road. It has the perfect handling of grip, and in the dirt, it runs like a monster.there is no such real weakness in this bike; the value of this bike is solid as a rock. The model ‘x’ is much bigger and heavier plus also costly and more relaxed in look, but it is less useful off the road.

Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies- Top List

Sr. # Top Ten 125cc Bikes for Newbies
1 Yamaha DT125R
2 Aprilia RS125
3 Honda CG125
4 Yamaha YZF-R125
5 Honda CBR125R
6 Honda Varadero 125
7 Italjet Dragster 125
8 Hyosung GT125R
9 Kawasaki Eliminator
10 Suzuki Van Van 125


The above given top ten 125 bikes are those bikes that have been used by its riders and the opinion that the buyers and sellers have shown. The detail above given about each type of 125 bikes is in such a manner that you will know the flaws and qualities of these bikes.

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