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The New Stylish Honda Fury 2015 Specs

2015 Honda Fury is a new 1312cc cruiser bike of today’s Era. It is a dynamic and sensational chopper bike. It attracts many people standing on roadside due to its superior and fantastic sound coming from V-Twin engine. The SOHC engine is installed on a rigid frame with 5-speed gearbox and an automatic enricher circuit. The Honda Fury 2015 strength lies on a high quality steel frame that allows the best performance. Due to its strong frame and high power engine a rider can avail its ride many continuous hours. It is the mixture of old design and new technology. Its longer length will provide an astonishing control and grip on the road. The roaring sound of SOHC system creates an appeal toward itself among the bikers. The sound seems to be a rhythm coming from some huge machine. You can simply say it “Not a Cruiser. Just Honda” 1312cc powerful unbeatable engine makes this cruiser a running leopard. It is capable of covering many cities in a single run. Its chopper look is praised by its lovers. It has the power of accepting any challenge made to it that involves its strength. The super fast cruiser is stopped by disc brakes having diameter of 336mm front and 296mm rear. Riding this chopper will boost up your confidence of running heavy bikes and you will feel a charm in your personality riding Fury 2015.It is awesome bike with all its aspects. You can only see its performance if you have the experience to ride this.

new Honda Fury 2015

News and Publicity:

The New Honda Fury 2015 is in the news from its day one.  You can see its specifications and key features on every print and social media. From day one of its announcement, it has many followers on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Everybody loves to hear about this bike from others.

Special Key Features

  • 1312 cc  SOHC, Liquid-cooled, V-twin engine
  • 3-dimensional digital mapping with two Sparks per cylinder
  • Dynamic chopper style bike
  • 5-speed transmission.
  • Auto circuit of PFGMI with one throttle of 38mm
  • 3.5 gallons fuel tank
  • Front and Rear Brakes are Disc brake with ABS option
  • 2 fascinating colors; Black Gray and Candy Red
  • Easy riding position, and stylish saddle
  • Extra control with long length up to six feet from axle to axle
  • Low 30 inches seat for small riders
  • Wide Rear 200-Series Tire for ultimate grip
  • Premium quality steel frame of extra strength
  • Awesome high-tensile aluminum panels

The SOHC V-Twin Engine:

This machine runs on the base of a true 1312cc liquid-cooled engine. This engine makes this bike a perfect non-stop cruiser having a lot of horsepower torque. When you push the start button, the sound that comes from the roaring engine is breathtaking.

The Custom Exhaust:

Honda has made special camshafts that enhance the pleasant sound coming from Fury’s exhaust system. The exhaust is also designed to give boost to V-twin engine and thus results in a full thrust released through these.

Honda Fury exhaust

The Headlight:

Headlight of the Fury chopper is elegantly designed with sparkling steel and buffed metal. Unlike other bikes having old round headlight designs, it is specially designed to give a special look from the front. It has an oval type shining structure which gives a gorgeous look.

Honda Fury 2015 Price and Release date:

The price and release date is still not officially declared. But the bike is in the news and hotline from day one it is announced. Chopper lovers will have to wait for some time until this legendary Honda Fury releases.


There are many accessories made by Honda for the cruiser bikes to give these a different and superior touch. Their effort to dominate is looking in these valuable accessories.

Honda Fury tyres

ABS Braking system:

Basically 2015 Honda Fury has not come up with a preinstalled ABS system. It is up to the customers and bikers who prefer to install ABS or not. Originally installed Disc brakes are well capable of stopping the big machine but if you want an extra control and grip, ABS will do for you.

Honda Fury 2015 Review:

How much time has passed when you see a chopper motorcycle? Motorcycling a chopper is an awesome experience. This bike will give you an ultimate experience of riding. Honda has managed to manufacture this splendid motorcycle. It has broken all the record in the history of cruise bikes.  All parts of the bike are made up of rigid steel and aluminum. Dimension wise it looks like a big motorcycle but performance wise it has no companion. The specification of this bike lies on a power house 1312cc V-Twin engine. SOHC system generates a roaring and pleasant sound. The Candy Red and Black Gray colors are very attractive. Optional ABS braking system is offered with the Fury. Headlight of the bike is made up of buffed metal and has a special look. This bike will offer you a continuous long drive for many hours, Due to this amazing performance it is categorized highly in cruise bikes. You can have a comfortable ride as its seat is adjusted low and the sitting position is easy. Smooth steering control provides you the little effort to turn on curve and bends. It is a heavy bike in terms of weight. Its weight is about 663 pounds but it will not affect its performance. The 5-position adjustable shocks provide a graceful ride on uneven roads. 200-series Rear Tire is also helpful in gripping the road and fast run. Overall I will give it excellent grade because it just fulfills in all aspects. The Fury is not yet available in the market but soon after its release it will become the hottest chopper of today.

Honda Fury 2015 handle

Honda Fury 2015 Specification:


Make 52° V-Twin, Liquid-cooled engine
Power 1312 cc
Bore 89.5 mm
Stroke 104.3 mm
Induction Automatic PFGMI circuit with one 38mm throttle
Ignition Three dimensional digital mapping with 2 Sparks each cylinder


Gears 5-speed
Valve Train 3-valves per cylinder, SOHC
Compression ratio 9.2:1
Final Drive Shaft


Trail 92mm
Rack 32°
Suspension front 45mm fork with 4 inches travel
Suspension Rear Mono shock with 5-position spring adjustment having 3.7 inches travel
Brake Front Dual-piston caliper single disc
Brake  Rear One-piston caliper single disc
Brake discs Front 336mm
Brake discs Rear 296mm
Front Tire 90/90-21
Rear Tire 200/50-18
Wheel base 71  inches
Ground clearance (unloaded) 178.5mm
Seat height 30 inches
Fuel Tank 3.4 gallons
weight 663 pounds
Average Economy 45Mpg

Honda Fury 2015 colors


In my opinion, Honda Fury sets record in the news as most publicly admired and praised cruiser bike before its launch. From the stylish headlight to its rear 200-series Fat tire, each component is engineered perfectly. The awesome design looks like a beautiful chopper standing on the motorway. 1312cc engine draws Horse powers from 2-sparks per cylinder. The energy is then transmitted through shaft drive and in the result you will find yourself on a never ending ride experience. Backbone of the Fury is made from high tensile steel that increases the strength of bike. The 9-spooked front wheel is made up with light but strong aluminum. 3.4 gallons of fuel lets you drive through cities easily and offers a best economy average about 45 Mpg. This super fast chopper can approximately gain speed up to 110Mph. Optional ABS brake system is available for this bike but factory installed Disc Brakes will work for you. The Red candy color is a feeling in itself and The Black Gray color is also eye-catching. Honda has made this Fury an unbelievable cruiser. It is long in length and its dimensions are big but the performance is superb. The Honda Fury has a limited one year factory warranty. This super motorcycle is available in the next year after it is officially released by the Honda.

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