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Test MBK Skycruiser 250 ABS 2013

After the appearance in the range of a scooter 250 Cm3 the year spent, MBK propose Skycruiser 250 equipped with ABS for 2013. What is worth to com mutate it, French equipped with the assistance to braking? Will it give you desire for passing the motorbike license? The answer is here!

Test MBK Skycruiser 250 ABS 2013

The maxi-scooter clones of Yamaha TMAX 530 are not yet available at MBK. However, taking into account the evolution of the adult range scooter of the French manufacturer these last years, the thing does not appear impossible any more to us. Bus of the stage of sign specialized in the scooter 50 Cm3; MBK became a strong actor on the segment of the commuters intended for the motorists thanks to his collaboration with Yamaha and the appearance of MBK Skycruiser 125 (twin of Yamaha X-max 125).
The latter is sold all the same with more than 1,100 specimens in 2012, not bad! Better still, the factory of Saint Quentin in Aisne producing since the last year of the 250 Cm3 under banner MBK, a scooter intended for the holders of the motorbike license, MBK Skycruiser 250, made possible the brand to take a new step in the maxiscooter category. Innovation this year, this MBK Skycruiser 250 is henceforth proposed with the assistance with braking. The MBK Skycruiser 250 ABS 2013 currently unloading in concession, it thus finds headlines of bikescatalog.com logically.

Test MBK Skycruiser 250 ABS 2013

The position of control is ideal, but perfectible accessibility

MBK Skycruiser 250 ABS is an innovation MBK, but it is a model which however we know well, since we had tested Yamaha X-max 250 ABS at the end of 2010. We thus find the sport GT which in its version 125 at Yamaha is the preferred two-wheeled vehicle of French. However, it is a scooter which is not easiest of access because of its firm saddle placed at 792 mm – of best not cut so that the feet of the drivers (matrices) of small gauges touch the ground flat.
Once on board, one appreciates the position of natural and not very constraining control, with an optimal ergonomics of the orders, a very good field of view on the road and the sophisticated instrumentation, readable of day like night. Broad footboards laid out on both sides of the central tunnel, possibility of somewhat lengthening the legs thanks to the space released in the sides of the apron, it has room there on MBK Skycruiser 250, even for the great sizes.

Test MBK Skycruiser 250 ABS 2013

MBK Skycruiser ABS 2013: As powerful as reassuring

Downtown, scooter MBK is appreciated for its great handiness. It is a balanced machine, neither too long nor too heavy of the back, as often can the being the scooters of the GT category. In spite of the presence of a wheel of 15 inches to front, MBK Skycruiser 250 ABS keeps certain agility in the exercise of the rally or at the time as of fast changes of direction.
But in addition to this facility of catch in hand, in this medium high-end MBK reveals us another strong point: its braking. This one is powerful and always very easily measurable. And this year reassuring, in the presence of ABS. Admittedly, the system is not “integral”, as one can find it at certain competitors (where ABS is installed on a brake before/back coupled), but it does not start easily and works in perfect adequacy with the pneumatic tires Michelin City Grip, of gums with strips having a delaying effect. On wet or the Parisian paving stones, the powerful unit brings much serenity.

Test MBK Skycruiser 250 ABS 2013

An unquestionable approval, an average comfort

Because of an advantageous weight ratio/power, the MBK Skycruiser 250 ABS, such its counterpart with the three tuning forks, is an ideal weapon to free itself from the daily ways between zone urban and peril-. It is not sharpest with starting, but on fast tracks, one benefits from the approval offered by his one-cylinder of 21 ch. A 90 and even 110 km/h, its present recoveries are always reassuring. The engine vibrates somewhat with constant pace, it is also a little sound, but that is not really disturbing. We appreciate the versatility of this scooter, always impeccable question handling, but which remains all the same perfectible side comfort.
Its fork has good hydraulics; on the other hand in the back the compound of shock absorber reacts always also curtly on the way of a bump or a marked connection. Also, launched with sharp pace (we measured its maximum speed to 128 km/h in GPS = 140 km/h meter), we find his prow not very protective. The apron is indeed not very broad and the bubble not enough high to preserve the pilot on the long ways.

Test MBK Skycruiser 250 ABS 2013

Assessment: General-purpose GT with the quality ratio/reasonable price

That it is at MBK or Yamaha, model YP (X-max or Skycruiser), in 125 or 250 Cm3, allured crowd. Look, well builds, propelled well, it also wins unanimous support for its practical aspects. Even if it is not lit, its trunk can accommodate two crash helmets, limps it with gloves of the apron is roomy, hazard lights engage of a simple flick of the right inch, its instrument panel is more complete, as for the passenger, this one has footrests independent as well as broad handles of maintenance. Beautiful equipment!
Equip with anti-locking with the wheels ABS, the MBK Skycruiser 250 is more reassuring and preserves an interest from the financial point of view since it is exchanged against the sum of 5,499 €. MBK thus places it 400 € expensive than model 250 standard, and only 800 € moreover than MBK Skycruiser 125 ABS sold 4,699 €.
Taking into account the approval offered by the motorization of 250 Cm3, there is not photo… Remain to pass the license to take the handlebar of it. However, license A out of pocket, many users prefer the maximum-scooters with the higher cubic capacity. Damage, MBK Skycruiser 250 ABS is a machine kneads qualities, profiting in addition from a serious customer service and capillarity from network MBK.

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