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Test KTM 450 SXF 2012 Beefy, 450 Cross Race of Max Nagl

Continuation and end of our round of test KTM Factory. It is not a new world champion MX – that it is already done – but ‘“simply” the motorcycle of Max Nagl. You know, the KTM 450 SXF Factories that one is used seeing flapping hole shot with prolifically in MX1. Well today it is with us!

Test KTM 450 SXF Factory 2012: beefy, 450 Cross race of Max Nagl!

We are always on the circuit of GP of Mantova, accompanied by staff KTM. More world champion to be able to take us under the tooth not engraves: after the KTM 250 SXF of Hirelings and the KTM 350 SXF of Cariole, one will be able to be satisfied with the KTM 450 SXF of Max Nagl.
Good, one acknowledges being disappointed: one expected more the KTM 450 of the giant Ken De Dycker. But considering measurements of the catch and its requirements in terms of power, staff KTM chose a reasonable choice for us, simple mortals of journalists…
Once again, it is difficult not to fall under the charm from Kate official. Like the KTM 250 and the 350 of its teammates, the KTM 450 SXF of the German has many arguments to allure any amateur of Motocross, or mechanics in general.
GT machines for the suspensions,  Akrapovic titanium for the exhaust, the titanium which, one finds a little everywhere like carbon… In short, to say one will not remake you the report, it is little to say that the racing spirit dominates over this KTM 450 SXF!

Test KTM 450 SXF Factory 2012: beefy, 450 Cross race of Max Nagl!

One knew more comfortable!

As for the world champion motorcycle KTM not of madness regarding the ergonomics of the KTM of the German pilot. Position and orders are neutral, but that is spoiled a little thereafter…
My 70 kilos is almost equipped and do not make an effect to the KTM 450 SXF: the suspensions do not go down from the masses when I take seat on the motorcycle and not much more in track. It is concrete like in the back, which shakes me severe. Back-tallies of Max Nagl are lower than the models of origin, but in dynamics, the behavior of the unit is sync and balanced well.
The plate is punt but the motorcycle however; seems to plunge forwards. The precision is with go, one aims just to the handlebar of the large KTM. However; Attention is towards the power of the front brake which is disproportionate, those plants severe as soon as one touches with the lever.
It is rather difficult to judge these suspensions that which one has the evil to make function, but even if that solicits physically, no hole or approximate reception comes to frighten to you. On the other hand, it is felt well that the shock absorber made pass all the power on the ground.

Test KTM 450 SXF Factory 2012: beefy, 450 Cross race of Max Nagl!

Hole shot bike approved

And of the power, there is! But it is especially the couple which is incredible: the force of this mill is completely unreasonable. Each gas blow is wild, so that one catches the clutch to calm the motorcycle and not to start again it.
The KTM 450 SXF of Nagl is extracted with force from the movable support… on the third report! Even if the driving behavior is not explosive, it is well too strapping man for my level and my physique.

Test KTM 450 SXF Factory 2012: beefy, 450 Cross race of Max Nagl!

Max Nagl put enormously on the low modes and the semi modes, therefore which do not lengthen much in the turns. Reassure, that it is enough amply to go very quickly. Besides this, it is necessary to remain careful with the handlebar of the 450: the inappropriate elevating can surprise.
It was necessary that I try a departure with this KTM 450 SXF which is transformed into machine with a hole shot between the hands of Max Nagl. Well one understands a little better now, because the blocking of fork of the German is very low.
Admittedly, I am undoubtedly not heavy and not very gifted for the exercise of the blocking of fork, but one will need three mechanics to engage it… In addition, as soon as the clutch is released, one is propelled several meter behind the grid in a fraction of a second, it is frightening!

Test KTM 450 SXF Factory 2012: beefy, 450 Cross race of Max Nagl!

Assessment: Sensitive souls to abstain from

The 20 minutes with the handlebar of the KTM 450 SXF of Max Nagl completely emptied me. Then I do not dare to imagine a sleeve of 35 minutes and two turns on a ground much more battered. As much some 450 plate MX1 is soft and accessible to the normal pilots – as they could have recently note it with the motorcycle of mild Desalle – as much there, it is of the violent one… There are good sides with a phenomenal engine power, a front brake on powerful and an undeniable precision of piloting, but it is far from being a resting motorcycle, the KTM of Max Nagl.

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