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KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto Review Specs

The new KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto raises the standard for street hooligans. The latest 690 LC4 electric motor and updated electronic equipment kit enhance the modified chassis and style. So, whether you express tarmac on mountain roads or race tracks, you will step in with the most excellent grin the future, and your vein adrenaline are in a hurry. The latest fully adjustable WP APEX suspension enhances handling. So, all you worry about is focusing your attention on the way forward and screwing the throttle onto the plug.

The KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto restarts the road supercar, returns to the market in 2019, and brings the KTM READY TO RACE method to the purest incarnation on the street. Lightweight, agile, and addictive single-cylinder punch, high-quality chassis components are now supported by leading performance-enhancing electronics. Powering the KTM 690 SMC R is the latest generation of LC4 engines. The world’s most potent mass-produced single-cylinder engine can provide a stunning 74 hp and 73.5 Nm of torque, in all cases. It is a set of driver assistance systems that can benefit the most from this performance.

KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto

Two riding modes – street and sport – turn ABS, tilt angle sensitive motorcycle traction control (MTC), motor slip adjustment (MSR), and Quick shifter+ are new features in the game. The standard Supermoto ABS mode helps the front-end Skid the rear. All of this is packaged in an updated chassis and new subframe. It is supported by the latest generation of fully adjustable WP APEX suspension and wrapped in a thinner, sharper body. Even better, the pleasure of a more substantial 1.5-liter fuel tank goes further.

KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto – Features and Specs


The latest 690 LC4 engine has smooth, reliable performance, combined with the correct character characteristics. It allows the rider to enter and exit the curve at a curved speed. All aspects of the LC4 engine design are designed to provide a more robust riding experience.

The LC4 690 cc single-cylinder engine combines strong acceleration at the lowest speed, excellent free rotation characteristics, and refined engine operation. Another significant advantage is that in addition to the very economical use of fuel by the engine. KTM 2019 690 SMC R SuperMoto also has an extended maintenance interval of 10,000 km, which keeps operating costs low.

KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto


The exhaust system is made of high-quality stainless steel. Route as close to the bike as possible. Since the air box is located under the seat, it is straightforward to repair the air filter. In this way, after the whole day of riding, the maintenance of the bicycle becomes comfortable and relaxed.


This new chassis was developed on the superbike track and has been tested in various street riding scenarios. No matter how far the rider pushes the limit, its new frame can be manipulated excellently and behave like a champion. High-end equipment, such as WP APEX suspension, the latest Brembo brakes, will provide you with the control you need for extreme driving.

KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto


The frame is made of high-quality chromium-molybdenum steel pipes of various thicknesses and lightweight profiles. This type of balanced frame design provides higher torsional stiffness for optimal handling and rideability. While the more specially adjusted longitudinal flexibility can absorb the impact energy of the wheels to provide support for the suspension. Thereby reducing the fatigue of the cyclist.


The high-rigidity forged triple clamp has an offset of 24 mm (adjustable to 22 mm), which can firmly grasp the fork for precise handling. They allow the handlebars to be adjusted forward and backward in four different positions for optimal rider ergonomics.

Additional Features

KTM wheels use CNC-machined light wheels and high-end 17-inch black rims, combining maximum strength and minimum weight. They are equipped with Bridgestone S21 tires, can play the best performance on the street, and have sufficient grip when using the track. The combination of first-class leading BREMBO brakes and lightwave discs-320 mm in diameter at the front and 240 mm at the rear provides a crucial combination of braking power and consistent braking feel.

The wholly redesigned larger fuel tank now has a capacity of 13.5 liters. It is the load-bearing part of the chassis, making it harder for a better feel. The ergonomics of the KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto have been completely redesigned to make the bike look sharper and slimmer. It, combined with the reduced seat height, can improve handling and improve comfort. It also provides an excellent tilt angle for those who are ready to take turns in real turns.

Main Features

The 808 mm wide, lightweight cone-shaped handlebars are mounted on rubber to reduce vibration. Their width and shape are designed to provide optimal control in all situations. The short footrest contributes to the slim profile required for maximum tilt angle, while the removable rubber lining ensures the comfort of street boots. The seat height of the KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto is 890mm, which can be easily accessed without sacrificing the tilt angle. The fine grain of the seat material can be matched with the leather suit.

KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto

The upgraded electronic components include corner ABS and MTC (motorcycle traction control). It allows you to achieve full control over the superbike while maximizing its performance to make the best riding performance. Benefit from a full range of assistance modes and user-friendly adjustability. Quick shifter+ allows smooth electronically assisted clutchless shifting, whether shifting up or down.

KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto – Technical Specifications


KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto Specs

Type Single-cylinder, 4-stroke
Displacement 690 cc
Bore / Stroke 105 / 80 mm
Torque 73.5 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
Compression Ratio 12.7:1
Starter / Battery E-starter / Lithium Ion 12V 8.6Ah
Transmission Six gears
Fuel System Keihin EFI (throttle body 50 mm)
Control 4 V / OHC
Lubrication Pressure lubrication with two oil pumps
Primary drive 36:79
Final drive 16:40
Cooling Liquid cooling
Clutch PASC™ slipper clutch, hydraulically operated
Ignition / EMS Keihin EMS with RBW, double ignition
Traction Control MTC (2-mode, disengage able)

KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto Specs


Chassis Chromium-molybdenum-steel trellis frame, powder-coated
Frame Self-supporting plastic tank
Sub-frame Aluminum, tapered, Ø 28 / 22 mm
Handlebar WP USD APEX 48 mm
Front Suspension WP shock absorber with Pro-Lever linkage
Rear Suspension 215 / 240 mm
Suspension Travel Fr. / Re. Brembo four-piston, radially mounted caliper, brake disc Ø 320 mm
Brake Front Brembo single-piston floating caliper, brake disc Ø 240 mm
Brake Rear Bosch 9.1 MP (including cornering ABS and supermoto mode, disengage able)
ABS Spoked wheels with aluminum tubeless rims 3.50 × 17″; 5.00 × 17″
Wheels Front / Rear 120/70 ZR 17; 160/60 ZR 17
Tires Front / Rear X-Ring 5/8 × 1/4″
Chain Stainless steel primary and secondary silencer
Silencer 63.6°
Steering head angle 107.7 mm
Trail 1,470 mm
Wheelbase 238 mm
Ground clearance 890 mm
Seat height approx. 13.5 liters
Fuel tank capacity approx. 147 kg (without fuel)

KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto Specs



KTM 2019 690 SMC R Super Moto KTM 690 SMC R has been a commotion in the past. Brisk, lively, and engaging. The 2019 update adds practicality, provides more fuel range and a smoother engine. It also provides some additional high-end features to help faster roads.

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