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KTM 2019 350 SX-F Powerful Dirt Bike Review Specs

The new KTM 350 SX-F is one of the best and impressive dirt motorcycles. The KTM always prefers to provide ultimate agility and strength in its bikes. The new KTM 2019 350 SX-F Powerful Dirt Bike is among those bikes that give ultimate riding pleasure along with torque and high performance. The 350 SX-F is an ideal, sturdy, and lightweight racer dirt bike that can easily dominate all kinds of races and championships. Let’s find out more about the new KTM 2019 350 SX-F Powerful Dirt Bike with its features and specifications.

KTM 2019 350 SX-F Powerful Dirt Bike – Features and Specifications

KTM 2019 350 SX-F Powerful Dirt Bike

Chassis Features

The KTM 350 SX-F has been intelligently engineered with the latest generation technology that reduces its overall weight. It is a higher capacity of 350 SX-F is a lot lighter than the rivals. The SX models contain the reworked frame for ultimate stiffness, handling and straight-line stability, a longer sub-frame with the revised rear axle slot. The new bodywork enhances the overall ergonomics with more freedom of movement. The broad-new appearance with new graphics compliments the newly shaped seat and new fuel tank. The unique air filter box provides better protection of air filter and better airflow for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke, which contributes to efficient power delivery and better performance.

KTM 2019 350 SX-F Powerful Dirt Bike

The radiators provide efficient cooling with enhanced positioning of mass centralization. At the same time, the durable lithium-ion battery for E-starter is harmonious with the reworked wiring harness for the compact electrical system. There is an updated triple clamp that improves handling compliments with new suspension settings while the newly developed, dual-purpose, plug-in stand and yet another feature of the new range. All the models of KTM SX line-up continue to provide critical serial components i.e., Brembo brakes, WP suspension, Dunlop tires, NEKEN handlebars with the select switch having an integrated traction controls and map selection on the 4-stroke machine. There is no refinement model year, and it’s an evolution; around 60% of each bike’s components are new.


The entire lineup of KTM 350 SX-F has received significant engine revision over previous models. The 2019 KTM 250 SX-F and KTM 350-F contain the newly designed DS clutch while the 4-strokes boast revised transmission and state-of-the-art Keihin engine management system with the reworked throttle body and improved electronics package. The carburetor settings of the entire line-up have been changed with the new transmission and new clutch in each amongst another improvement. In addition to the refinements in engine on all of the KTM models, the highlight KTM 350 SX-F enjoys the newly developed SOHC cylinder head for reduced weight and better mass centralization. There is the new camshaft with shorter valve timing and better surface along with a low-friction chain guide with DLC coating.

KTM 2019 350 SX-F Powerful Dirt Bike

Unique Key Features

  • New Stiffed and lightweight frame.
  • Better ergonomics that maximum rider’s freedom of movement.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Maximum protection of air filter against soiling.
  • Enhanced fuel tank ergonomics.
  • 4 – Stroke header pipes with the FDH resonator system.
  • Stronger and lightweight Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Reworked wiring harness and packaging.
  • Newly designed radiators and optimized cooling system.
  • Updated WR AER
  • Updated TED WR
  • Newly designed DS diaphragm spring clutch.

KTM 2019 350 SX-F Powerful Dirt Bike

KTM 2019 350 SX-F Powerful Dirt Bike – Technical Specifications

KTM 2019 350 SX-F Powerful Dirt Bike Specs


Design 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine
Displacement 349.7 cm³
Bore 88 mm
Stroke 57.5 mm
Starter Electric starter
Transmission 5-speed
Clutch Wet, DDS multi-disc clutch, Brembo hydraulics
EMS Keihin EMS

You may need some of these engine accessories.

Price = $19.99
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Price = $124.95
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Price = $63.42
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Price = $33.24
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KTM 2019 350 SX-F Powerful Dirt Bike Specs


Frame design 25CrMo4 steel central-tube frame
Front suspension WP-USD, AER 48, Ø 48 mm
Rear suspension WP shock absorber with linkage
Front brake Disc brake
Rear brake Disc brake
Front brake disc diameter 260 mm
Rear brake disc diameter 220 mm
Chain 5/8 x 1/4″
Steering head angle 63.9 °

You may also need the following chassis accessories as well.

Price = $43.89
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Price = $38.88
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Price = $34.98
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Price = $34.99
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KTM 2019 350 SX-F Powerful Dirt Bike Specs


The KTM 350 SX-F is an impressive dirt bike that provides a quality riding experience. Its powerful engine is made to deliver while the compact chassis has been manufactured to conquer the championships. The lightweight chassis gives superb riding pleasure, while its compact size helps in achieving ultimate maneuverability. Those who like to ride on dirt bikes should prefer the 2019 350 SX-F.

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