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Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R ABS 2015 (30th anniversary) Review, Specs, Price

The new Kawasaki 600 Ninja accurately made-up the super sport segment 600cc at about Thirty years back, which even now stays as one of the standard performance curriculum around the globe. Currently for the year 2015, Kawasaki proudly commemorates three decades of their racing success and contests with an exceptionally individual 30th centenary Ninja® ZX™-6R, the eventual appearance of the Ninja, which is FF means “Forever Fearless” mind-set in the sport bike class of the middleweights. Constructing on the existing ZX-6R platform, the 2015 version characterize elite styling feel that exclusively recognize it as the influential descendent of the motorbike that is truthfully in progress.


Leading-class motorbike has had a wonderful performance and technique that distributes a plentiful amount of street effectiveness.

  1. The 636cc inline-four stroke engine within the bike recommends racetrack-ready control however tremendously stretchy release on the road.
  2. Options for engine power modes to be selected on choice, allowing riders to alter power release with respect to the riding situations.
  3. KTRC, Kawasaki Three-mode traction control has set the control to the roadway whether it’s parched and rain-slick.
  4. The SFF-BP which stands for Showa Separate Function Fork ‐ Big Piston presents a light in weight, simple adjustable option and even more even preliminary suspension pathway.
  5. The F.C.C. grip with helps the function in offering light pull  of clutch and tough compressing force for fewer clutch slippage beneath the acceleration whereas the slipper function lessens the wheel babble rooted by violent downshifting.
  6. Belligerent style with sharp, smooth framework evidently screams: “Performance Counts!” really.
  7. Light in weight, aluminum twin-spar framework positioned the engine in the optimal place for excellent control and rider’s response and in addition it characterizes a 23.5-degree scrape angle for rapid navigation reaction, utmost maneuverability and to convey understandable message as of the front tire.
  8. Condensed resistance navigation stalk fastens for trouble-free navigation key in and obviously enhanced low velocity control.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R ABS 2015 Price:

MSRP $11.999

Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R ABS 2015

636cc engine:

The engine performance is boosted all the way through the rev range with the help of a 636cc displacement using a long stroke. The Low-mid range torque offers a pleasing real world performance and is particularly inspiring and remarkable.

  • The DFI system (Digital Fuel Injection) of the motorbike features 38mm Keihin four throttle bodies among the elliptical sub-throttles and twin choke valves for leveled reaction and greatest control.
  • The Chromoyl steel camshafts are used in the bike, which are light in weight, well-built, tough and long-lasting.
  • The existence of the Piston crown has improved the potency and has accommodated the elevated valve boost.
  • The compression ratio of 12.9:1 is most advantageous for the bore & stroke of the engine.
  • The coating of the Molybdenum on the piston skirts helps in reducing the roughness and helps in facilitating the engine burgle.
  • Well-built and sturdy linking rods go well with the power liberation of the engine of Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 2015.
  • The peak control and even power freedom is contributed by the high in performance air box.
  • Finest regulation contributes to condensed emissions.
  • There are Balance tubes on all the four header pipes in order to take full advantage of low-end torque.
  • The presence of the exhaust within the bike pre-chamber craft proficient exercise of space and it helps to lessen the exhaust sound and permits a lesser muffler to be used in.
  • Generator is planned to construct fewer heat and cut down the perfunctory loss.
  • The Cassette-type conduction facilitates to abridge ratio-swaps and condense net time at the pathway.
  • The Light in weight EK 520 RMX/3D, x-ring drive chain is exceptionally packed together and keeps the use of the lightning outlet on the internal connection plates to decrease mass.

 Selectable power modes:

The Power mode selector is on the left clip-on of the Ninja which offers the ZX-6R riders an alternative choice to prefer involving the “Full” and the “Low” engine control deliverance modes to go well with their requirements.

  • Productivity at stumpy rpm is similar in these two modes, but the “Low” mode restricts the climax engine to yield at roughly 80% and presents a softer choke reaction. While the “Full” mode permits the bursting performance impending of the engine to set free.

Ninja ZX6R ABS 2015

3 mode Kawasaki Traction Control:

  • There are various modes. Three in number, which are adjusted in order to cover up a wide-range of circumstances from the use of a highly developed racetrack, to the usual  road riding, to varied/greasy surroundings, to boost up the confidence of riders.
  • The Mode 1 is automated within the bike is adjusted to permit an extent of wheel slip to accomplish capitalize acceleration.
  • The Mode 2 is automated within the bike in order to offer help for a balanced performance with negligible wheel slide.
  • The Mode 3 is automated within the bike to prioritizes the slide eradication, comparable to the well-known Concours 14 ABS which is a sport touring KTRC system, to the varied/greasy surroundings, to boost up the confidence of riders
  • The Kawasaki traction control system could also be switched-off wholly, at the rider’s caution.
  • The mode selector within the bike is very helpful witchcraft it trouble-free for the rider to revolutionize KTRC site. It is on the left clip-on of the bike.
  • The imminent wheel twist and operation prior to slippage surpass the best possible range could be predicted well with the use of the multifaceted encoding algorithms. This also allows the fall of power to be reduced for ultra-smooth procedure.
  • The Kawasaki Traction control system keeps a minimum use of hardware enhancement by highly developed software.

F.C.C. clutch with assist & slipper:

Two types of cams are used within the F.C.C. clutch through assist & slipper functions, these were formulated on the basis of rider’s opinion and testing of racetrack.

  1. The “assist” cam of the F.C.C. clutch perform like a self-servo method, together by a simple pull of the clutch core and in use plate to squeeze the clutch plates beneath weight. By this the total clutch spring count and stress permit are abridged which results in up to a 25% drop in exertion at the clasp handle.
  2. The torque capacity of the clutch is also increased by the assist cam in order to deal with the additional torque fashioned by the 636cc engine, devoid of putting on any load.
  3. The smoother commitment along with the minimization of clutch judder is easily provided by the spring plate assembly.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 2015

Separate function fork:

The separate function fork merges the characteristics of huge piston of Showa in addition to detached function forks, characterizing the springs on equal sides; with excited preload amend ability in the left hose and enthusiastic moist pistons and amend ability in the right hose.

  • The Big Piston blueprint offers leveled feat throughout the original component of the rap and throw in to an exceptional sense during profound braking.
  • Big Piston blueprint permits the fork oil to be active on a greatly better exterior locale, so the moist pressure can be abridged devoid of cooperation efficiency. The slider responds more easily by dropping the damping stress, which is particularly conspicuous throughout the original measurement of the blow.
  • The Fork setup are adjusted for greatest efficiency on winding roads, permitting a elevated altitude of performance, with a relaxed ride in the city and even on the freeway.

Bottom-link Uni-Trak® rear suspension:

The rear suspension of the Bottom-link Uni-Trak® proposes a 5.3 inches of voyage and characterizes a gas-charged alarm.

  • The Rear spring characterizes a softer tempo to improve the riding relieve and observance at time when the road isn’t racetrack- even.
  • The Rear suspension association has a lofty influence proportion for enhanced rear riding ease.

Ninja ZX6R 2015

Lightweight chassis:

The engine in most favorable location for outstanding conduct and rider response, due to the Light in weight twin-spar aluminum framework, which helps in placing the engine at point.

  •  A Degree rake angle is of 23.5 which assists a speedy navigation retort, improving the maneuverability and for the delivery of lucid phone call from the face tire.
  • The little friction navigation trunk fastens for an effortless steering inputs.
  • The Forward-tilted engine draft offers a precipitous intake angle and first-rate center of gravity.

Body Work:
The Front fairing characterizes a pointed drawing that communes a violent representation.

  1. The airflow is boosted up and the heat dissipation improved by the bulky fairing openings.
  2. The bike is having a compressed and light in weight manifestation by Lowering the fairing, back cowl, and various blacked-out sections while the One-piece face fender provides an outstanding aerodynamics.
  3. The minimalist tail section is compliments by the compact rear turn signals while the front twisted signals are assembled into the framework.
  4. The dense LED back light of the bike is light in weight, very glowing and provides up to date ultra-modern manifestation.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 2015 specs

The Instrument panel is there within the bike which provides at-a-glance knowledge to the rider. The multi-function LCD screen complements the analog-style tachometer.

  • LCD tasks include Power Mode, KTRC along with the (ECO) which is Economical Riding indicators.
  • Added LCD utilities comprise a odometer, clock, shift indicator, traction control activity, digital speedometer, average fuel consumption, dual trip meter, low-fuel warning lamps and instant and coolant temperature.
  • The immediate numerical cog verification is provided by the large gear position indicator.
  • With the presence of the Slim-waisted fuel tank it is very effortless for the rider to grasp the container with the help of their knees.
  • The Front of seat of the Kawasaki Ninja ZX6r ABS is slim and short for a lean riding situation and a petite make to the roadway.

Genuine Kawasaki Accessories:

A modifiable Öhlins twin-tube navigation curb is accessible as an accomplice, to assist guarantee steady damping show along with the terrific kickback incorporation, still with the race situations.

  • There is a taller, typically a “bubble” windscreen displayed within the bike in order to afford improved aerodynamic fortification.
  • The engine and the chassis are protected with the help of the frame slider and the engine guards respectively which are available in the bike.
  • The fork legs and the front brakes are protected with the help of Axle Sliders.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R ABS 2015 Specs:

Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 2015 pics

Engine Inline-four, Four-stroke, four valves per cylinder, DOHC,  liquid-cooled
Bore 67.0mm
Stroke 45.1mm
Curb weight 423 lbs
Fuel injection Oval sub-throttles , DFI® with four 38mili meter Keihin throttle bodies
Rake 23.5 degrees
Trail 4.0 inches
Rear brake Single 220mm petal rotor with single-piston caliper
Transmission Six-speed transmission
Front tire 120/70 ZR17
Wheelbase 54.9inches
Fuel capacity 4.5 gallons
Overall width 27.8 inches
Warranty 12 Months


The coolest bike with the amazing features is the most exciting Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R ABS. This Leading-class motorbike has had a magnificent performance and procedure that distributes a plentiful amount of street effectiveness. Get one for your ride as well and enjoy the true sense of pleasure.

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