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Honda CD Dream Review and Specification

The old CD 70 by Honda is fully reconstructed into the state-of-the-art AHI. Along with that, they remodeled CD100 into more stylish, attractive, eye catching and most beautiful bike of Pakistan. Few people are still not happy with AHI. They believe that instead of investing money on CD, AHI should have used up this money for repairing and redevelopment of Pridor 100. This would have been helped a lot in clearing up the errors, flaws and omissions. Moreover, it is believed that AHI should have associated with engineers of Honda for making it reliable, smoother cranking up the performance of 100 cc engine in return. Along with it, it would have been introduced few more key features like gear indicator, self starter and fuel gauge etc. Here you can find Honda CD Dream Price, Review And Specification.

honda cd dream

Besides that, the thing achieved by AHI and needed to highlight by a single look at the Honda CD Dream is . .

  • It’s awesome so watch all the new and advanced changes finally implemented after years providing the bike with a classy look. But being very honest these changes are not up to the mark, for what we expected, being just only the superficial and corrective changes with nothing new in technology. Anyhow still it feels good to see that, since decades & decades any sticker change is said to be the trend of AHI!!
  • People appear to have a sign of acceptance and gracefulness towards Honda CD 70 for they believe the work done on this is remarkable making it a dream Honda this time.
  • With no doubt, AHI has worked out brilliantly on pridor in term of rectification along with the quality work done on Honda CD Dream.
  • For Honda CD Dream the most considerable part is the size of 70cc bike and weight that are likely to appear heavy and bulky in photographs, but on spotting it with your eyes it comes up with an innovative look, light weight where most of the parts for Honda CD Dream are specifically modeled for this bike.
  • All of the components are amazingly installed and embedded with in the Dream Honda except the back of the CD 70.
  • It was literally a huge disappointment to see the rear brake light of Honda CD Dream in particular. What if the newly modeled light was given?? Exactly that would have provided the bike with a versatile and more attractive look.
  •  All in all the Honda CD Dream appeared as the greatest of the bikes or it would not wrong to say that it had made an impression by making the corrective changes only.
  • It was heard that the engine of Honda CD Dream 70cc would come up with an upgrading 80cc engine just as we observe in Chinese bikes but it was quite disappointing to see 70cc engine again. And to be very true, it is goanna hurt the owner of CD Honda Dream when Chinese bikes would be beating his CD 70 Honda in performance.

new honda bdream

New CD model named CD Dream

Honda CD Dream has worked out in fulfilling every dream of youth that involves the following in particular:
Well Modern
Here it comes up with little elaborated version of the features for Dream Honda.

new honda dream 2014

Salient Features:

Sport Bike Shinny
Alluring New design winkers
Modern designed But Comfortable Bright Headlight
Durable Relaxing seat with seat bar
Highly Stylish Rear Fender along Reflectors with plate
Aerodynamic Bonnet Polished
Brilliant Strong & durable Rear wheel
Contoured Fuel Tank with garnished side covers Hitec Econo Power Engine
Heavy Spokes Modern designed Speedometer
Modeled Fuel Tank along with beautifying the side covers New muffler painted-black exhaust with garnish


The Honda Dream CD 70 endures the following specific characteristics making this bike highly demanded by the youngsters as it fulfills their desire for an ideal bike. Honda CD dream price in Pakistan is also mentioned below.

honda dream 2014

Engine 4 stroke OHC , Air Cooled
Ground Clearance 136mm
Fuel Capacity 8.6 liters
Compression Ratio 8.8:1
Bore and Stroke 47.0*41.4mm
Transmission 4- speed Constantly
Front Tire 2.25-17 (4 PR)
Rear Tire 2.50-17 (4 PR)
Starting Involves Kick starter
Frame Backbone type
Displacement 72 cm3
Measurement 1891*751*1014mm
Collective Weight 82kg
Color Red and Black
Price PKR 72500/-

honda dream cd 70

Honda Warranty In Pakistan:

Atlas Honda Limited has always been known well in providing standard and quality machinery to its customers. Honda CD Dream appears to be the best example in this regard. But being human beings mistakes are an important part of us so for that Honda Atlas embrace the maintenance cost if any along with a Warranty Policy.

Normal Warranty:

After 6 months from the date of purchasing or 6000 km

Special Warranty in Case Engine:

After 2 years from the date of purchasing or 15000 km
Online warranty registration is mandatory at the time of purchasing the bike appeared as a responsibility of sales dealer.

Conditions to Be Met:

  • Customer should bring the real warranty certificate and owner’s manual to claim.
  • Only first owner of the bike is having the right to claim not the second one.
  • Purchased engine or bike will not be changed (only maintained)
  • Speedometer should be correct in the warranty duration. No claim would be accepted if the speedometer is repaired.
  • First free service : 1 Month or 1000 KM
  • Second free service: 3 Months or 3000 KM and Inclusion to respective dealer are mandatory.
  • Use of Atlas Honda’s genuine engine oil and repairing from the authorized dealer of the company is necessary during warranty time period.
  • The policy of warranty and free service will end if any change in made in warranty certificate and service card.
  • Keep warranty certificate, service card and owner’s manual safe because in case of misplace no provision would be made again.

new honda dream 2014


So the point is that certainty the new Dream Honda appears to be very nice to have ridden but if it was upgraded with a little advancement in the power of its engine that would have made the rider feel real pleasure of driving CD Honda Dream Bike with the enhanced performances. Because this is what youngsters demand to their highest extent, preferring Chinese bikes over the high quality Honda’s Bike.

Honda CD Dream Price, Review And Specification is written by Shekinah Edwin.

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