Ducati 2020 Scrambler 1100 Pro Bike Review Specs

Ducati 2020 Scrambler 1100 Pro Bike

Nothing could be better than Ducati 2020 Scrambler 1100 Pro Bike, as it is designed to fulfill your deepest Scrambler needs with the Ducati Scrambler 1100 model. It is a practical and elegant bike, all at the same time.

With a 1079cc engine that produces generous torque at low revs and a 15-liter steel tank, the new Ducati Scrambler 1100 PRO and 1100 Sport PRO are ideal for those who want to ride a motorcycle with a comfortable seat and a unique coating that ensures even the longest rides can be enjoyed in comfort.

Ducati 2020 Scrambler 1100 Pro Bike

Due to their iconic design and feeling of liberation, as well as their agility and safety, the new Ducati Scrambler 1100 PRO and Sport PRO are sure to provide hours of exhilarating riding enjoyment. The new Scrambler “Land Of Joy” models are designed for individuals who like riding motorbikes outside the city and possibly even with a passenger.

Ducati 2020 Scrambler 1100 Pro Bike – Features and Specs


Stylish and modern-looking. It’s a pleasure to be around. Sunglasses under a Florida sunset: that’s a great look! In the Land of Joy, the new Scrambler 1100 has a self-confident character.

“Ocean Drive” color scheme and black Trellis steel frame and aluminum subframe make the Ducati Scrambler 1100 PRO stand out. Black metal coverings are also available. With the new paint, the bike has a more compact, coiled appearance thanks to new right-side twin tailpipes and a low-slung plate holder. There is also an “X” in its headlight—a nod to ’70s-era self-protection tape—which is visible even when the bike’s lights are turned off, making it easy to identify even when it’s dark.

Ducati 2020 Scrambler 1100 Pro Bike

Everything you always wanted in Scrambler

It’s for those who have no regrets in pursuing what they love.

Ducati Traction Control

DTC is the electronic operational security system that measures and controls the rear wheel’s slip. Traction control may be turned on and off at four different settings.

Bosch Cornering ABS

As a result, Bosch Cornering ABS can recognize how far the bike is leaning and adjust the braking system’s pressure to avoid a collision caused by locking up its front wheel in the case of an accident.

Three Riding Modes

All-road and rider-style adaptability for the bike’s riding behavior. Total engine power is available when the engine is in “active” mode. For the proper throttle response, take the journey. The city is the best place to get the most power.

Iconic style

The new “Ocean Drive” two-color livery and the tubular steel and aluminum rear frames are both in black. The revised right-side dual exhaust and low number plate holder contribute to making the bike more compact by making the rear of the bike stand out.

Full of technology

Because of the three Riding Modes and the Ride by Wire electronic control system and inertial platform, the Scrambler 1100 PRO delivers the highest active safety and performance requirements for everyone. Ducati Traction Control is included on the Scrambler 1100 PRO (DTC).

Ducati 2020 Scrambler 1100 Pro Bike


The Scrambler 1100 PRO’s engine is a 1079 cm3 two-valve L-twin with EURO 5 certification that is air and oil-cooled. The bore is 98 millimeters and the stroke is 71.5 millimeters, favoring smooth acceleration and easy handling at all rpms. Crankcases and clutch and alternator covers made of machined aluminum are standard on the Desmodue engine found in the Scrambler 1100 PRO. Aside from being composed of aluminum, the two belt covers have also been machined to provide a more refined appearance.

Riding comfort

Tubular steel structure with two top beams and two cross beams. Like the Scrambler, it encircles the engine and is finished with an aluminum rear frame. It provides excellent maneuverability in city traffic and on mountain roads with tight hairpin corners. The Scrambler’s 1,514 mm wheelbase ensures a smooth ride even at high speeds, thanks to its broad handlebars and wide tires.

Brembo braking system

The Brembo braking system with ABS Cornering on the Scrambler 1100 PRO ensures safety in all kinds of turns. At the front, two Brembo M 4.32B monobloc four-piston calipers with radial connections clamp a 320 mm double disc. A 34 mm single-piston caliper clamps down on a 245 mm disc at the back. Only one intervention level is available for use with the ABS, and this level cannot be changed at will.

Innovative lighting

The Scrambler 1100 PRO’s DRL (Daytime Running Light) is an LED-powered light guide that functions as a position light and makes it easy to spot even during the day. A black metal “X” was re-created within the headlights as a tribute to the 1970s tape used to safeguard the light cluster. Unlike on two wheels, the optical group at the back comprises full LEDs and utilizes a diffusion effect.

Scrambler 1100 Sport PRO is the heaviest model in the series. However, it has a unique equipment package with Ohlins suspension, low handlebars, and Café Racer rearview mirrors that are not found on the PRO model. Painted 1100 logo side panels enhance the matte black colour scheme of the 1100 Sport PRO.

Ducati 2020 Scrambler 1100 Pro Bike

The Ducati Scramblers 1100 PRO is also at the cutting edge of technology. With Ducati Traction Control (DTC) and ABS Cornering, as well as other safety features, these motorcycles can handle any curve with ease. The three basic Riding Modes (Active, Journey, and City) assist even novice riders in finding the optimal electrical component balance by selecting their riding style.

Until March 2020, the Ducati Scrambler 1100 PRO and Sport PRO models will be available (country-specific).

Ducati 2020 Scrambler 1100 Pro Bike – Technical Specifications


Type L-Twin, Desmodromic distribution, two valves per cylinder, air-cooled
Displacement 1,079 cc
Bore x stroke 98 x 71 mm
Compression ratio 11:1
Power 86 hp (63 kW) 7,500 rpm/min
Torque 65 lb-ft (88 Nm) @ 4,750 rpm
Fuel injection Electronic fuel injection, 55mm throttle body with entire Ride by Wire (RbW)
Exhaust 2-1-2 system including the new catalytic converter and two lambda probes, twin stainless steel muffler with aluminum covers and end caps
Standard Euro 5
Consumption and emissions 5.2 l/100km – CO2 120 g/km

Ducati 2020 Scrambler 1100 Pro Bike


Gearbox Six speed
Primary drive Straight cut gears, Ratio 1.85:1
Final drive Chain; Front sprocket 15; Rear sprocket 39
Clutch Light action, wet, multi-plate clutch having hydraulic control. Self-servo action on the drive and slipper action on over-run


Front suspension Marzocchi fully adjustable Ø45 mm USD fork
Front-wheel 10-spoke in light alloy, 3.50-inch x 18-inch
Rear suspension Kayaba mono-shock, pre-load and rebound adjustable
Rear-wheel 10-spoke in light alloy, 5.50-inch x 17-inch
Front brake 2 x 320mm of semi-floating discs, radially fixed Brembo Monobloc M4.32 calipers, 4-piston, axial pump with Bosch Cornering ABS as standard equipment
Rear brake Ø245 mm disc, 1-piston floating caliper with Bosch Cornering ABS as standard equipment
Dashboard LCD

Dimension and Weight

Wheelbase 1,514 mm (59.6 in)
Rake 24°.5
Trail 111 mm (4,4 in)
Total steering lock 34°
Fuel tank capacity 15 l – 3.96 US gal
Dry weight 189 kg (417 lb)
Wet weight 206 kg (454 lb)
Seat height 810 mm (31.9 in)
Max height 1,330 mm (52.4 in)
Max width 895 mm (35.2 in)
Max length 2,190 mm (86.0 in)
Number of seats Dual seat
Standard equipment Riding Modes, Power Mode, Ducati Safety Pack (Cornering ABS + DTC), RbW, LED light-guide, LED rear light with diffusion-light, LCD instruments with gear and fuel level indications

Ducati 2020 Scrambler 1100 Pro Bike


Warranty 24 months unlimited mileage


The Scrambler 1100 PRO’s engine is a 1079 cm3 two-valve L-twin with EURO 5 certification that is air and oil-cooled. The bore is 98 millimeters and the stroke is 71.5 millimeters, which favors smooth acceleration and easy handling at all rpms.