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Ducati 2019 XDiavel Naked Motorcycle Review Specs Price

Modern forms, long, low, muscular, and technologically cutting-edge components. A bike with unrivaled elegance and advanced technology. A real “Techno cruiser” that brings the Cruiser idea into the present day and the future.

Footpegs that are different front and a broad handlebar. The road flows beneath the wheels, giving the rider a sensation of control and comfort that only a cruiser can provide. When it comes to facing the corners, though, XDiavel will amaze you. The XDiavel is a cruiser with a degree of performance and technical content that allows for a wide range of riding options and distinct riding experiences.

Ducati 2019 XDiavel Naked Motorcycle – Features and Price

Ducati 2019 XDiavel Naked Motorcycle

Engine is the king

Beautiful, strong, and sophisticated are all words that come to me when I think of you. The Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 is the newest development of the testastretta engine, and it powers the Xdiavel.

The Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 is a motorcycle designed by Ducati. The more significant displacement, paired with the DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing) technology, provides complete yet fluid torque distribution even at low speeds while maintaining sports performance at full throttle. Furthermore, the Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 is beautifully styled.

The XDiavel idea is summed up in three numerals. 5000 is the number of RPMs at which the engine produces maximum torque, 147 is the number of ergonomic configurations for the rider, and 40 is the maximum lean angle.

Tires and wheels

The wheels of the XDiavel are 14-spoke. The front wheel is 3.5″ x 17″, while the back wheel measures 8″ x 17″. The XDiavel S, on the other hand, features unique curved 12-spoke wheels with visible finishes that complement the design. A regular 120/70 ZR17 tire with a revised tread is mounted on the front wheel, while a 240/45 ZR17 tire is mounted on the rear wheel. Pirelli Diablo Rosso II is on the covers. The substantial rear tire has double compound technology to provide traction during the most severe cornering while ensuring good mileage and employing Enhanced Patch Technology to maximize contact area at any lean angle. In all situations, especially in the wet, the tread design and chemicals provide excellent performance.

Ducati 2019 XDiavel Naked Motorcycle

Riding Mode

The XDiavel incorporates the most recent Ducati technological advancements, such as Riding Modes. The three preset modes, which may be selected while riding, are designed to change the XDiavel’s “character” instantaneously. The three Riding Modes combine cutting-edge technology like Ride-by-Wire (RbW), Ducati Traction Control (DTC), and Bosch ABS Cornering systems. Riding around town requires shifting focus away from the accelerator and into the surroundings: the XDiavel’s character transforms quickly in the Urban mode, changing it into a safe and straightforward way of transportation.

The engine power is decreased to 100 Hp, the DTC is set to level 6, and the ABS profile is set to Safe and Stable, so the vehicle may always travel safely, even on uneven ground and in heavy traffic. The Touring Riding Mode lets the engine deliver 152 horsepowers while maintaining a smooth and easy-to-handle power curve. The DTC is set to level-4 and the ABS is set to Safe & Stable, resulting in a smooth and relaxing ride suited for optimal comfort for the rider and passenger on lengthy excursions. With a precise, expert touch of the pedal, the engine releases 152 horsepower in Sport Riding Mode, pure joy. Sport Mode decreases the DTC to level 2 and switches the ABS to Sport mode to get the most out of the XDiavel’s performance. Sport Mode reduces the DTC to level-2 and changes the ABS to Sport mode to get the most out of the XDiavel’s performance.

Complete LED lighting system with DRL

A prominent front headlight, including Daytime Running Light, comes standard on the XDiavel S. The DRL is a special light that ensures the bike’s visibility throughout the day and, at the same time, owing to its unique shape, makes the XDiavel S easily recognizable even in direct sunshine.

Belt transmission

The Ducati XDiavel is the first motorcycle to employ a belt final drive system. Ducati experts created the system specifically for the XDiavel to provide reliable and safe power transfer delivered by the Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262. The belt’s advantages include low noise, easy cleaning, inexpensive maintenance, and a fluid reaction to gas opening, as befits a true cruiser.

Forward footpegs

When designing the XDiavel, the designers and engineers started with a simple concept: a relaxing riding posture similar to a cruiser with a low seat and forward footpegs. But it wasn’t the only requirement: the ergonomics had to be modular, allowing the rider to blend into the bike like a tailored garment. As a result, the XDiavel’s footpegs may be changed in three locations as usual (+/- 22.5 mm compared to the standard position). A Ducati Performance “central footpegs” kit will also be an optional extra for those who want a sportier riding stance.

Adjustable suspension

The XDiavel includes a 50 mm diameter front fork with black anodized sheaths that can be entirely changed in compression and extension, as well as spring preload when using hydraulic brakes (the Ducati XDiavel S version also has stems with DLC coating). The compression register and spring preload are on the left stem of the fork, while the extension register is on the right. The XDiavel’s setup allows for a quick and responsive front end with a 30° steering inclination and a 130 mm trail, ensuring superb handling and a unique steering angle. The XDiavel, on the other hand, features an adjustable mono-shock in the spring preload and extension, as well as a separate gasoline tank in the back. The shock absorber, which is practically horizontally mounted, operates in tandem with progressive kinematics.

Ducati 2019 XDiavel Naked Motorcycle

Bosch Brembo braking system

As part of the Ducati Safety Pack, the XDiavel comes standard with the Brembo brake system with Bosch 9.1ME ABS Cornering (DSP). ABS Turning takes advantage of Bosch’s IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) platform to optimize front and rear wheel braking power, even in critical conditions and during cornering.

The technology, which is used in the Riding Mode, may adapt to various situations and riding styles. Brembo’s high-quality components, paired with Bosch’s anti-lock braking system, The XDiavel’s specialized suspension setup and Pirelli Enhanced Patch Technology ensure superb braking performance and ultimate safety in all situations and riders of any skill level. The system can be more or less sensitive, and the rider can choose the amount of intervention based on their experience and road and use circumstances. Expert, Sport, and Safe & Stable are the three ABS profiles available, and they are preset as standard in each of the three Riding Modes but may be accessed separately via a user-friendly menu.

Exhaust system

The XDiavel’s exhaust is a two-in-one design with a chamber body and two terminals. The exhaust pipes were meant to make the engine obvious, while the central body was placed in front of the back tire to make it nearly inconspicuous.

Ducati 2019 XDiavel Naked Motorcycle

Ride By Wire

The Ride-by-Wire (RbW) system is an electrical link between the engine and the gasoline grip on the Diavel that allows the optimal power level to be set according to the selected Riding Mode. The power supplied by the engine is no longer governed entirely and directly by the accelerator cable but instead flows via the control unit, which electronically regulates the opening of the throttle based on the signal received. To manage electricity supply, the RbW system employs three distinct mappings: In Sport Riding Mode, the engine produces 152 horsepower. In Touring Riding Mode, the engine produces 152 horsepower. In Urban Riding Mode, the engine produces 100 horsepower.

Ducati 2019 XDiavel Naked Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type Testastretta DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing), 4 Desmodromically actuated valves per cylinder, L-Twin, Dual spark, Liquid-cooled
Displacement 1262 cc
Bore for Stroke 106mm x 71.5mm (4.17 inches x 2.81 inches)
Compression Ratio 13:1
Power 152 hp (112 kW) at 9500 rpm
Torque 93 lb-ft (126 Nm) at 5,000 rpm
Fuel Injection All-new Bosch fuel injection system, Full ride-by-wire system, Øeq 56mm oval throttle bodies
Exhaust All-new stainless steel exhaust and muffler having dual oval exits, Catalytic converter, and two lambda probes
Gearbox Six speeds
Primary Drive Straight cut gears, Ratio 1.84:1
Gear Ratios 1 = 37/15,
2 = 30/17,
3 = 27/20,
4 = 24/22,
5 = 23/24,
6 = 22/25.
Final Drive Belt, Front sprocket Z28, Rear sprocket Z80
Clutch Slipper and self-servo wet multi-plate clutch including hydraulic control

Ducati 2019 XDiavel Naked Motorcycle Specs


Frame Tubular steel trellis frame
Front Suspension Adjustable Ø 50mm (Ø 1.97 inches) usd fork
Front Wheel Light alloy, Cast, 3.5″x17″
Front Tyre Pirelli Diablo Rosso II, 120/70 ZR17
Rear Suspension Solo shock absorber, Adjustable preload, and rebound, Remote reservoir, Single-sided swingarm, Cast/trellis frame
Rear Wheel Light alloy, Cast, 8.″ x 17″
Rear Tyre Pirelli Diablo Rosso II 240/45 ZR17
Wheel Travel (Front/Rear) 120 mm/110 mm (4.72 inches/4.33 inches)
Front Brake 2 x 320 mm (12.6 inches) semi-floating discs, Radial Brembo monobloc 4-piston M4-32 calipers, and radial master cylinder including Bosch cornering ABS
Rear Brake 265mm (10.43 inches) disc, 2-piston floating caliper, Bosch cornering ABS as standard equipment
Instrumentation 3.5-inch TFT color display and dedicated warning light display

Ducati 2019 XDiavel Naked Motorcycle Specs


Dry Weight 220 kg (485 lb)
Wet Weight (KERB) 247 kg (545 lb)
Seat Height 755 mm (29.72 in)
Wheelbase 1615 mm (63.58 inches)
Rake 30°
Trail 130 mm (5.12 inches)
Fuel Tank Capacity 18 liters (4.75 US gal)
Number of Seats Dual seat

Ducati 2019 XDiavel Naked Motorcycle


Safety Equipment Ducati Safety Pack, Riding Mode, Power Mode
Standard Equipment DPL (Ducati Power Launch), RbW, Cruise control, Full-led lighting, Hands-free, Backlit handlebar switches
Additional Equipment Backrest, Pillion comfort seat
Warranty 24 months unlimited mileage
Maintenance Service Intervals 9,000m/12 Months
Valve Clearance Check (Desmoservice) 30.000km (18,000m)
Standard Euro 4
CO2 Emissions 124 g/km
Consumption 5.3 l/100 km


The new Ducati 2019 XDiavel Naked Motorcycle is an impressive and mighty naked bike. The bike has got powerful 1262cc engine that is specialized in delivering instant throttle response and massive power output. The stylish chassis design always welcomes a second look and remains the center of attention in the crowd. On highways, the XDiavel always leaves everyone behind.

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