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Price, Review, Specs of BMW S1000R 2014

The design for this bike is just amazing for it is built ready to attack. The lines of the BMW S1000R 2014 are conspicuous and arresting at first view, appeared quite aggressive tail-up/nose-down blueprint, distinguishing rip face and the distinctive gills. The “R” version showed much fewer of its biting edge, well-developed skin and due to this entire people called it naked – we just call it alert on the fundamentals.

bmw s 1000 r

BMW S1000R 2014 First Ride:

A roadster, abridged to the basics giving out the maximum performance measured as 160 bhp along with the torque of 83 lb/ft and 2.85 pounds per bhp power-to-weight ratio.
The 4-cylinder in-line engine gives out a high-performance driving from the RR but now it has been optimized further.

This results in tremendously linear torque deliverance for stable forward ride across the whole engine although the engine at 11,000 rpm, of this very new BMW S1000R endures a performance of 160 bhp/118 kW with an optimal of 83 lb/ft torque at 9,250 rpm, in turn putting a smile of pleasure and comfort on the driver’s face at every twist of the throttle.

bmw s1000r pics

The design for BMW S1000R 2014 is just amazing for it is built ready to attack. The lines of the BMW S1000R 2014 are conspicuous and arresting at first view, appeared quite aggressive tail-up/nose-down blueprint, distinguishing rip face and the distinctive gills.

The “R” version showed much fewer of its biting edge, well-developed skin. And due to this entire people called it naked – we just call it alert on the fundamentals.

bmw s1000r pics
The BMW S1000R 2014 is built with showing versatile modes for rid or different riding positions. BMW S1000R 2014 could be in control at only the push of a knob as set. It is provided with the “Rain” mode which offers a mild choke reaction along with the ABS and ASC that are typically personalized to wet road face.

Temporarily the “Road” mode maximized the choke reply, ABS and ASC for dry blacktop. The Pro modes are offered in the bike but an option for those pursuing the threshold range i.e. “Dynamic” and “Dynamic Pro” gets the “R” into shape for the limits.  The power endured in the BMW S1000R 2014 is nonentity without a proper control.

The BMW S1000R 2014 is fixed in with Race ABS and ASC (that stands for the automatic stability control) as a typical standard. This pair ensures brilliant speeding up and down at the level of threshold. They can be enabled and disabled as well during the journey, making for continuous riding fun.

bmw s1000r 2014

2014 MSRP starting at $13,150 (including ABS):

The new BMW S1000R 2014 comes up with an amazing starting price of $13,150 (ABS Inclusive)

Technical highlights for 2014 BMW S1000R:

DDC and DTC (Suspension):

The BMW S1000R 2014 appeared as an only roadster to attribute an extremely lively electronic deferment which is capable of adapting conditions riding within milliseconds, thus permitting the utmost nimbleness and active presentation.

  • DTC is a kind of support system with the banking feeler that is capable of supporting the highest probable choke feedback and it averts the rear wheel turn in case for reduced friction on the road. Highest grip and quickness along with an extra security bonus
  • DDC: Dynamic Damping Control openly from the BMW HP4. Here the deferment acclimatizes by electronic means within milliseconds on the road in variety of situations and surfaces.
  • Uniqueness and damping properties alter from “satisfying” to “tense” which depends on riding modes chosen, riding situation and road surface. The suspension helps the rider without the later having to craft any perfunctory adjustments to the damper firmness and recoiling stage.

s1000r 2014


The BMW S1000R 2014 is motorized by the renowned presentation with the 4-cylinder in-line engine from the BMW S1000RR. But this time it is seen that it has been maximized for use in the roadster.

  • As compared with the BMW S1000RR this new one appeared 7 lb/ft more in consistence with low to mid rpm range.
  • Tremendously linear power deliverance across the complete engine rate range.
  • At 9,250 rpm it endures the Highest torque measuring 83 lb/ft.
  • At 11,000 rpm it endures a Climax output of 160 bhp per 118 kW.

Steering Damper (Suspension):

The suspension of the BMW S1000R 2014 is fixed in so typical with an automatic steering damper which guarantees finest solidity even on variety of surfaces and at high speeds.

bmw s 1000 r pics

Riding Modes (Suspension):

The riding modes offered for the S1000R appeared to be flawlessly interlocking the individual systems of choke response, ABS power response, grip control (ASC or DTC) and suspension (DDC or load state) for a vibrant but safe ride on variety of road surfaces and in diverse weather situations.

Being a Standard:

  • Rain mode appeared for providing a tender choke response and receptive ASC/ABS control response on wet surfaces.
  • Road mode is in here for offering an optimal choke response and most favorable ASC/ABS power response for outstanding acceleration and deceleration specifically on the  dry roads
  • The riding modes are trouble-free to pick as an option by pressing a button and get it completed by finishing the choke and are exposed on the display screen
  • The BMW S1000R 2014 offered the Pro riding modes as well for an alternative for riders having athletic ambitions:
  • Active mode is there for the optimal choke response specifically on the dry roads with condensed pinch revealing function when applying brakes in front and rear wheel. DTC which stands for the Dynamic Traction Control is there enabling additional dynamic grip control specially when leaned in over turns.
  • Dynamic Pro mode is specially intended for incredibly determined and motivated sports riders but could be activated only by means of an implicit cork. DTC on the dry surface enables finest acceleration with sports tires. The ABS permits the brake drifts by means of the brake pedal but without any distribution with ABS functions at the front wheel.

2014 bmw s1000r

Race ABS and ASC (Suspension):

The BMW S1000R 2014 is built-in with Race ABS and ASC (automatic stability control) being quite typical.

  • Patent response in the hand lever to perceive threshold range.
  • While riding it could be disabled.
  • Ultra-light system and having a almost virtually maintenance-free.
  • ASC guarantee optimal acceleration on variety of roads.
  • Both systems are completely reliable along with a very simple regulation response to settle in by means of the typical riding modes i.e. Road or Rain.

bmw s1000r 2014

More Options:

The general varieties of choices provide the rider with a chance to maximize the motorcycle according to private favorites. Two packages are offered for this reason:

  • “Standard” package that is responsible for adding Ride Modes Pro (Rain, Road + Dynamic, Dynamic Pro), gear shift assist, DTC (dynamic traction control) and coast control
  • “Premium” package that consist of all the apparatus in the “Standard” package along with the DDC (dynamic damping control semi-active suspension), fiery grips and engine spoiler
  • Last but not the least an  Extensive range of HP parts for the 2014 BMW S1000R.

2014 bmw s1000r

Specs Of BMW S1000R 2014:

Features Detail
Company BMW
Model S 1000 R
Year 2014
Price $13,150
Unladed weight, road ready, fully fuelled 1) 456 lbs or 207 kg
Length 81.0 inches or 2,057 mm
Width (incl. mirrors) 33.3 inches or  845 mm
Height (excl. mirrors) 48.3 inches or 1,228 mm
Seat height, unladed weight 32.0 inches or 814 mm
Inner leg curve, unladed weight 71.1 or 1,805 mm
Permitted total weight 897 lbs or 407 kg
Payload (standard equipment) 441 lbs or 200 kg
Wheels Cast Aluminum Wheels
Steering head angle 65.4°
Front Rim 3.50 x 17″
Rear Rim 6.00 x 17″
Castor 3.9 inches or 98.5 mm
Front Brake Dual brakes having diameter 320 mm and the thickness measured as 5 mm. Brakes have fixed calipers (4-piston)
Rear Brake Single brakes having diameter 220 mm and single piston
Front Tyre 120/70 ZR 17
Rear Tyre 190/55 ZR 17
Fuel type Premium Unleaded
Usable tank volume 4.6 gallons
ABS STANDARD Race ABS that can be switched off too
Reserve Approx. 1 gal
Mixture control / engine management Electronic injection
Gearbox Constant-mesh straight-toothed, having 6-speed gear box
Frame Aluminum composite viaduct casing, partially self-sufficient engine
Battery 12 V / 9 Ah, maintenance-free
Chassis or brakes Chain 17/45
Clutch Mechanically controlled, clutch (Multi plate) in oil bath with a clutch that is anti-hopping
Emission control 2 closed-loop along with the 3-way catalytic copse , EU-3 norm with a meddling tube and audio valves
Alternator 350 W
Location for Front wheel Upside-down telescopic fork Ø 46 mm, flexible and adjustable compression and rebound stage
Location for Rear wheel Aluminum 2-sided swing arm, adjustable recoiled damping

2014 bmw s1000r

Most press commenced—in particular for the naked sport bikes—open with several heavy-metal emphasized video for the promotion of the bike’s ability for cleaving wheelies and sinking rubber to flutter clouds of thrilling smoke.

The press launch for the BMW S1000R 2014 was amazingly special. This conference began silently, with a presentation by Alexander Buckan, Design Manager for BMW Motored.

In the presentation Buckan talked about what are three levels of motorcycle design for him like—proportion, mission, and mindset—and how these observations are all uttered by what a rider anticipated from any bike provided to him.

A endure rider desires to experience in control, for example; a police car rider desires to feel stress-free and comfortable. These characteristics are commune, of course by the look of the bike, but even more by its riding position.

All pictures are taken from the official website of BMW Motorrad USA.

“Price, Review, Specs of BMW S1000R 2014: First Ride” is written by Shekinah Edwin.

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