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2021 MV Agusta Rush First Look

Motorcycle manufacturers put a lot of effort into producing “special editions” that were little more than basic models with splash artwork, which was occasionally justified. But there’s more to the MV Agusta Rush 2021 than meets the eye. MV produced 300 numbered units as a model for 2020 after launching the Rush at EICMA 2019.

The MV Agusta emerges from its swamp much as we emerge from our cocoons after COVID. In both cases, the time is right for a thoughtful celebration. For MV, this entails a limited number of highly complicated models. These machines aren’t technologically groundbreaking, but they’re also not last year’s versions at this year’s costs.

2021 MV Agusta Rush First Look

MV Agusta’s production quality has finally reached a commensurate level with the company’s history and reputation. All of this was possible because of Brian Gillen CPE’s and his technical team’s superb work at the Schiranna headquarters and at the San Marino CRC research & development studio. Then there’s MV’s reputation for quality, durability, and the ability to provide genuine and profitable version models.

Based on the Brutale 1000 RR, which was the inspiration for Rush. Given MV’s issues at the time, there were always doubts that production would ever be completed. However, the first 300 Rush models were sold on the spot for EUR 34,900 each. Because of the increased performance, unique style, and wonderfully refined performance of the typical naked cycle, MV Agusta dubbed the bike “hyper naked.” The Rush 2021 is still based on the Brutale 1000, but there are several differences right away. A charging bison is shown in a nice metal grey tank with carbohydrates and yellow highlights. The massive 17 x 6,0 rear wheel, with its imposing carbon fiber covering, also makes a bold stylistic statement. The Pirelli limited edition Diablo Supercorsa radials in yellow add a finishing touch.

2021 MV Agusta Rush First Look

There are genuine quality touches in components like the heels and pedals, mostly CNC manufactured of billet. The seat’s supporting substructure is a unique rush item that also serves as a carbon/titanium exhaust system. The center is constructed of Alcantara with a luxurious leather accent. The bodywork and seat are primarily made of carbon fiber.

What’s the status of the power plant? The MV 1,000cc inline-four (79.0 x 50.9mm bores & strokes) inline-four in the 2021 Rush is supplied by four Mikuni throttle bodies that are 50mm fed and have two body injectors. The system is unusual in that it has four Magneti Marelli “showerhead” injectors on top of the throttle bodies and four Mikuni injectors on the bottom. The typical layout of the former version of the radial valve is preserved in the new Rush. However, the valves are titanium, and the cam profiles and combustion chamber design provide an excellent 13:4:1 compression ratio. As with previous 2021 MV Agusta engines, the inverted cam followers undergo a unique diamond-like carbon treatment to reduce friction.

To decrease the mechanical noise and improve reliability, the primary drive has an updated tooth profile with a new set of gears. To manage the torque provided by the electronic start control, the entire gearbox has been updated.

The complete injection-all systems have been improved on the Brutale 1000 RR. As a result, the power and torque are enormous. What a marvel! The manufacturer claims 208 horsepower at 13,000 rpm, with a peak of 86 pfm at 11,000 rpm, while improvements to the catalytic exhaust system ensure that Rush is Euro 5 compliant. When the racing kit (ECU and exhaust system) is installed, this value will increase to 212 horsepower in 13,600 to 120 minutes.

2021 MV Agusta Rush First Look

For the chassis and the aluminum pivoting plate, the Rush uses the same stainless steel trellis frame as the Brutale 1000 RR. Starting with the 43 mm Ohlins NIX EC fork, the Austrian TTX EC shock absorber, and the Ohlins steering damper, these three digitally-driven pieces are all top-grade components. Two 320mm rotors, four-piston Stylema front calipers, and only one two-piston caliper and a 220mm rear rotor make up the whole Brembo braking system. They are preventing rear wheel lift when braking is part of the Continental MK 100 ABS.

With a tiny 55.7-inch wheelbase, 23.5° rake, 3.8 cm tall, and 30mm offset, the Rush promises a remarkable combination of balanced steering feel, agility, and high-speed stability. The Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa has a radial front 120/70-17 and a massive rear 200/55-17. The overall seat height is 33.3 inches, and the dry weight is 410 pounds.

Electronics are becoming just as crucial as chassis numbers and camp timing in determining how the bike handles and distributes its power. Rush’s electronic suite includes all electronic changes and enhancements to the existing MV Agusta 2021. This new edition sports a six-axis IMU that administers traction control, ABS cornering, cruise control, starting control, and wheelie control, as previous Cycle World reports on the MV Agusta lineup reveal. As already stated in previous Cycle World articles. A smartphone may also be used to access a TFT instrument display and the MV’s Ride app. It allows riders to customize, adjust, and select preferred features and settings, as well as track and swap routes using the navigation system.

How much do this style and performance cost? A fantastic $40,600. MVs have always been unique machines, and they may not be for everyone. We’re delighted to see that the great old brand is still a force to be reckoned with.

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