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2020 Honda Gold Wing Touring Bike Review Specs Price

It is permitted for Olympic athletes to compete in the exact distances and throw the same discus in the same rinks. However, they seem to be improving. That’s precisely what you’ll get with the Gold Wing from Honda. That’s why it’s essential to have a bike that started the current touring trend in 1975. But with each iteration, it gets more comfortable, easier to control, and smoother. A 7-speed DCT automatic transmission and Apple CarPlayTM are among the Gold Wing’s many technical advancements since its conception. This year’s Gold Wing Tour versions will come equipped with fog lights as well. Even though Honda’s famed, unrivaled touring machine is a gas guzzler, its slim design and low weight allow it to be used for athletic purposes and even commutes. The Gold Wing boasts a long list of significant features for the 2020 Touring motorcycle, including several convenience and comfort-oriented enhancements. The new 2020 Honda Gold Wing Touring Bike is the ideal starting point for your next considerable journey.

2020 Honda Gold Wing Touring Bike – Features and Price

2020 Honda Gold Wing Touring Bike


To maximize fuel efficiency, aerodynamic efficiency and a high power-to-weight ratio are used. Compact, high-performance radiators allow for a slim front cowl. The proper amount of air is sent to the rider by air-guiding ducts, allowing for an authentic riding sensation. The rider may change the height and angle of the electric windshield, which comes in a range of heights depending on the model. Front and rear taillights have LED turn signals with an auto-canceling function, as well as LED headlamps with a distinctive “wing line.” The two-piece seat is intended to enable the rider to move about in the saddle quickly while yet allowing the passengers to travel comfortably.


The new liquid-cooled, 1,833cc horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine has a low center of gravity, slight vibration, and quiet operation.

Using SCM440H, which is a compact and robust material, the crankshaft is produced. Compact engine dimensions are made possible by Unicam® valve train weight reduction and improved fuel efficiency. A four-valve head delivers maximum combustion and fuel efficiency. Aluminum cylinder sleeves are utilized in lightweight engines. To promote sporty handling, short engine arrangements allow the engine and seating area to be placed in the chassis front and center, shifting the vehicle’s weight. A single 50mm throttle body is employed to save weight. Low intake-manifold capacity enables direct air passage to the combustion chamber, which improves responsiveness and fuel efficiency. Sporty exhaust sound is achieved by eliminating fiberglass from the muffler and reducing the diameter of two of the six cylinders’ exhaust pipes. It is possible to fit a tiny gas tank inside a vehicle that is both light and compact because of its high fuel economy.

Allows you to crawl forward and backward in DCT’s “Walking Mode” (.75 mph in reverse direction, 1.1 mph in forwarding direction). Conventional transmissions need a reverse idle shaft, which is unnecessary in DCT variants. Shift shock and noise are reduced on DCT models using fork-shaft dampers, master arm dampers, and DCT clutch-center dampers. Assist, and slipper clutch versions provide little lever effort and low downshift shock on manual transmissions. The cam damper on the manual-transmission type lessens the noise and stress associated with shifting. Start-up weight and noise are reduced thanks to the ISG.

2020 Honda Gold Wing Touring Bike


The throttle-by-wire method serves as a basis for a complex electronics package. Four riding modes may be selected depending on riders’ preferences and riding situations. It is possible to control the rear-wheel slide on Tour versions using the Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC).

From a standstill, Hill Start Assist makes it simpler to start a climb. Improved cruise control allows for more comfortable traveling. The brand new Smart Key may be used to open doors and bags without needing a key. Motorcycles are easy to find using the Vehicle Viewfinder system, for example. If tire pressure goes below a certain threshold, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System will notify you. Using Apple CarPlayTM, the driver may make and receive calls, play music, and send dictation through Siri. You can see the radio and navigation systems and personalized rider-assist system settings thanks to the 7-inch full-color Thin Film Transistor display (TFT). New navigation features enable voice route direction to continue even when the ignition is switched off and back on and areas of interest to stay visible even when the ignition is off and back on. For daylight savings time, it also adjusts the date to match.

Chassis / Suspension

The frame is made of aluminum twin-spars that were robotically welded together. The optimum stiffness and flex are achieved using frame spars with optimized plate thicknesses. The swingarm has a pivot area on one end. All of the components of the frame and swingarm are composed of lightweight materials. The short seat rail places passengers and riders in a front position, providing for the best possible concentration of people. The 320mm front brake rotors and the 316mm rear brake rotor provide excellent stopping power. There are two radially mounted front brake calipers with six pistons and one rear brake caliper with three pistons. If you’re looking to reduce weight, an electronic modulator is the best option. Specifically developed Gold Wing tires, available in sizes 200/55-R16 on the back and 130/70-18 upfront (front). A 30 percent reduction in total shock imparted to the handlebars and a 40 percent reduction in the inertial mass of components controlled by the handlebars can be seen when comparing the new Gold Wing platform to its predecessor.

For both stroke and steering, all of the shaft bushings on the front-suspension system are equipped with bearings. Double-wishbone front suspension enables a compact car package since the stroke trajectory allows for a front-engine location. For a smooth ride, use the Pro-Link® rear suspension. This easy-to-use electrically controlled suspension-damping adjuster uses a stepping motor and a needle to regulate the oil flow rate.

Additional Standout Features

Each of the saddlebags has a 30-liter storage capacity. The rear baggage case on Gold Wing Tour vehicles has a total of 50 liters (optional on Gold Wing models). To ensure a smooth ride, the saddlebag and rear luggage-case lids are equipped with dampers. Optimal mass centralization is achieved by locating the airbag model’s collision judgment system near its center of gravity. Standards set by the CARB and EPA are satisfied. The California version changes somewhat due to the use of emissions equipment.

2020 Honda Gold Wing Touring Bike

2020 Honda Gold Wing Touring Bike – Price

The new 2020 Honda Gold Wing Touring Bike is available at $23,800 only.

2020 Honda Gold Wing Touring Bike – Technical Specifications


Type 1,833cc horizontally opposed, liquid-cooled, six-cylinder four-stroke
Valve Train Single overhead Unicam® w/ 4 valves per cylinder, finger-follower rocker arm on intake, roller-rocker arm on exhaust
Bore x Stroke 73mm x 73mm
Compression Ratio 10.5:1
Induction Single throttle w/ 50mm bore, Throttle By Wire (TBW)
Ignition Full transistorized ignition
Starter Electric w/ Integrated Starter Generator System (ISG)
Transmission 6-speed manual
Clutch Multiplate wet
Final Drive Shaft


Front Double-wishbone system w/ Showa shock absorber, 4.3 in. travel
Rear Pro-Link® system w/ Showa shock absorber, 4.1 in. travel


Front radially mounted 6-piston Nissin calipers w/ 320mm rotors, electronically controlled combined ABS
Rear 3-piston Nissin caliper w/ 316mm rotor, electronically controlled combined ABS


Front 130/70-18
Rear 200/55-R16


Rake (Caster Angle) 30.5º
Trail 109mm
Length 97.4 inches
Width 36.4 inches
Height 52.8 inches
Seat Height 29.3 inches
Ground Clearance 5.1 inches
Wheelbase 66.7 inches
Fuel Capacity 5.6 gallons
Color Matte Black Metallic
Curb Weight 787 lbs.


The new 2020 Honda Gold Wing Touring Bike is an impressive and highly appreciated motorcycle that has won much heart and conquered several terrains. The touring bike has the ability and power to go anywhere without any hesitation. Its powerful engine, stylish chassis and robust suspension system are always ready to serve the rider.

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