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2018 Kawasaki Z1000R ABS Powerful Sports Bike Review Price

The Kawasaki brand is one of the famous and highly demanding brands due to its naked and sports bikes. The 2018 Kawasaki Z1000R ABS Powerful Sports Bike is another impressive model by Kawasaki that has uniquely sculpted bodywork offering aggressive, and style sugomi inspired Z design. The overall boldly highlight brutal functionality makes it one of the popular among the bike community. The bike provides an enhanced riding experience due to its new engine and chassis settings that deliver stiffer and direct ride transforming into the super naked ride. The Z1000R is manufactured with the aim of maximum freedom with an utterly new experience. The review of 2018 Kawasaki Z1000R ABS Powerful Sports Bike with its price and specifications are given below.

2018 Kawasaki Z1000R ABS Powerful Sports Bike – Features and Price

Engine Features

The 2018 Kawasaki Z1000R ABS Powerful Sports Motorcycle features the 1043 cm3 liquid-cooled and 4-stroke in-line four-stroke engine. The engine pulls strongly from all rpm, and it does not let up before the red-line. The engine delivers superb response and definite mid-range hit with an intoxicating intake howl better than 2018 Kawasaki Z900RS SE. The driver can provide a more direct response thanks to the new engine settings and shorter gearing that adds in the sporty street riding potential.

2018 Kawasaki Z1000R ABS Powerful Sports Bike

The new airbox nestled between the frame beams and intake air can be affected by engine heat. The cooling air system routes cooling air to the airbox from ducts at the front side of the side fairings minimizing performance loss due to heated intake air. It must not be confused with Ram air, where force-fed air becomes pressurized in the airbox. The downdraft throttle bodies contribute to the overall mass centralization revised intake funnel length adding in the more robust mid-range response.

Chassis Features

An aluminum twin-tube frame contains the high-degree of mass centralization that creates the best balance between sharp turning and firm handling. The lightweight and highly rigid frame use the engine as a stressed member, and the structure provides the best reliability and stability. The frame is a new 5-piece cast aluminum construction that consists up of steering stem, including left and right central frames and two cross pieces. Two main frame components have an open C-shaped cross-section, and they were die-cast to ensure a smooth surface finish. The newly designed fuel tank with an increased fuel capacity of 17 liters gives a more excellent touring range.

The Z1000R ABS features an ideally suited super naked character, including the wide-set fat bar that facilitates rider control. The new full aluminum fat bar contains the brushed finish and black alumite coating. The overall style is enhanced by the Japanese word sugomi that describes an intense aura or energy coming out by a person or object.

The motorcycle contains an under-engine pre-chamber that enables the smaller-volume silencer, plus it contributes to both mass centralization and more concentrated styling. The new muffler end-cap design adds in the sporty appearance. The seat is highlighted with the Z mark that further distinguishes the bike form the standard models. An all-new compact instrument cluster is attached directly to the handlebars that also added to design freedom, and it helped in realizing the small headlamp cowl. The low position creates an unobstructed view on the road ahead. The futuristic and attractive design of the LED tachometer and LCD screen reflects the sporting potential of the new Z.

2018 Kawasaki Z1000R ABS Powerful Sports Bike

The bike features the primarily attributed to its new suspension. An all-new SFF-BP achieves both comfort and sport potential ideal for street riding. The bike contains the best combination of Showa SFF and BPF, which is the new fork containing springs on both sides, including preload adjustability in the left tube and damping duties in the right tube. The lightweight and sporty styled wheels are about 1.5 kg lighter and have reduced unsprung weight contributing in lighter handling.

The braking performance contains the next level and high-spec brake components like the one used in Ninja H2R. The Brembo components include are the best available for the mass-production model. The high precision operation delivers the brake force linearly, contributing to superb controlling.

The Kawasaki motorcycle contains an ideal riding position with the front lowered, and the rear raised offering aggressive posture. An offensive position matches the bike’s more direct throttle response and handling, giving the riders in a perfect position. An all-new and high-quality Ohlins rear suspension provides increased ride comfort and the pride in ownership that comes from the knowledge that the machine is equipped with the top-shelf component.

Moreover, the exhaust system has been carefully placed to achieve better mass centralization. It contains the horizontal back-link rear suspension, and it uses the downdraft throttle bodies with the most significant contributors to mass centralization. The Horizontal Back-link rear suspension arrangement gives a lot of space, which is taken up by the Uni-Trak suspension lower linkage while enabling the large pre-chamber within the turn, allowing the use of shorter mufflers while contributing in mass centralization. The lightweight aluminum rear frame also helps to result in a light and sharp handling.

Other Features

An all-new mirror contains a sharper design that contributes to an aggressive image. The die-cast mirror stays in the less plastic with, the higher quality feel of the cockpit. The compact headlamp cowl was positioned as low as possible. It is the first time when Kawasaki uses the reflector-less LED headlamp design. Using LED lamps makes the design thin, and its shape contributes to the more intense glare.

The reflector-less design further enhances predatory appearance. There are four long-life and low-energy LED bulbs with two low-beam and two high beams. All the bulbs light up when the high beam is on. A separate LED position lamp is positioned on the meter cover. The new LED taillight design further adds a futuristic touch in the motorcycle’s rear. The unique graphics include the vivid yellow-green accent that contrasts with the bike’s otherwise dark coloring. An impressive tank pads with R edition graphics come with standard equipment. The unique frame pads with graphics add in its design.

2018 Kawasaki Z1000R ABS Powerful Sports Bike


The following technology comes as standard in 2018 Kawasaki Z1000R ABS Powerful Sports Bike;

  • ABS
  • Horizontal Back-link Rear Suspension
  • Assist & Slipper Clutch
  • Dual Throttle Valves

2018 Kawasaki Z1000R ABS Powerful Sports Bike – Technical Specifications


Displacement 1,043cc
Type 4-stroke, In-Line Four
Bore and Stroke 77mm x 56mm
Cooling Liquid
Compression ratio 11.8:1
Valve system DOHC, 16 valves (4 valves per cylinder)
Fuel system Digital fuel injection including four 38 mm Keihin with oval sub-throttles
Ignition Digital
Lubrication Forced lubrication (wet sump)

Check out some of the engine spare parts and accessories given below.

Price = $99.00
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Price = $25.99
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Price = $27.01
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Price = $36.99
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2018 Kawasaki Z1000R ABS Powerful Sports Bike Specs


Front: Type Dual semi-floating 310 mm Brembo discs
Front: calipers Dual radial-mount, Brembo M50 monobloc, opposed 4-piston
Rear: type Single 250 mm petal disc
Rear: calipers Single-piston caliper


Overall length 2,045 mm
Overall width 790mm
Total height 1,055 mm (41.5 in)
Wheelbase 1,435 mm (56.5 in.)
Ground clearance 125 mm (4.9 in.)
Seat height 815 mm (32.1 in.)
Curb mass 220kg
Fuel capacity 17 liters

You may also need chassis accessories and spare parts.

Price = $220.40
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Price = $35.90
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Price = $175.10
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Price = $61.30
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2018 Kawasaki Z1000R ABS Powerful Sports Bike Specs


Transmission 6-speed, return
Final drive Sealed Chain
Primary reduction ratio 1.627 (83/51)
Gear Ratios 1st 2.600 (39/15)
2nd 1.950 (39/20)
3rd 1.600 (24/15)
4th 1.389 (25/18)
5th 1.238 (26/21)
6th 1.107 (31/28)
Final reduction ratio 2.867 (43/15)
Clutch Wet multi-disc, manual


Type Aluminium twin-tube
Wheel travel: front 120 mm (4.7 in.)
Tire: front 120/70-ZR17
Wheel travel: rear 131 mm
Tire: rear 190/50-ZR17
Caster (rake) 24.5°
Trail 101 mm
Steering angle (left/right) 29° / 29°


Maximum Power 105 kW {143 PS} at 10,000 rpm
Maximum Torque 111 N.m {11.3 kgfm} at 7,300 rpm

You should wear the safety dears during ride.

Price = $85.88
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Price = $49.99
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Price = $15.99
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Price = $17.99
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Suspension, front 41 mm inverted fork including stepless compression and rebound damping and spring preload adjustability
Suspension, rear Horizontal Back-link, gas-charged, including stepless rebound damping and spring preload adjustability

2018 Kawasaki Z1000R ABS Powerful Sports Bike Specs


Details Warranty 12 months warranty


In conclusion, the Bikes Catalog would love to say that the bike 2018 Z1000R ABS is one of the most powerful and authentic sports motorcycles of all time. It is one of the ideal bikes and is very famous among those who always prefer riding a sports bike in city traffic and highways. The bike has an attractive design, stylish features with a comfortable and aggressive seating position.

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