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2018 FourTrax Foreman 4×4 Honda Utility ATV Review

The new 2018 FourTrax Foreman 4×4 Honda Utility ATV is another incredible masterpiece by Honda offering the best riding experience of all times. This utility ATV ensure to have the best performance under all conditions. It has the ability to handle the wide variety of tasks and adventures. It comes with the powerful 500-class fuel injected engine that has the ability to deliver the plenty of power and awesome fuel efficiency. Its strong and refined chassis ensure to have max stability while the long suspension stroke guarantees the smooth and nimble handling experience even on rough surfaces as well. The Foreman’s driveline provides the maximum front-end power transfer and traction. The overall design is kept aggressive and new body color enhances the overall beauty. It is recommended for the riders of riders of 16 years of age and older. The Honda brand has recommended that all riders must take the proper training course and should read owner’s manual thoroughly. Following are the full review, specifications, and price of new 2018 FourTrax Foreman 4×4 Honda Utility ATV.

2018 FourTrax Foreman 4×4 Honda Utility ATV – Features and Price

2018 FourTrax Foreman 4x4 Honda Utility ATV

Engine Features

The all-new 2018 FourTrax Foreman 4×4 Honda Utility ATV features the compact and lightweight semi-dry-sump design and an overhead-valve engine. This smart engine design makes it much shorter from top to bottom. The lower center of gravity and more ground clearance improves the handling experience than 2017 Honda ForeTrax Foreman 4×4 Utility ATV. The latest oxygen sensor delivers both better fuel and efficiency with lower emissions. The latest ECU instantly adjusts the fuel injection mapping to match the riding conditions for max fuel efficiency. The orientation of engine crankshaft has been kept from front to back which enables the power to flow straight to its wheels without having any unnecessary right-angle detours. This modification reduces the friction. The temperature has been maintained by using the liquid-cooling, which provides even more consistent operating temperature and is more powerful than air-cooled engines. This adds up it’s better performance and longer engine life.

2018 FourTrax Foreman 4x4 Honda Utility ATV

Chassis Features

The new 2018 FourTrax Foreman 4×4 Honda Utility ATV features the compact, strong and lightweight chassis. Its frame has been carefully designed for better stability over all kinds of terrains. The new plush seat with open rider triangle provides an ultimate level of handling experience. The superior ergonomics is the priority of Honda and it can seem in many of the utility quad bikes like 2018 Honda ForeTrax Fourman Rubicon Utility ATV. The seat comes with the supreme quality form for an outstanding comfort. The body styling has been kept aggressive and its fuel tank and side covers can easily come off in one piece and without using any tools. This means one can have an easy and quick access to the engine. The overall styling protects the bike from mud and other debris. The latest rear swingarm having the solid axle gives the superior capability for towing and hauling. Its long suspension stroke and plush seat enable it to tackle all kinds of toughest terrains. The new powerful 35W twin headlights give the brilliant illumination. The latest steel carriers positioned at front and rear gives an impressive carrying capacity.

2018 FourTrax Foreman 4x4 Honda Utility ATV

Other Features

The new 2018 FourTrax Foreman 4×4 Honda Utility ATV comes with an outstanding featuring which makes it an ideal quad bike to ride on. The Honda has once again proved to be the Best Quad Bike Brand in the World. The latest ESP (Electric Shift Program) has made the gear shifting much easier. There are two handlebar-mounted buttons attached to the handlebar for gear shifting. There is no more foot shift lever which adds another level to comfort when riding with heavy or mud/snow covered boots. The latest 4WD has been used for more comfort. It enables the rider to shift the power to both front wheels with the help of electric differential lock to maximize the available traction. The vehicle display indicated when diff lock is fully engaged. The alternator offering extra output means that this ATV is capable of handle more luggage. The latest Electric Power Steering (EPS) excels is both speed and torque sensitive and it reduces the steering effort and kickback through the handlebar. The specially engineered fixed mounting system for EPS unit improves the strength and rigidity. An all-new foreman sports special reverse lever mechanism has been carefully designed and it is very simple to use. Its intuitive design makes it easier and quicker to operate. The latest 45-watt assist light runs independently of its headlight and it improves the visibility of the rider where he wants to take the turn. The latest instrument panel provides all the necessary information about the ATV. The TraxLok system enables the rider to switch between 2WD and 4WD easily. It gives full freedom to the rider whether to go with the lighter steering i.e. 2WD or to maximize the available traction i.e. 4WD.

2018 FourTrax Foreman 4x4 Honda Utility ATV

2018 FourTrax Foreman 4×4 Honda Utility ATV – Price

The new 2018 FourTrax Foreman 4×4 Honda Utility ATV is available with the price of $7,299 only.

2018 FourTrax Foreman 4×4 Honda Utility ATV – Technical Specifications


Engine Type 475 cc liquid-cooled four-stroke OHV longitudinally mounted single-cylinder
Bore And Stroke 92 mm x 71.5 mm
Induction Keihin® 36 mm throttle body
Ignition Full-transistorized type with electronic advance
Starter Electric with an optional auxiliary recoil
Compression Ratio 9.5:1

2018 FourTrax Foreman 4x4 Honda Utility ATV Specs

Drive Train

Clutch Automatic
Transmission Five-speed with the Reverse
Driveline Direct front and rear driveshafts with TraxLok® and front differential lock

Chassis / Suspension / Brakes

Front Suspension Independent double-wishbone; 7.28 inches travel
Rear Suspension Swingarm with solo shock; 7.28 inches travel
Front Brakes Dual hydraulic 190 mm disc
Rear Brakes Sealed 160 mm mechanical drum
Front Tires 25 x 8-12
Rear Tires 25 x 10-12

2018 FourTrax Foreman 4x4 Honda Utility ATV Specs


Length 82.8 inches
Width 47.4 inches
Height 48.0 inches
Wheelbase 49.9 inches
Seat Height 34.2 inches
Ground Clearance 7.5 inches
Curb Weight 630 pounds
Fuel Capacity 3.9 gallons, including 1.3-gallon reserve
Turning Radius 10.5 feet


Model ID TRX500FM1
Emissions It meets the current California Air Resources Board (CARB) and an EPA off-road emissions standards.
Available Colors Red, Olive, Shale Blue
Note It is recommended for the riders 16 years of age and older.

2018 FourTrax Foreman 4x4 Honda Utility ATV Specs

Factory Warranty Information

One Year Transferable limited warranty; extended coverage available with the Honda Protection Plan.

2018 FourTrax Foreman 4x4 Honda Utility ATV


This article is about the review of new 2018 FourTrax Foreman 4×4 Honda Utility ATV and it is covered under the best review site www.bikescatalog.com. Its powerful engine gives the massive amount of acceleration and torque while the compact and lightweight chassis and strong frame give the superior quality handling experience. The seat, fuel tank, and handlebars have been carefully designed and positioned to ensure the comfortable ride. The wheels and tires ensure to have better stability and tractions.

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