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2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Electric Dirt Bike Review

KTM Brand has newly launched its electric dirt bike; they call it as 2017 Freeride E-XC KTM. This bike is extremely responsive in all conditions. This dirt bike has a plus point that it produces no exhaust emissions and has no noise pollution at all. It offers state-of-the-art electric drive, plus it has various adjustable ride models from economy to standard to advance. The concept of the electric dirt bike was to make this environmental bike friendly. The new 2017 Freeride E-XC KTM has the electric motor that has the output up to 16 kW (22 horsepower) and the torque of 42 Nm. This bike has the awesome re-charging system that offers the superb timing. The review of 2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Electric Dirtbike with the specification is written below.

2017 Freeride E-XC KTM

2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Electric Dirt Bike – Specification

Powerful Drive Package

The all-new 2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Electric Dirt Bike comes with the powerful electric motor that drives power to it. Its electric motor consists up of the permanent-magnet motor that is specially designed to deliver more power and better torque. The new electric motor offers the torque of 42 Nm from the first twist of the grip and it guarantees the maximum power delivery. This engine is specially designed to provide the power of 16 kW (22 horsepower), and the electric motor can supply 11 kW (15 horsepower). The liquid cooling system maintains the temperature of this engine with the first electric water pump that ensures the excellent performance.

2017 Freeride E-XC KTM motor

There are no gearbox available in the in this dirt bike mean no need of a clutch. The bike only needs a twist of right gear to gain speed. The new KTM power pack has 260 volts of power that can give the riding experience of one hour. The recharging of the battery is also good; it takes only 50 minutes for charging up to 80% and 80 minutes of charging up to 100%. The new power electronics of this bike convert the throttle actuation into the controllable propulsion. The bike has the new multi-functional instrument located between the steering head and the seat that allows the choice to be made by the rider between the three different ride modes, each of these modes delivers different riding power. i.e. economy mode, standard mode, and advanced mode. Both of the drive units of 2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Electric Dirt Bike are completely dust and waterproof. The external battery charger of this bike can be connected to any 230-volt power supply socket and can operate with the minimum risk rating of 10 or 13 charging ampere. It can also be attached conveniently to any KTM power pack installed in the vehicle.

2017 Freeride E-XC KTM motor

Revolutionary Vehicle Concept

The all-new 2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Electric Dirt Bike comes with the best and innovative car concept. This bike has the new standard regarding response traction, performance, and handling of this motorcycle. This bike has the development from the made in Austria because this electric bike is subjected to same requirements when it comes to performance, robustness, and quality. KTM brand worked for the concept to have an emission-free off-road bike. This new 2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Electric Dirt Bike turns the idea into reality, and now off-road riding is very smooth.

Slender body work

The body of this new 2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Electric Dirt Bike is specially designed for perfect ergonomics, and it also offers maximum freedom of movement due to its slender seat and spoiler line. This bike has the new and modern graphics that offers the attractive look. This bike has the high-end GIANT alloy wheels with the CNC-machined hubs, and the ultra-light aluminum spoke nipples, which are fitted with the tires from Maxxis. The first TrailMaxx is 2.75-21, and MaxxEnduro 120/90-18 at the rear and both tires feature the best grip and better traction. This bike has the Formula brake system that offers the lightweight wave brake disc and the radially bolted, sandblasted brake calipers with the new four pistons at the front end and two at the rear. This dirt bike has the brake system on the left and right of the handlebar. So there is no need for the rider to apply brakes with his left foot. This new bike has the digital speedo from the Trail Tech, which has numerous functions, easy operability, and integrated indicator lights. This bike has the long, slender seat that allows maximum freedom of movement. This seat offers greater riding comfort.

Sporty Lightweight Construction

The all-new 2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Electric Dirt Bike comes with the extremely lightweight and composite frame design that has been redefined for the better electric power unit. This model has the solid aluminum base plate that ensures the optimum stiffness and the ultimate safety even on jumps. It has got the stable plastic sub-frame that has been integrated with the grip recesses that offers the impressive hold to the rear wheel. It has got the lightweight, cast aluminum swing-arm that has been designed to support the new suspension system comprising the frame and spring with the targeted flexibility. This bike has an impressive suspension system that consists up of 43 mm of WP upside-down fork with the 250 mm of suspension travel that delivers the excellent stability, excellent response and excellent damping. It has got an excellent PDS shock absorber from WP that provides the greater protection from the bottoming out. The new rebound and compression damping are adjustable.

2017 Freeride E-XC KTM

Street Legal

This new 2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Electric Dirt Bike is suitable for the road use as well. It has got all the necessary components for the riding in city traffic. It has got the lights, indicators, ignition lock, mirrors, and immobilizer. It comes with the weight of 110 kilograms including all the parts which are required for the A1 driving licenses, and it is best in city traffic because it is environmentally friendly.

2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Electric Dirt Bike – Specs


Electric Motor Permanent magnet synchronous motor in a disc armature design
Rated Output 11 kW (15 hp) @ 5500 rpm
Max. Power 16 kW (22 hp) @ 4500 rpm
Torque 42 Nm
Cooling Liquid cooled
Traction Battery Lithium-ion KTM PowerPack (easily removed)
Rated Voltage 260 V
Transmission Single speed transmission
Primary Drive 1:2.4
Secondary Gear Ratio 11:48

2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Specs


Frame Design Perimeter steel-aluminum composite frame
Front Suspension WP upside-down Ø 43 mm
Rear Suspension WP PDS shock absorber
Suspension Travel (Front) 250 mm
Suspension Travel (Rear) 260 mm
Front Brake Disc brake
Rear Brake Disc brake
Front Brake Disc Diameter 260 mm
Rear Brake Disc Diameter 230 mm
Chain 5/8 x 1/4.”
Steering Head Angle 67 °
Wheelbase 1418 ± 10 mm
Ground Clearance 320 mm
Seat Height 870 mm
Weight Ready to Race (Without Fuel) 108 kg

2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Specs


The all-new 2017 Freeride E-XC KTM Electric Dirt Bike is an impressive off-road KTM bike that can be used on city roads as well. It has the better electric motor that offers impressive torque and has the superb recharging timing. Its seat provides the maximum comfort and freedom of movement. The suspension and braking system are performing well. This bike is environmentally friendly as well because it does not have any emission and has minimum noise pollution. So don’t be late to purchase this new electric dirt bike.

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