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Review of 2016 Zero S

Zero bikes are famous all over the world due to their electric motor. Consideration of new 2016 Zero S is written below. If someone demands an instant torque and power in a stand still position with smooth acceleration and he throttles out, 2016 Zero S should be his first preference. The new 2016 Zero S bike has eliminated all issues regarding powertrain maintenance because it runs on the electric motor and has fantastic features as well.
One of the best features of this bike is that it is eco-friendly and it integrates revolutionary technology with impressive design and premium equipment. 2016 Zero S bike has impressive performance, stylish look and improved features.

2016 Zero S

2016 Zero S specs

Power source

2016 Zero S comes with advanced cell chemistry and battery management system with not only provide greater capacity but range as well. The bike has ZF13.0 power pack which enable it to go up to 197 miles. It is also designed for a longer life of the motorcycle. Each cell of the power pack is individually controlled and monitored to achieve maximum health; all this is possible due to a use of cutting edge technology. The bike is available in two configurations which are ZF9.8 and ZF13.0. This bike is compatible with power tank accessories which add up to 2.8 KWh of back power capacity for unbanning range up to 197 miles. Cells of battery last 2,500 full charge/discharge cycles before hitting 80 % capacity, yielding as much as 362,000 miles with 102 V power pack configuration and cell chemistry.

2016 ZERO S front view

Power Tank Technology

2016 Zero S has a unique power tank technology which adds up to 2.8 KWh of power pack storage. One of the best features of this bike is that Power Tank can be added at any time during or after bike purchase which increases the battery capacity to 15.9 Kwh. With the energy of 15.9 KWh bike travels up to 197 miles in the city or on a highway it travels approximately 98 miles at 70 mph.

2016 Zero S motor

2016 Zero S comes with amazing powerful, compact, and efficient Z-Force motor. This engine delivers great acceleration to a top speed of 102 mph. The bike has an air cooled system as well which makes the riding experience for joyful. When the bike slows down or stops, the motor generates electricity that is delivered back into the power pack which increases the ride time.

2016 ZERO S speed

Control and Dash

2016 ZERO S side comes with great dash and controlling system, the Dash of this bike provides all necessary information about the motorcycle like charging state, power output and riding profile. The rider can switch between three riding profiles using right-hand switch gear. Dash screen comes with an LCD of background color. One can easily get many information from dash screen.

2016 ZERO S dash


2016 Zero S has amazing and ergonomic design which gives the amazing look to the bike. Twin spar frame of the bike is constructed by special aircraft-grade aluminum which has the property of lightweight, strong and it makes the controlling of bike easy. Bike is designed with a low center of gravity which gives maximum speed and amazing design. The appearance of bike looks more impressive by the sleek bodywork with a contemporary, aggressive and naked look. Bike has a separate compartment for the storage of tank which is lockable and removable. The tank section has amazing feature that it can be replaced by the accessories of power tank for high range or by the accessories of charge tank for faster charging. Bike has impressive headlight with amazing brightness and tail light.

2016 ZERO S design

Suspension and wheels

2016 Zero S has amazing combination of suspension, wheel and brakes. The bike comes with a Showa suspension system which provides excellent support for smooth, comfort and controlled riding. The torsional system provide rigidity towards the front end provides better handling and control. The hollow front axle reduces weight. Moreover the settings of suspension are completely customizable according to the need of rider.  One of the best features of this bike is that it has an advanced Bosch antilock braking system (ABS) which provides excellent control and ensure best performance with 320 mm diameter carrier-less motor which increases stopping power. The amazing Pirelli tires provide great traction, impressive duration and excellent grip. Tires have stylish appearance and durable cast alloy wheels.

2016 ZERO S view

Unique features

  • Impressive design and premium equipment.
  • Advanced cell chemistry and battery management system.
  • 2.8KWh of power pack storage.
  • Efficient Z-Force motor.
  • ABS.
  • Dash with LCD.
  • Showa suspension
  • Impressive headlight.
  • Hollow front axle.
  • Amazing Pirelli tires.

2016 ZERO S side view

2016 Zero S price

2016 Zero S comes with an impressive price of $10,995.0 only.

2016 Zero S specs


Motor ZF9.8 – Z-Force® 75-7 passively air-cooled, high efficiency
Controller High efficiency, 420 amp, 3-phase brushless controller with regenerative deceleration
Maximum Torque 68 Pound-Feet
Maximum Power 54 Horsepower at 4,300 RPM
Maximum Top Speed 95 mph


Transmission Clutchless Direct Drive
Final Drive 130T/28T, Poly Chain

2016 ZERO S specs


Front Suspension Showa 41 mm inverted cartridge forks
Rear Suspension Showa 40 mm piston
Front Suspension Travel 6.25 inches
Rear Suspension Travel 6.35 inches
Front Brake Bosch Gen 9 ABS, 320 x 5 mm disc
Rear brake Bosch Gen 9 ABS, 240 x 4.5 mm disc
Front wheel 3.00 x 17
Rear wheel 3.50 x 17
Front Tire Pirelli Sports Demon 110/70-17
Rear Tire Pirelli Sport Demon 140/70-17

Power System

Power Pack Z-Force Li-Ion intelligent
Input Standard 110 V or 220 V
Charger Type 1.3 kW, integrated

2016 ZERO S wheel specs


Wheelbase 55.5 inches
Seat height 31.8 inches
Rake 24.0 degrees
Trail 3.2 inches


Frame 23 Pounds
Curb weight 9.8 – 376 Pounds
Carrying capacity 9.8 – 399 Pounds


Warranty Two-year unlimited mileage warranty and Five-year/100,000-mile warranty on the power pack

2016 ZERO S suspensionspecs

Available color

Color Yellow

2016 ZERO S style


The newly launched review 2016 ZERO S is covered under www.bikescatalog.com today. This article provides complete information about it. It an excellent electric bike with great features and extraordinary performance with quite fantastic accessories, so be the first to purchase it and enjoy its ride with your friends and be here to have more details in the shape of review.

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