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Motorcycle Riders Banned From Famous Yorkshire Meeting Spot

Motorcycle Riders Banned From Famous Yorkshire Meeting Spot, a popular meeting location in the town. The gathering will occur at the Northern Rail-owned Whistlestop café, a popular biker hangout near Whitby train station. Nonetheless, owing to a ban on motorcycle parking at the station’s parking lot, bikers are now essentially barred from meeting there or even just parking at the station to catch a train.

Motorcycle Riders Banned From Famous Yorkshire Meeting Spot

The motorcycle owner will be fined £50 for breaking the parking ban.

The Whistlestop’s owners stated on Facebook that they had no control over the signage warning customers about the motorcycle parking ban.

“We are devastated that this has happened, but sadly, there is nothing we can do,” they said. Because Northern Rail owns the parking lot, their decision is final. It completely surprised us!

According to the British Motorcyclists’ Federation (BMF), the cafe has a “regular well-attended bike night held at the café on Thursday evenings,” the operators are concerned about how the limitation on motorcycle parking at the station would affect their business. Furthermore, the BMF considers the ban an “act of discrimination” against motorcycle riders.

The Motorcycle Action organization’s North Yorkshire chapter and political spokesman notified Scarborough News that the organization is considering organizing a protest against the legislation. Mr. Suddaby told Scarborough News, “I have written to Northern Rail.” DfT OLR Holdings Ltd. (DOHL) was founded as a holding company by the Department for Transport to administer nationalized rail franchises, notably Northern Rail. The central Motorcycle Action Group has written to DOHL, saying, “If they do not respond within 14 days or recognize their actions are discriminatory, our organization will hold a peaceful demonstration.”

“Dismayed and disappointed that DfT OLR Holdings Ltd, a public operator, has allowed the banning of motorcycles from the car park at Whitby Station,” says MAG Chair Neil Livesidge in the letter.

Livesidge, like the BMF, considers the restriction to be discriminatory. This discriminatory ban only applies to motorcycle riders and commuters who arrive at Whitby station and want to utilize Northern rail services. Furthermore, it seems to be a deliberate attempt to disrupt The Whistle Stop Café, a favorite meeting spot for local bikers.

The MAG Chair says that every interaction with Northern Rail has resulted in a “template response,” stressing that the biker gatherings at the café occurred without their permission.

The decision was made because “motorcycles frequently take up individual parking spaces, making it difficult for cars that need these facilities to get in.” Furthermore, there must be evidence that motorcycle riders are paying the right price, which is required for all station consumers. Moreover, motorcycles are often parked on sidewalks, pedestrian walkways, and places reserved for other types of vehicles. Northern Trains has refused permission for the Thursday Night Motorcycle Meet. Parking lot use must be controlled to minimize future disruptions to the facility’s operations and revenues.

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