2020 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride News


Dust off your Victorian belt, break your mustache, and pull on your old helmet – it’s time for the world-famous gentleman’s ride to end. Now the legendary men’s health fundraiser is celebrating its 10th anniversary on September 27, although things will look different contingent on the shape of the year. Hasn’t sponsorship changed? Trump’s group has once again announced its support for the annual charity program of 2020 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride.

This year’s race will be, literally, singles. In the 2020 edition of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, riders will have to ride alone (or with an airplane) instead of clustering on a massive bikes. However, mobilizing the motorcycle community and raising funds for the initiative is still a there is legendary. With purpose, men’s health charities. So all the riders will ride for the same purpose today, but this time they will not travel on a large scale. It’s a turning point that DGR has dubbed “Ride Solo Together.”

It is the first time since the epidemic that DGR will be run as a stand-alone program, in which participants will embark on the spirit of riding a distinguished gentleman by riding alone or with a passenger in the same house. The new format allows compliance with different social distance regulations in different countries, while still showcasing classic bikes and supporting the mobile purpose.

2020 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride News

Prominent gentleman Ride founder Mark Ho highlighted the need to ride this year:

“Since our first year in 2012, Mumtaz Gentleman Ride has united riders around the world, leading to a statement from the motorcycle community to support men’s health. The 2020 will be no different, and this year we will still ride diapers together while we will do our job. Together with our charity partner Member, it is best to help prevent men from dying at a very young age.

The movement’s founder, JC, also said:

“We look to the community of DGR to unite with us, as they combine their passion for riding motorcycles, diapers, and promoting men’s mental health, suicide prevention, and cancer.” Raise a lot of funds to help investigate the relationship. “

Hua founded the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Sydney, Australia, which will be a great way to deal with Bruce’s often negative stereotypes on motorcycles after deciding to ride bikes, while contacting the global motorcycle community. Establish and raise valuable money. There will also be a way to raise funds because the program has a record number of riders since 2012, and in 2019, I set new fundraising and attendance records: over 116,000 passengers in 104 countries. With 6 million raised.

2020 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride News

So there will be no set route this year, but so-called “soft foxes” from around the world are still invited to donkey donkeys, ride-on rides and donations, while in each country (possibly) social distance The instructions have been observed. The funds raised will support research against prostate cancer and mental health. Money for 2019 is already being invested in research and health programs, and new investment will fund initiatives that have been working tirelessly for the past few months.

Triumph is once again supporting as its main sponsor

Donate four brand new motorcycles from the Modern Classic range to the three top fundraisers and winners of the Gentleman’s Ride & Gentle Falk competition. For the Gentlefolk section, riders have to open a badge in their riding dashboard, or Collect special money, or enter a drawing to win a spare capacity T120 – donate to someone else. Most fundraisers are eligible for the Thornton RS, Scrambler 1200, or Speed Twin models.

There are other magnificent prizes. Returns in 2020 include Red Bull, Elf Lubricant, Hayden Helmet, Scrum Moto Eye Wear, and Pipe Burn, while blast-off is a new face in 2020, featuring the Gentleman Ride featured in the official Motorcycle Outfitter event. Has gone Join us we think this sounds like a functional dumper.

Naturally, riders will be encouraged to work on social media channels and the DGR’s website to showcase their efforts. Once they have registered and completed their ride, they will receive instructions for uploading and sharing photos. A live map where riders can find shared photos from around the world will also be available for detailed information or to register, visit the DGR website.