Test Kymco K-XCT 125i 2013

Sound brass bands and trumpets, Kymco K-XCT 125i is with the test on bikescatalog.com! Aggressive design, sublimates painting, motorization of 15 ch., part cycles a priori solid, the new Taiwanese one excites the sporting fiber which dozes of each one of us. But what is it worth in action? Is the reference sport X-max threatened? The answer is there!

Test Kymco K-XCT 125i 2013

Kymco K-XCT, here is the name for least original and not inevitably obvious retaining, but which is explained very simply. “K” means Kymco (of chases!), as for three other letters “XCT”, they come here to underline the exciting character of the scooters to the sporting spirit of the first manufacturer of Taiwanese two-wheeled vehicle. In the range, one knew the X Citing models (into 500 or 250 Cm3), henceforth it will thus be necessary also to count on scooters Kymco K-XCT to offer feelings of control.

And the catch of feelings, the design of this extremely expected innovation seems to suggest it! The lines of Kymco K-XCT indeed are much tended. Of face, the pointed muzzle, frayed optics and the complex design of the careenages offer a certain charisma to the prow. Bubble with the angular forms in the upper part, side intakes air Aston Martin way and disunited sides incorporating broad translucent indicators perfectly, this K-XCT has mouth! Behind same report the drawing of the hull finishes in beauty with a light unit with headed and clings ideally integrated. The handles of the standard passenger “horns of bull” or the discs of brake petals also have style. In short, this Kymco K-XCT 125i 2013 breathes the sport with full nose! But does its warbling refer to its irresistible plumage? In saddle we now will be able to slice. Action!

Test Kymco K-XCT 125i 2013

Mitigated reception

To settle on board sportsman is deserved however. The saddle is high (810 mm) and the arcade between-legs (measuring the spacing of the legs to pose feet on the ground) consequent because of a base whose base is rather broad. Fortunately, for his comfort the pilot enjoys the presence of a small splash plate, but with a floor higher than the average, a broad central tunnel and the proximity of the apron, the very large gauges will hardly appreciate the position of control. From the top of its 183 cm, that passes nevertheless for the tester bikescatalog, nevertheless its knees are located a bit too much in height to feel a real comfort over the duration.

Sometimes as we note it at Kymco, and in particular on the last G-Dink 125 and 300, the handles of the handlebar are slightly too high, but levers and orders are laid out perfectly so that the catch in hand is easy. One finds on the right control unit a button accessible from the index to set in swing hazard lights. As for the digital instrument panel, this one is perfectly readable and visible of day like night, thanks to a powerful sound backlight. On the screen, one finds all the necessary information, of which gauge with segmented petrol, a rev counter, two partial and a clock.Test Kymco K-XCT 125i 2013

Handy and nimble, Kymco K-XCT 125i is at ease downtown

The sound (rustled!) emanating of the pot is marked. Perfect will retort you some, because that sticks indeed very well to the sporting spirit of commutating, but force is to recognize that this monotonous chant with the mono agreement is not particularly pleasant. With the accelerator, the answer is not immediate. It is indeed necessary to wait roughly speaking a half second so that the needle of the rev counter is placed on the level of 7,000 tr/min and that the machine takes off, not without transmitting some vibrations not filtered very well.

Test Kymco K-XCT 125i 2013

Passed this short lapse time, the mechanics of 15 horses reveals us perfectly linear and very good acceleration. Kymco K-XCT 125 has trunk to be left the traps of the city and then astonishes us for his great handiness on this ground. Shorter than Kymco Dink Street 125i, of which it takes again the mechanical part completely, the sportsman is not lighter than the GT star of the Kymco range (on the contrary), but it appears very nimble.

Within the framework of a daily use between centers and zone peril-, it is also rather practical. Admittedly, its trunk can accommodate one crash helmet, the reference of the sporting scooters Yamaha TMAX, but Kymco equipped it with small a vacuum-pocket in frontage, and its catch 12V. And to station it anywhere, the K-XCT east has the two crutches.

Test Kymco K-XCT 125i 2013

Sportsman pure and (very) hard!

With the attack of the fast tracks or main roads, the K-XCT reveals us his best asset: an almost incomparable rigor on segment 125. Sportsman pure and (very) hard, his handling is irreproachable and his exceptional heading hold in curve, what to like all those which want to have fun in all serenity with the handlebar to commutate to them.

Very easy to register in curve because of its balance, the setting on the angle is instantaneous and the perfect heading holds. Other side of the coin, this new Kymco is far from being comfortable. Its broad saddle is made up of a very soft material, very well, but that is not enough to compensate for the hardness of the system of suspension, in particular on the level of compound of shock absorber.

Test Kymco K-XCT 125i 2013

As a result, even in the presence of footrests independent and broad handles of maintenance, the exercise of the duet little to turn to the punishment for your host when the bitumen is broken. The protection offered by the width of the part before and the jump-of-wind is acceptable at high speed.

Side breaking the corrosive one is present, but it is necessary to press extremely on the levers to obtain satisfaction. Nevertheless, with a scooter hardly left case – only 200 km with the meter when it was lent to us – let us not bring however of final judgment on this station. Normal on the lengthening-piece besides, which we found a little just during our test (107 km/h in GPS). Because with more terminals, we know indeed that one-cylinder Kymco of 15 horses is more powerful. With 4.2 l/100 km, consumption is perfectly in the standard.

Test Kymco K-XCT 125i 2013

Assessment: The K-XCT is sharpened more than the X-max, but less general-purpose

With this Kymco K-XCT 125i impresses us! Its design race and original allure us, as for his completion, it seems to us to be to date most thorough in the Taiwanese manufacturer. We also greet daring Kymco to propose a blue color to us electric checkmate of high flight, almost the same one besides as that which equips BMW C 600 Sport (the subcontractor it would have taken as a starting point the manufacturer to the propeller, for which it assembles the engines of his maxi-scooters?).

For the sporting aspect of the scooter, we find even more rigor to him than Yamaha X-max, but its motorization is less punchy, it is less comfortable and its vibrations with constant mode could appear crippling for certain. Throw weight as the transport of a passenger it’s also of the points on which it proves less fill with enthusiasm that the star of the French market.

Test Kymco K-XCT 125i 2013

With the register of the regrets we also deplore that there is no (still) version ABS neither of available, nor of model with engine 300 Cm3 for the moment. Sold 3,690 €, it is more expensive than the GT Dink Street 125i (3 399 € price catalogues), but remains however more accessible than the X-max 125 displayed to 4,299 €. For which would like a pure sportsman, the choice is thus easy to make.


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