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    Top Ten Facts About Buell


    We’ve been given some very cool motorcycles by Buell Motorcycles, and they’ll leave us wanting more. Since Eric Boyle started his business in 1983, he has built some great superbikes. Buell production may have ended in 2009, but that didn’t stop it. We kept getting rides from Eric Boyle Racing, which surprised us. Motorcycles like the limited edition 1190RS will always be remembered. Buell Motorcycles’ great superbikes have not only amazed us but also their track record in the competition. The latest Buell SuperTouring 1190, however, dispels any doubts you may have had about the return of Buell Motorcycles. Let’s have a look at the Top Ten Facts about Buell.

    Top Ten Facts About Buell – Top Rated

    Erik Buell Was A Road Racer

    Top Ten Facts About Buell

    In addition to being the creator of the Buell Motorcycle Company, Erik Buell was also a mechanic and road racer in the 1970s.

    Eric even held the position of chassis engineer at Harley-Davidson. But eventually, he decided to quit and start his own business. The RW750 was their first motorcycle to be produced.

    RW750 – First Production Motorcycle

    Top Ten Facts About Buell

    In 1984 the Buell RW750 was designed for speed. The Road Warrior often referred to as RW, is a fast fighter with a top speed of 178 mph. The Square Four was a liquid-cooled, rotary valve that produced power, but handling was a problem.

    The history of this motorcycle is fantastic. Eric Boyle realized the potential when he came across the 2-stroke Square Four 750 produced by the small British motorcycle manufacturer Barton Engineering. In the end, Eric had to redesign the bike. This business plan gave birth to the RW750.

    Motorcycles With Harley-Davidson Engines

    Top Ten Facts About Buell

    Buell motorcycles increasingly used Harley-Davidson engines as their basis. For example, the Harley-Davidson XR1000 engine powers the Buell RR1000 road racer.

    The S2 Thunderbolt features a Road Warrior-based chassis and a Harley-Davidson Sportster engine. Regarding the suspension system, a Showa adjustable mono-shock and a 40 mm Showa adjustable fork were installed.

    Harley-Davidson Buys In

    Top Ten Facts About Buell

    Harley-Davidson invested in the business in 1993. However, Bill eventually decided to sell his majority stake in Harley-Davidson in 1998.

    Now we were riding in the M2 Cyclone powered by a 1203cc V-Twin, which produces 93.5 horsepower. While it may seem less than the bare essentials, it has the necessary agility.

    The XB-Series

    Top Ten Facts About Buell

    The XB series was soon introduced to us. Along with power, the Buell Lightning XB9S also boasts a strong and lightweight chassis.

    A Buell Thunderstorm V-Twin engine is measuring 1203cc powers the Buell Firebolt XB12R. The chassis draws its design cues from racing, which accounts for its agility and sensational handling.

    Buell 1125R

    Top Ten Facts About Buell

    The Buell 1125R, with its Buell Helicon 1125cc liquid-cooled V-Twin engine, is said to produce 146 horsepower and boasts excellent handling, agility and aerodynamics for a thrilling ride.

    When comparing the Buell 1125R and 1125CR, it is shocking to find that their gear ratios are different. Not to mention, the 1125CR sports a handlebar in Clubman design.

    Erik Buell Racing

    Top Ten Facts About Buell

    Buell Motorcycles ceased production in 2009. However, it was far from over, as we now know. Erik Buell founded Erik Buell Racing and wowed audiences with some incredible rides.

    One of these motorcycles is the 1190RS, which has a liquid-cooled, 1190cc V-Twin engine that produces 175 horsepower. This incredible bike was built to perform.

    Buell Motorcycles Is Back

    Top Ten Facts About Buell

    Time to pump! The Buell Motorcycles brand was making a comeback. It was going to produce some incredible models. The engine of the new Buell Hammerhead 1190 Superbike produces 185 horsepower and 101.6 lb-ft of torque at 8,200 RPM, according to what is known about it.

    A dirt bike with a winning history is the Buell 1190HCR. Its engine produces 185 horsepower. Its posture makes champion strength due to its steel tube structure.

    The Buell Racing Tradition

    Top Ten Facts About Buell

    Look no further than Logan Cipala’s 2020 AMA National Championship win on the Buell 1190HCR to illustrate Buell’s incredible racing heritage.

    When Danny Eslick won the AMA Daytona Sportbike class in 2009, we can go back in time. However, when you look at their motorcycles and racing prowess, there is no surprise.’

    Buell SuperTouring 1190

    Top Ten Facts About Buell

    Finally, let’s talk about a bike that Buell Motorcycles is selling that is genuinely incredible. We know that the 2023 Buell SuperTouring 1190’s engine produces 185 horsepower, yet its stunning and appealing looks make us cringe. The stunning superbikes built by Buell Motorcycles have captured our attention and delighted us with their incredible qualities.

    Top Ten Facts About Buell – Top List

    Sr. # Top Ten Facts About Buell
    1 Erik Buell Was A Road Racer
    2 RW750 – First Production Motorcycle
    3 Motorcycles With Harley-Davidson Engines
    4 Harley-Davidson Buys In
    5 The XB-Series
    6 Buell 1125R
    7 Erik Buell Racing
    8 Buell Motorcycles Is Back
    9 The Buell Racing Tradition
    10 Buell SuperTouring 1190

    2022 RM-Z250 Suzuki Motocross Review Specs Price


    The 2022 RM-Z250 Suzuki Motocross is battle-ready and the preferred weapon of savvy professionals and pirates everywhere. The lightweight RM-Z250 combines the race-ready appearance of the RM-sleek Z450 with a versatile engine and responsive chassis for exceptional performance. Factory engineers at Suzuki employed the company’s “RUN, TURN, and STOP” philosophy to design the RM-Z250, which is a formidable competitor.

    2022 RM-Z250 Suzuki Motocross

    Regarding handling, the RM-Z250 has always been the gold standard. The Z250’s RM engine, with its dual injector EFI, center-port cylinder head, and AMA-legal exhaust, produces robust and usable power over the whole rpm range.

    KYB provides the suspension, which consists of a coil spring fork and an adjustable shock with four different settings for the damping force. These components are attached to an aluminum twin-spar frame and a hydro-formed swing arm. The RM-Z250 slices through the track while the rider remains in command, owing to solid brakes and a body optimized for comfort and control.

    To fine-tune the fuel injection and ignition for peak performance, you only need Suzuki’s smartphone-based MX-Tuner and proven fuel-coupler technology. The 2022 Suzuki RM-Z250 continues the brand’s tradition of excellent cornering performance, thanks to Suzuki’s Winning Balance.

    2022 RM-Z250 Suzuki Motocross – Features and Specs

    Engine Features

    Even though it has a center-port cylinder head, the fuel-injected, liquid-cooled, 249cc, four-stroke, four-valve, double overhead cam (DOHC) engine is still a popular and reliable option.

    The engine has strong peak power and excellent throttle response over the whole rpm range.

    To improve engine performance, the intake ports in the cylinder head have been meticulously machined to the perfect shape and quality.

    The air cleaner’s output tube is routed directly into the throttle body, and the air cleaner’s aperture is more significant to accommodate a greater air flow rate.

    The power delivered by the fuel injection system is very smooth, saves gasoline, is highly dependable, and is easy to fine-tune.

    The combustion chamber efficiency and high-rpm power are both greatly improved by the use of dual fuel injectors. It was the RM-first Z250’s time using them.

    The primary fuel injector, situated at the base of the throttle body, sprays gasoline at the butterfly valve, ensuring a finely atomized mixture of fuel and air. The secondary injector is located in the air cleaner input duct to provide for further mixing and cooling of the power and air before it reaches the engine.

    To provide remarkable throttle responsiveness, the RM-Z250 uses a high-capacity fuel pump to power the innovative twin-injector system and combine the fuel and air charge.

    The unusual throttle body layout eliminates the need for a complex control linkage, allowing the rider to feel more in tune with the motor.

    2022 RM-Z250 Suzuki Motocross

    The intake camshaft profile features more valve lift than the previous-generation RM-Z250, which results in more power throughout the RPM range.

    The cam chain tension adjustment and guide are meant to minimize mechanical loss and friction.

    The lightweight aluminum cylinder is coated with Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) for improved durability, reduced weight, and enhanced heat transfer efficiency.

    The overall machining process at the piston pin holes was modified to reduce stress at the piston crown and improve reliability.

    A dependable Kickstarter and an accurately and efficiently operating automatic decompression system make engine starting a breeze.

    With its bigger head-pipe, tapered mid-section, and multi-layer silencer, the high-flow exhaust system prioritizes low-rpm performance.

    Despite its increased performance, the four-layer silencer still meets AMA noise regulations.

    The resin engine covers shield the stator cover (left) and coolant pump (right) from debris like rocks.

    Advanced Electronic Features

    The 2022 Suzuki RM-Z250 comes standard with the company’s MX-Tuner 2.0, a device that allows for simple tuning of the bike’s fuel injection and ignition systems for increased racing prowess.

    Remotely connecting the MX-small Tuner’s transmitter to a smartphone app allows for speedy adjustments like ignition timing and fuel delivery.

    – The MX-Tuner software may pre-program individualized parameters into the ECM when one of the included fuel couplers is attached.

    – It is simple to adjust the settings of a racer or tuner to account for performance improvements.

    User preferences for tracks and climates may be saved and shared with competitors.

    You may monitor your bike’s health in real time by checking the engine’s data and the bike’s runtime.

    Suzuki’s tried-and-true, user-friendly gasoline couplers are included to facilitate EFI tuning.

    – For fast fuel adjustments to suit better riding conditions, two couplers are given. A fuel setting that is either richer or leaner than the default is the one in question. Any coupler may be plugged into the wire harness to provide riders rapid access to the gasoline controls.

    The RM-Z250 now has an enhanced traction control system that better reacts to varying RPMs. Throttle position, engine speed, and gear selection are all factors that the Electronic Control Module (ECM) constantly evaluates. The ECM then adjusts the engine’s power by adjusting the ignition timing and fuel injector length to provide the best possible traction for the rider’s current conditions.

    – The RM-traction Z250’s management technology is distinct from that of street motorcycles’ traction control in that it does not consider rear-wheel spin. Since moto crossers’ needs differ from street bikers, this technology enables constant modification to achieve optimal traction at all times.

    The new Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) is a launch system adapted from the factory racing bike that helps riders get a head start.

    – The S-HAC technology has three power adjustment phases that may assist riders in getting a head start at the start: the initial push off the starting line, the crossing of the starting line, and the acceleration to peak speed.

    2022 RM-Z250 Suzuki Motocross

    Based on their current situation and riding ability, riders may choose one of three S-HAC configurations.

    Mode A: For slick weather or rough terrain near the starting line. With this setting, S-HAC adjusts the ignition timing to prevent tire sliding during liftoff and keep the ride over the gate as smooth as possible. Ignition timing is also accelerated during this time for increased thrust. When you enter the fourth gear or wait six seconds, the device turns off, and the expected ignition timing is re-established.

    If you are just learning to ride, or if the surface you’re starting on is very rough and slippery, you should begin in Mode A, which will give you more of a controlled launch.

    If you want a more powerful launch, Mode B is for you. This mode activates when you have better traction at the beginning of the race. With S-HAC, the ignition timing may be advanced for more excellent acceleration off the line and quicker throttle response. Ignition timing alternation follows the same pattern as Mode A, although for a longer total duration. If the following three things occur (in that order), the ignition will return to regular operation: When you get into fourth gear or wait six seconds, the device turns off and expects ignition timing is re-established.

    Mode B’s benefit is that it allows for faster acceleration off the line, which is useful when riding alongside seasoned riders or under ideal starting conditions.

    Start using the default power setting (base mode), and no need to flip the S-HAC switch.

    Transmission Features

    Exceptional acceleration and top speed are achieved by combining the engine’s increased power and the five-speed gearbox’s second-gear and final ratio.

    As one would expect from a Suzuki transmission, the shifts are silky and precise. The shift cam and gears linked with it need to be precisely machined to make up a reliable gearbox for a racer.

    The multi-plate wet clutch relies on the rack-and-pinion release mechanism to give the rider an accurate feel for the clutch’s engagement and disengagement points.

    The driving chain will glide along the tiny chain guide with pinpoint accuracy.

    Chassis Features

    The RM-Z250 continues Suzuki’s heritage of producing the best-handling motocross motorcycles with its frame and swing arm design.

    For optimal front-to-rear weight distribution, the twin-spar aluminum alloy frame strikes a happy medium between the two.

    The frame of the 2022 RM-Z250 is 10% more torsionally rigid than the previous generation, yet it is 370 grams (0.8 pounds) lighter.

    For improved responsiveness in turns, the crankshaft has been moved upward in the frame.

    The back and top engine mounts are placed externally, away from the cylinder head, to increase rigidity and give a straight intake channel to the engine.

    The steel engine mount has been replaced with an aluminum one for reduced weight.

    The swingarm is made using cutting-edge hydroforming technology, which allows for a lightweight but sturdy design (270 grams).

    Hydroforming allowed engineers to create tapered swingarm beams with increased rigidity and reduced reliance on labor-intensive welding during assembly.

    To cut down on weight, make the sub-frame seem cleaner, and facilitate the replacement of the air filter, hexagonal aluminum rails are used.

    To accommodate the giant air cleaner and to streamline the bodywork, the sub-frame rails are raised and moved inside.

    With the revolutionary design of the sub-thin frame and the overall slimness of the bodywork, the rider has enough room to move about in the cockpit, even during active riding.

    The KYB-supplied shock absorber is light and sensitive to motion thanks to its bottom link, cushion rubber guide, thin-wire spring, and spring guide. The weight savings between the new spring and connection and the ones from the previous model amount to one pound (447.5 grams).

    The KYB shock’s unique damping force circuits and enhanced rear lever ratio increase the suspension’s traction.

    As a result of the wide range of adjustments available for the damping force adjusters, the settings may be better suited to the conditions and the rider’s style.

    High-performance KYB coil spring front fork includes legs that use the same springs and damping force components, making it much easier to set up and maintain the front suspension.

    This fork’s free-piston design, which separates the oil from the air, allows for superior damping properties. The method also aids in controlling the pressure and spring recoil of the damping cartridge, ensuring a fluid and precise fork movement.

    The brand new Renthal aluminum tapered handlebar has a flatter bend and less pull-back than its predecessors, allowing the rider greater precision and stability even in the face of extreme maneuvers.

    The lightweight and durable top fork bracket pair well with the grips and front suspension.

    For better-stopping power and feel, the front brakes use a 270mm wave-style rotor and a Nissin two-piston caliper.

    The RM-brake Z250’s pad material was developed specifically to improve its functionality. The force applied by the rider is transmitted to the lever with more efficiency using the push rod design of the master cylinder.

    The rear brake master cylinder is mounted flush to the frame beam to eliminate any space between them and the potential for contamination from dirt or accidental touch with the rider’s boot.

    An all-new D.I.D Dirt Star rims with a black anodized finish are used for the wheels, and their unique cross-section shape helps to maintain strength while reducing unsprung weight.

    Dunlop Geomax MX33 tires, designed on the track to complement the RM-performance, Z250’s are mounted on the rims. On top of that, the new RM-rear Z250’s tire is almost half a pound (160 kg) lighter than the tire on the old model.

    The upswept rear end and sharply angled front fenders and radiator shrouds inspired by the Suzuki beak are designed to provide the impression of speed while cutting down on weight and simplifying maintenance.

    The motorcycle’s small frame and functional design provide various ergonomic and manageable seating options.

    Changes to the RM-ergonomics Z250s for 2022 improve the rider’s ability to exert firm control over the bike in competition. The foot pegs are raised and shifted forward by 0.2 inches (5.2 mm), while the handlebar grip position is moved forward and down by 0.3 inches (7.4 mm).

    The fuel tank has been updated from metal to plastic, saving half a pound. A total of 1.66 US gallons of gasoline may be carried.

    The seat base, the inner fenders, and the side covers were developed to prevent dust and grime from accumulating in the air cleaner. Having less garbage floating about means less chance of clogging the air filter.

    The thinner seat is made with specialized foam density to aid the rider in keeping control of the motorbike. A large gripper panel stretches from front to back over the seat’s cover.

    2022 RM-Z250 Suzuki Motocross

    The familiar Suzuki Champion Yellow exterior has been updated for 2021 with new logo graphics and unique striping.

    Additional Features

    To comply with regulations set out by the California Air Resource Board (CARB), competitive motorcycles such as the RM-Z250 must be ridden only on private land.

    2022 RM-Z250 Suzuki Motocross – Price

    The new 2022 RM-Z250 Suzuki Motocross is available at $7,899 only.

    2022 RM-Z250 Suzuki Motocross – Technical Specifications


    Engine 249cc, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, DOHC
    Bore x Stroke 77mm x 53.6mm (3-inch x 2.1-inch)
    Compression Ratios 13.75:1
    Fuel System All-new fuel injection, dual-injector type
    Starter Primary Kickstarter with automatic decompressor
    Lubrication Semi-dry sump


    Clutch Wet multi-plate
    Transmission 5-speed constant mesh
    Final Drive Chain, DID 520DMA4K, 114 links


    Suspension Front Inverted telescopic, oil-damped, coil spring, adjustable damping force
    Suspension Rear Single unit, link type, oil damped, coil spring, adjustable spring preload, and damping force
    Brakes Front Disc brake, single rotor
    Brakes Rear Disc brake, single rotor
    Tires Front 80/100-21 M/C (51M), tube type
    Tires Rear 100/90-19 M/C (57M), tube type
    Fuel Tank Capacity 6.3 L (1.66 US gal.)
    Color Champion Yellow No. 2


    Ignition Electronic ignition (CDI)
    Spark Plug NGK CR8EIB-10


    Overall Length 2185 mm (86.02 in.)
    Overall Width 835 mm (32.9 in.)
    Overall Height 1255 mm (49.4 in.)
    Wheelbase 1485 mm (58.46 in.)
    Ground Clearance 330 mm (13.0 in.)
    Seat Height 955 mm (37.5 in.)
    Curb Weight 106 kg (233 lb.)


    Warranty Not applicable

    2022 BMW Concept CE 02 Electric Motorcycle Review


    Breathing new air for two-wheeled urban electric transport. One week before IAA Mobility 2021, BMW Motorrad introduced the 2022 BMW Concept CE 02 Electric Motorcycle, a new concept of intelligent, urban single-track mobility. The idea of an electric car, which is neither a traditional motorcycle nor a scooter, is a thrilling and highly emotional mode of transportation.

    2022 BMW Concept CE 02 Electric Motorcycle

    “At first glance, there’s not much about the BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 that’s a feature of the BMW Motorrad – it’s something unique.” We want to try something new and be a pioneer, which we have shown we can do with the previous steps.

    It also appeals to a new target population with its small size and youth ratio: people 16 years and older who have never ridden a motorcycle before but with new experiences, innovative technology, and most Plus, you’re free to combine mobility with enjoyment. The BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02, weighing approximately 120 kg as a lightweight e-vehicle, is suitable for urban use, providing a high pleasure factor and easy but attractive travel.

    2022 BMW Concept CE 02 Electric Motorcycle – Features

    The Design reflects a Fresh Aspect of the BMW Motorrad

    At first glance, the general appearance of the two-wheeled vehicle reflects the innovative nature of the BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02. “We wanted to make it easily accessible to anyone who wants to be mobile and autonomous,” BMW Alexander Bucket explains. Motorrad’s Head of Vehicle Design. “Daily, BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 is a reliable partner.” You like it because it’s always there for you, and it just works – even if you don’t always handle it the way you should.

    2022 BMW Concept CE 02 Electric Motorcycle

    BMW Motorrad is getting a New Look

    The center of gravity is low due to the flat car body and is conducive to riding dynamics. At the same time, the big disc wheels and low seat height make the BMW Motorrad Concept CE 02 look friendly and confident. Feature dimensions allow for an exquisite ride experience while encouraging non-motorcyclists to try it out while riding.

    2022 BMW Concept CE 02 Electric Motorcycle

    A closer look reveals High-Quality Features

    Upon closer inspection, the rigorous design demonstrates high-quality features and technological advancement. A square, black headlamp with four unique LED components as the front headlights illuminate. The rear light comprises two small, transparent LEDs connected to the left and right sides of the back seat. A small color screen mounted on the handlebar provides minimal display capabilities. It is associated with the use of a prominent, aesthetically pleasing wire.

    Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike


    It’s time for an electrical revolution. It makes perfect sense that the theme would eventually make its way into the motorcycle industry, given that several auto manufacturers have committed to fully electrifying their ranges within the next ten years. The “Tesla” of motorcycles, Zero has made significant improvements to its product line every year. The first electric adventure bike will be available this year which is a unique treat. While this is a very ambitious move, it makes perfect sense that Xero would be the first firm to try to enter the fastest-growing market, the military and police, after producing some truly successful electric dual-sport vehicles. Both are used.

    Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike – Top Rated

    First Electric Adventure Bike

    Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike

    No one else has yet been willing to attempt anything similar for self-evident range-related reasons. Since it’s the first of its kind, we don’t expect it to be perfect, but it will get the ball rolling in the right direction.

    Extended Range

    Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike

    The claimed range of 180 miles is exciting. For a motorcycle, much less an electric bike, that’s a lot. However, further reading will reveal the truth—that the 180-mile mark can only be achieved by circling the city. When combined with a highway number, the range drops to 130 miles, making it more reasonable for daily use. However, if you want to fly down the highway (like most adventure bikers), it will be less than half of the advertised range. It is another significant development.

    Low Center Of Gravity

    Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike

    A battery pack has some features that differ from a full gas tank. Weight stays nice and low because it’s a constant, not a variable. Like any middleweight adventure bike, this bike will be a joy on winding trails due to its excellent handling and transferability.

    New Bosch Stability Control

    Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike

    Bosch MCS (Motorcycle Stability Control) technology, recently developed and aimed at enhancing the off-road riding experience, is being introduced on an electric motorcycle.

    It is essential because rear wheel spin is the biggest concern for people riding electric motorcycles off-road, second only to getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. Spooling the back is a severe problem due to the high torque and lack of modulating clutch. This technique should reduce this, and if early testers are sincere, it works.

    Fast Charging

    Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike

    It is important to remember that a typical charger will require up to 10 hours of charging during the night. While it has obvious limitations, it’s much better if you want to preserve your battery. They provide a 6kW rapid charger which is optional and can charge the bike from 0 to 95 percent in an hour. It offers a lot of conveniences and runs at an alarming speed.

    Comfortable Commuter

    Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike

    Any electric vehicle is suitable for daily commuting, but it offers an exceptional level of comfort. Although it’s pretty tall, like any adventure bike, the seat height isn’t too terrible at 32 inches, and you get excellent upright ergonomics that let you soak up the miles. To top it off, this motorcycle is automatic like other electric motorcycles, which makes it extremely easy to ride in any city.

    Zero BDR

    Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike

    Finally, if you travel to a big city, you won’t buy it. It’s great that it can manage that too, but if you buy an adventure motorcycle, you want to hit the trail. Zero and Backcountry Discovery Routes have teamed up to map EV-friendly routes, a creative partnership. You just need to follow their integrated turn-by-turn navigation to find the pathways containing the charging stations.

    Ridiculous Torque

    Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike

    Finally, if you travel to a big city, you won’t buy it. It’s great that it can handle that too, but if you want to buy an adventure bike, you want to hit the trail. Zero and Backcountry Discovery Routes have teamed up to map EV-friendly routes, a creative partnership. To find ways to contain charging stations you just need to follow their integrated turn-by-turn navigation.

    Heavy Adventure Bike

    Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike

    Finally, if you travel to a big city, you won’t buy it. It’s great that it can handle that too, but if you want to buy an adventure bike, you want to hit the trail. Zero and Backcountry Discovery Routes have teamed up to map EV-friendly routes, a creative partnership. To find ways to contain charging stations you just need to follow their integrated turn-by-turn navigation.

    Competitive Pricing

    Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike

    The price of this bike is what surprises me the most. At $24,495, it’s not cheap, but it’s on par with the full-size adventure bikes it’ll compete against (pictured by Ducati). Naturally, these will be the minimum specifications, and we believe that most people will want to add something of their choice, especially a fast charger, which will undoubtedly be expensive. Nevertheless, it represents an important development as it is the first time an electric motorcycle competes with an ICE competitor.

    Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike – Top List

    Sr. # Top Ten Interesting Facts about Zero DSR/X Adventure Bike
    1 First Electric Adventure Bike
    2 Extended Range
    3 Low Center Of Gravity
    4 New Bosch Stability Control
    5 Fast Charging
    6 Comfortable Commuter
    7 Zero BDR
    8 Ridiculous Torque
    9 Heavy Adventure Bike
    10 Competitive Pricing

    2022 Indian Springfield Dark Horse Cruisers Review Specs Price


    Indian Motorcycle’s willingness to capitalize on trending products is further shown by the 2022 Indian Springfield Dark Horse Cruisers. In particular, Springfield Dark Horse is banking on the success of Jack Daniel’s Limited Edition model, which impacted Daytona. A bad-boy blackout theme is running through this year’s paint kits, but this vehicle stands out because of its factory-custom touches. Indian’s Thunder Stroke 116, with a torque output of over 120 pound-feet, is the finest potential upgrade for its power and performance.

    2022 Indian Springfield Dark Horse Cruisers – Features and Specs


    The Springfield Dark Horse takes a lot of cues from Indian, the oldest motorcycle company in the United States, which is why you’ll recognize many of its design features. A fender ornament called a “war bonnet” that has been around since the early 1900s may be prominently displayed at the front. The front fender is cut back at the sides instead of having valance skirts so that the black and polished wheel can be seen in all its glory, but it still has a complete design that protects the wheel.

    2022 Indian Springfield Dark Horse Cruisers

    The rest of the front end, including the headlight nacelle, RWU forks, and fork skirts, takes us back in time and is blacked out to create a sinister, custom appearance. There is a very bright cyclops halogen light protruding from its conventional-looking nacelle that reaches to conceal the triplet tree. To round off the feature’s vintage-yet-modern aesthetic, the blacked-out bullet turn-signal housings are equipped with LEDs.

    Thanks to these little monkeys, your hands should rest just over your shoulders. The first apehangers attempted to counteract the Wehrmacht’s anti-motorcycling tactics during World War II, which included stringing wires across roads to behead motorcycle couriers. The war heroes brought the apes back to America, where they quickly came to represent the uncompromising, no-nonsense attitude of the country’s growing motorcycle subculture.

    Because the Springfield Dark Horse lacks a fairing or windscreen, I may enjoy the fresh air without obstruction. The blackout instrument panel, which houses the single circular speedometer gauge and the tiny LED screen, is another nice touch since it doesn’t reflect light and blinds the pilot. For an extra dose of nostalgia, the 5.5-gallon teardrop gasoline tank has black inlays on both sides depicting a battle bonnet. The control pod reaches from the saddle back around the fuel tank.

    The low 26-inch seat height makes it possible for riders of all sizes to have a firm grasp on the pavement and confidently use their training wheels. The relaxed cruiser stance is defined by the rider’s triangle, completed by the front foot controls and the full-length footboards.

    A short ride to the p-pad forms a butt stop and isolates the rider from the pillion before it tapers down over the rear fender, leaving the bike with the concept of a solo seat. To keep your belongings dry, the Springfield Dark Horse has lockable, expandable hard-sided saddlebags that complement the bike’s custom look. LED lighting takes care of the back end of things, while a low-mounted tagholder rounds off the necessary hardware.

    2022 Indian Springfield Dark Horse Cruisers


    A cast aluminum frame strikes all the right notes with its double-downtube/double-cradle construction, which ultimately supports the engine and gives some protection to the cases at the bottom. In corners, the Springfield Dark Horse is anything but ponderous thanks to its 25-degree rake angle, 5.2-inch trail across a 67-inch wheelbase, and 31-degree lean angle to each side.

    The suspension comprises simple components, including rwu, 46 mm front forks, and a single air shock in the back. You can change the preload on the rear shock’s broad range, and its generous 4.5 inches of travel means it can handle the roughest urban jungles with ease. Despite the 4.7 inches of travel, the stems are not adjustable due to the preset damping settings.

    Dunlop Elite tires in sizes 130/60-19 up front and 180/60-16 in the back are placed on blackout-cast aluminum wheels. Polishing flats may achieve low-end bling. Brakes are handled by 300 mm discs all around, with dual, four-pot anchors up front, a twin-piston caliper out back, and standard ABS coverage no matter what color scheme you choose with.


    Dunlop Elite tires in sizes 130/60-19 up front and 180/60-16 in the back are placed on blackout-cast aluminum wheels. Polishing flats may achieve low-end bling. Brakes are taken care of by 300 mm discs all around, with dual, four-pot anchors up front, a twin-piston caliper out back, and factory ABS coverage no matter what color scheme you choose with.

    Indian’s Thunder Stroke line of motors is styled after the classic side-valve engines used in the United States from the 1930s through the ’70s. The new 116-cubic-inch engine in the Springfield Dark Horse is reminiscent of earlier engines by virtue of its false cooling fins molded into the rocker-box covers and flathead-tastic exhaust ports. Parallel pushrod tubes, similar to the classic flatties, suggest a set of four independent cam gears beneath the nosecone, continuing the vintage charm into the valvetrain. Visiting the expensive gas station is unavoidable due to the vehicle’s two-liter engine’s 1,900 cc displacement, 11-to-1 compression ratio, 103.2 mm bores, and 113 mm strokes.

    The 54mm throttle body with closed-loop fuel injection controls induction and is responsible for metering and supplying the atomized fuel for efficient combustion and low emissions. Unlike other top-tier machines that roll without the Ride Modes choice, the Springfield Dark Horse is a simple bike with a raw and honest response when you twist the proper grip.

    It’s one of the most powerful engines on the market in the US, cranking out 126 lbft of torque at only 2,900 rpm, which is enough for relaxed cruising on the highway. The six-speed transmission and final-drive ratio allow for potential high speeds of 115 mph when revved to their absolute limits in top gear.

    2022 Indian Springfield Dark Horse Cruisers

    2022 Indian Springfield Dark Horse Cruisers – Pricing

    The 2022 Indian Springfield Dark Horse Cruisers Black Smoke edition is available for $23,499. Blackout treatment is the industry standard. However, you may pay an additional $5 to have the metal sheets treated in Quartz Gray instead.

    2022 Indian Springfield Dark Horse Cruisers – Technical Specifications

    Engine & Drivetrain

    Bore x Stroke 4.063″ x 4.449″ (103.2mm x113mm)
    Compression Ratio 11:1
    Displacement 116 cu in (1,890 ccs)
    Drive/Driven Clutch Wet, Multi-Plate, Assist
    Electronic Fuel Injection System Closed loop fuel injection / 54 mm bore
    Engine Type Air-cooled Thunderstroke 116
    Exhaust Split Dual Exhaust w/ Cross-over
    Gear Ratio (1st) 9.403: 1
    Gear Ratio (2nd) 6.411: 1
    Gear Ratio (3rd) 4.763: 1
    Gear Ratio (4th) 3.796: 1
    Gear Ratio (5th) 3.243: 1
    Gear Ratio (6th) 2.789: 1
    Peak Torque 126 ft-lbs
    Peak Torque RPM 2,900 RPM
    Transmission/Final Drive 2.2: 1
    Transmission/Primary Drive Gear Drive Wet Clutch

    2022 Indian Springfield Dark Horse Cruisers


    Fuel Capacity 5.5 gal (20.8 L)
    Ground Clearance 5.1 in (130 mm)
    GVWR 1,385 lb (628 kg)
    Lean Angle 31°
    Overall Height 48.3 in / 1226 mm
    Overall Length 99.3 in (2,522 mm)
    Overall Width 38.3 in / 972 mm
    Rake/Trail 25° / 5.2 in (133 mm)
    Seat Height 25.6 in (650mm)
    Weight 758 lbs
    Wheelbase 67 inches (1,701mm)


    Front Brakes Dual / 300mm Floating Rotor, 4 Piston Caliper
    Rear Brakes Single / 300mm Floating Rotor, 2 Piston Caliper

    Tires / Wheels

    Front Tires Metzeler Cruisetec 130/60B19 66H
    Front Wheel 10-Spoke Contrast Cut 19 inches x 3.5 inches
    Rear Tires Metzeler Cruisetec 180/60R16 80H
    Rear Wheel 10-Spoke Contrast Cut 16 inches x 5 inches


    Front Fork Tube Diameter 46 mm
    Front Suspension Telescopic Fork
    Front Travel 4.7 in (119 mm)
    Rear Suspension Single Shock w/ Air adjust
    Rear Travel 4.5 in (114 mm)


    Color/graphics Black Smoke, Quartz Gray
    Factory Warranty 2 Years, Unlimited Miles
    Gauges Tank-mounted electronic speedometer with odometer; dual trip meters; digital tachometer; ambient air temperature; fuel range; gear position display; average fuel economy; battery voltage; real-time clock; vehicle trouble code readout; heated grip level (if heated grips installed); low engine oil pressure; and 9 LED telltale indicators: cruise control enabled, cruise control set, neutral, high beam, turn signal, ABS, check engine, and MPH or km/h unit designation; tank-mounted electronic fuel gauge with low fuel LED indicator
    Infotainment N/A
    Lights Halogen Headlamp/Driving, LED Tail/Brake/Turn Signal
    Standard Equipment Remote-Locking Hard Saddlebags, Vinyl Rogue Seat; Tire Pressure Monitoring; Light Bar; ABS, Selectable Ride Modes; Cruise Control; Keyless Ignition

    2022 Indian Springfield Dark Horse Cruisers

    Indian Springfield Dark Horse vs. Harley-Davidson Road King / Road King Special

    Since the MoCo is the second-oldest American brand that is still in operation, Indian is in good company. The Road King Special is identical to the standard Road King in terms of the front fender, but it lacks the Indian-centric combat bonnet. It features a large, skirted front end and large, nacelle-like headlights reminiscent of yesteryear. The criterion is set a bit higher for a mini-ape-like look. Thankfully, the power outage has spread to the game system. Keeping with the theme, the deep-scoop saddle is teamed with a Mustang-style pillion in the “I’d rather not” camp. Dry storage with a comparable load capacity may be found in expanded hard-side bags.

    While the Showa Dual Bending Valve forks provide a more pleasant ride than the Springfield Dark Horse’s vanilla stems, the emulsion-type rear shocks on the Harley are only slightly more comfortable than the air shocks on the Indian. While anti-lock braking systems (ABS) are standard, H-new D’s Reflex Defensive Rider Systems feature is ahead of the curve since it combines drag-torque protection, traction control, and corner-sensitive ABS. This feature, however, is not mandatory and is instead offered as a paid add-on.

    The Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine in the Harley falls slightly shy of the Thunder Stroke in power, but the difference is so little that even the most finely calibrated heinie dynos won’t be able to detect it. Like Indian, Harley offers several pricing points for different color options, with the base Vivid Black model costing $22,999 and the premium two-tone package costing $24,999.

    2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike Review Specs Price


    The 2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike, a brand new concept between bicycles and motorbikes, opens up new possibilities for future innovative, urban travel. It is one of five concept cars that BMW Group will showcase at IAA Transportation 2021 in Munich to demonstrate its vision of mobility in and around cities.

    These five trailblazing concepts combine mobility with a comprehensive and sustainable plan on two and four wheels that meet the various demands of mobility under the standard banner of electric mobility, digitization and sustainability.

    2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike – Features and Specs

    BMW Vision AMBY and BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY

    AMBY simply stands for “Adaptive Mobility.” The new 2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike and the BMW I Vision AMBY take different approaches to the basic concept of adaptive urban mobility on two wheels. Both cars are electric and have three-speed settings for different types of roads. The speed limit on cycling lanes is 25 kilometers per hour, 45 kilometers per hour on inner city roads, and 60 kilometers per hour on multi-lane roads and outside the city.

    2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike

    Move the way you want.

    BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY is an idea. Our thoughts on future movements. We call this “adaptive mobility.” In the future, one will use precisely the path one wants. The sooner or the easier you will reach your destination with one vehicle. Some aspects of this approach are already a reality: an electric drive, high individuality, and a unique design.

    There are No Restrictions

    Breaking Out of the city is being turned into an escape room. There are places where you want to stay for a while and there are places where you want to go. Because of this, the 2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike has a range of about 68 miles. Design and technology are creating brand-new possibilities.

    On Two Wheels, a New Impetus for Emotional Movement

    “With BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY, we’re going to an unknown area.” For us, the focus is on consumer behavior – how will consumers want to travel in the future? What would they expect from their car? That was the starting point of our conversation. Our goal was to create an incredibly moving vehicle for intelligent mobility in and around the city that provided the most freedom.

    BMW Motorrad’s DNA is its design.

    BMW Motorrad Vision denies AMBY classification: While it may seem like a bicycle, it is a motorcycle at heart. Its narrow proportions reflect hardness and adventure, while its design reflects the impressive shape and configuration of the BMW Enduro motorcycle. The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY e-bike clearly shows that it is comfortable and can go anywhere, both on the 26-inch front wheel, which has a narrow tire and the 24-inch rear wheel, which has more round tires.

    2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike

    Color and material concepts that include depth and unexpected details

    Compared to conventional combustion engines, the idea of electric drive in the 2022 BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY means much less in the way of visible mechanics.

    Because of this, its technical heart has been deliberately disguised as a fantastic machine. It emphasizes the highly detailed color and material concept, which goes far beyond the traditional black basic color scheme and the use of white highlights.

    2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike

    The sides of the vehicle are disproportionately designed

    According to BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY’s unique, self-confident personality, both sides are deliberately designed differently. The white “AMBY” text catches the eye above its light-colored drive unit on both sides, creating a bold statement as a stylized design on the trim of the energy storage unit. While a colorful, glossy drop shadow enhances the text on the left, the reader on the right is deliberately left out of the drop shadow. Two rugged bits at the bottom of the energy storage unit emphasize more.

    2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike

    2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike – Technical Specifications

    Battery TBD
    Output TBD
    Vmod1 up to 25 km/h
    Vmod2 up to 45 km/h
    Vmodmax up to 60 km/h
    Range approximately 110km (combined according to WMTC)
    Wheels Studded spoke wheels, including 26-inch front and 24-inch rear
    Seat height 830mm
    Unladen weight approx. 65 kg

    Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India


    Being a member of the Indian riding community is undoubtedly enjoyable as it is overgrowing. Traveling with them for long periods allows you to see wonders. They can also serve as the ideal weekend escape. Membership in a biker group requires a weapon. The Indian motorcycle industry has been on the front foot for the past several years and this weapon can be of many different genres. Even though they have a vast selection of motorcycles for all types of riders, there are still some in the global market that we would love to see on Indian roads. So, the following is the list of Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India.

    Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India – Top Rated

    Honda CB500F

    Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India

    In 2019, the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer unveiled the CB300R for the Indian market. But Honda abandoned this naked bike as the BS6 emission norms were enacted. Nevertheless, the CB300R offered a glimpse of what its big brother, the CB500F, could do. The motorcycle is rumored to have the most responsive features and an excellent engine in the international market. Engine-wise, the Honda CB500F has a 471cc parallel-twin liquid-cooled engine. The motorbike has a great bottom end, a respectable mid-range, and an exceptional top end. Its two-cylinder design says it all.

    Husqvarna Svartpilen 401

    Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India

    Thanks to the launch of the Husqvarna twins, the motorcycles are selling quite well. As a result, there are now rumors that Husqvarna, a Swedish motorcycle brand owned by KTM, may introduce the Svartpilen 401 and Vitpilen 401 in the Indian market. Like the Husqvarna 250s, the KTM 401 will also use a 390 series engine. However, the 390 engine is a jewel and is meant for gangsters. The engine has a good bass end and excellent midrange, and full range. The distinctive sound of the engine is due to the high compression ratio.

    Aprilia Dorsoduro 900

    Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India

    In India, the 900cc segment of German auto giant BMW was the first to offer a bare-bones on-road adventure tourer with the same engine. But in the foreign market, this is hardly a brand-new story. There are currently no rumors of Aprilia releasing a 900cc twin engine, but we are eager for the company to remove a 90-degree V-twin engine. Also, the Aprilia Dorsoduro 900 is a couple’s adventure motorcycle and offers a high ride height and lengthy suspension travel. Additionally, the 891.6cc V-Twin engine at its heart produces 95hp maximum power and 90Nm of peak torque.

    KTM Duke 890

    Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India

    Given the booming popularity of expensive KTM motorbikes in India, we want a little more fire to light up the tracks and highways. Moreover, the latest KTM Duke 890 has the ideal package for the job, and we expect KTM to import the motorcycle to India. As you know, KTM discontinued Duke 790 after implementing BS6 emission norms. Although the chassis of the bikes 790 and 890 are identical, their power output is significantly different for obvious reasons. An 890cc parallel-twin, liquid-cooled motor that produces a mind-blowing 121hp maximum power and 99Nm of peak torque powers the KTM Duke 890.

    Yamaha MT-03

    Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India

    A must-drive Yamaha YZF R3 to experience its powertrain. Why do we make this claim? Finally, the YZF R3’s bare sister is the MT-03. Although the R3 is no longer available for the Indian market, there is no denying that the MT03 is an exciting motorbike. The Yamaha MT-03 shares the same basic genetic makeup as the MT15 and is equally maneuverable in city traffic. A 321cc parallel-twin, liquid-cooled engine powers the MT-03. The motor produced a maximum output of 41.4ps and a maximum torque of 29.6Nm.

    Suzuki SV650

    Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India

    It’s no wonder that naked motorcycles are growing in popularity as they provide the ideal compromise between adventure and regular commuting. Suzuki also makes a line of street-legal bikes, and the SV650 is one of the most influential models. Retro styling without sacrificing contemporary features and rider aids. A 645cc liquid-cooled V-Twin engine with a maximum output of 75hp and a maximum torque of 64Nm powers the Suzuki SV650. It’s music to the ears and has plenty of power to keep you entertained while driving because it’s a V-Twin.

    Honda Rebel 300

    Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India

    Honda has just launched the CB350 H’ness in India. We are currently awaiting his response. We expected the Honda Rebel 300 to arrive on our shores before its premiere. But things turned out differently. If you’re unfamiliar with the Honda Rebel 300, it’s a low-slung cruiser that offers a comfortable riding position that’s couch-like. The Rebel 300 shares the same engine as the CB300R, which debuted in India in 2019. The engine has a maximum output of 19.5 horsepower and a maximum torque of 27 Nm.

    Honda NC750X DCT

    Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India

    With its innovative motorcycles, the Japanese motorcycle company is doing well in the global market. The Honda NC750X DCT is another motorbike currently unavailable in the domestic market. DCT stands for Dual Clutch Transmission, and the NC750X has an automatic transmission. You heard right. The Honda NC750X DCT is a touring motorbike that can easily cover a distance of 120-140 kmph. The power output of the 754cc parallel-twin motor may seem a little modest, but the DCT more than makes up for it. The engine produced a peak torque of around 70 Nm and a maximum power of 58 hp.

    Ducati Scrambler Sixty 2

    Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India

    Currently available in the market is the Ducati Scrambler, but it is the top-of-the-line model with a 1190cc engine. The entry-level motorbike in the Scrambler range is the Ducati Scrambler Sixty 2. It refers to both size and engine power. Both together make the motorbike affordable and affordable. Additionally, the linear power delivery of the 399cc L-Twin engine makes it an ideal starting motorbike. The Jewel engine has a maximum output of 40 horsepower and a maximum torque of 34 Nm. The Scrambler Sixty2 is an air-cooled motorcycle, unlike other Ducati models.

    Yamaha YZ450F

    Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India

    The Yamaha YZ450F is one of the unique bikes on the list. It is evident from the pictures that the bike is designed with a specific purpose in mind and is not suitable for everyone. This bike increases the degree of adrenaline that is already pumping through our veins. The Yamaha YZ450F can handle any trick, including barrel rolls, loops to loops and laps.

    However, despite the high price of the bikes, they only have a 449cc liquid-cooled DOHC 4-stroke engine with four titanium valves. Comparably expensive construction materials tend to add up quickly.

    Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India – Top List

    Sr. # Top Ten High Spec Bikes Riders Want to have in India
    1 Honda CB500F
    2 Husqvarna Svartpilen 401
    3 Aprilia Dorsoduro 900
    4 KTM Duke 890
    5 Yamaha MT-03
    6 Suzuki SV650
    7 Honda Rebel 300
    8 Honda NC750X DCT
    9 Ducati Scrambler Sixty 2
    10 Yamaha YZ450F

    2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter Review Specs Price


    “It’s morning.” The city is waking up. I still take a deep breath of cool air as I walk to my garage. I am wearing a casually cut parka which is both attractive and valuable. Patrons are unshakable, yet they give me a sense of security. I’m looking to the start of the day. My 2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter is currently parked in the garage. Its futuristic design style has piqued my interest. The low battery space gives the scooter a new geometry, a fundamental break from previous standards. I’m glad to see it again. It’s a beautiful feeling every day.

    2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter

    First, the birds are singing, and the urban jungle is coming to life. The sounds of the city fill the air. Everything is set in action. People move – both together and in unity. The paths meet.

    What will the new day bring? Tapas with friends at the riverside hotel? What about the show at the Museum of Modern Art? First, there are appointments in the office. Workshops, meetings, and client visits feel like this. I connect my smartphone to the scooter and turn my wrist to activate the park. Its LED is bright. I’m silent, yet I want to pay attention. Everything is straightforward and smooth.

    2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter – Features and Specs

    New BMW CE 04 – Silent Revolution

    A New Chapter in Urban Two-Wheel Electric Movement. BMW Motorrad continues its electro-mobility strategy for metropolitan conversions with the new BMW CE 04 model. The BMW CE 04, the last series production vehicle of the BMW Motorrad Concept Link, which debuted in 2017, and the adjacent series BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04, launched in 2020, are two-wheeled urban transport. I am starting a new era.

    Enough power and range

    The new BMW CE 04 boasts a strong motor with a maximum output of 31 kW (42 hp) and provides excellent ride enjoyment. The traditional “traffic light start” at a speed of 0 to 50 kilometers per hour takes only 2.6 seconds. Even in the lower production L3e-A1 car class, 23 kW (31 hp) of driving power is available.

    With liquid Cooling Electric Motor

    The new 2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter has a permanent magnet electric motor fixed in the frame between its new battery and the rear wheel, as seen in BMW vehicles like the 225xe Active Tourer. BMW Motorrad tested rigorously to establish a different type of recovery for each riding mode, giving the user a higher level of ease.

    2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter

    The charging period is short, and the charging technology is based on the system used in the automobile. The built-in charging device charges a lithium-ion battery on a conventional home socket, wall box, or public charging station. When the battery is completely depleted, the charging time should not exceed 4 hours and 20 minutes. When the battery is completely flat, charging time is reduced to 1 hour 40 minutes with a fast charger, which is available as an optional extra and produces up to 6.9 kW (2.3) KW is the average level).

    Slip control using ASC has enhanced ride stability (automatic stability control). DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) is available as an aftermarket option.

    This traction control technology, similar to the automatic stability control used with combustion engines in BMW motorcycles, is featured in the new BMW CE 04 model. ASC limits engine torque in response to the rear wheel slide. As an optional addition, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) further improves ride safety. DTC allows for much safer acceleration, especially in banking positions.

    2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter

    2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter – Price

    The new 2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter is available for $11,795 only.

    2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter – Technical Specifications


    Drive Type Liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous
    Rated power hp 20 @ 4,900 rpm
    Maximum power h 42 @ 4,900 rpm
    Torque lb-ft. 46 @ 1,500 rpm
    Maximum motor speed rpm 12,000
    High-Voltage battery type Air-cooled lithium-ion
    Battery capacity Ah (kWh) 60.6 (8.9)
    Battery voltage volts 147.6
    Charging capacity kW 2.3 / 6.9

    2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter


    Charging time 0-100% 4:20 hours @ 10A / 2.3 kW
    1:40 hours @ 30A / 6.9 kW
    Charging time 0 – 80% 3:30 hours @ 10 Ah / 6.9 kW
    1:05 hours @ 30A / 6.9 kW
    Charging time 20 – 80% 00:45 hours @ 30A / 6.9 kW
    Generator DC/DC integrated converter
    Headlight LED high/low beam, LED daytime riding, and parking
    Rear light LED brake light and rear light
    Drive Type Toothed belt
    Total gear ratio 10.5


    Frame type Tubular steel frame
    Front Suspension Telescopic fork, 35 mm
    Rear Suspension Single-sided swingarm with shock absorber and adjustable spring base
    Spring travel, front/rear inches (mm) 4.3 / 3.6 (110 / 92)
    Wheel castor inches (mm) 4.7 (120)
    Wheelbase inches (mm) 66 (1,675)
    Steering angle deg. 26.5
    Brakes, front inches (mm) Hydraulic twin-disk brake 10.4 (265)
    4-piston calipers
    Brake, rear inches (mm) Hydraulic single-disk brake 10.4 (265)
    single-piston caliper
    ABS BMW Motorrad ABS
    Wheel, front inches 3.50 x 15 die-cast aluminum
    Wheel, rear inches 4.50 x 15 die-cast aluminum
    Tires, front/rear 120/70R15 / 160/60R15

    2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter

    Dimension and Weight

    Length inches (mm) 90 (2,285)
    Width with mirrors inches (mm) 33.7 (855)
    Height inches (mm) 45.3 (1,150)
    Seat height inches (mm) 30.7 (780)
    Unladed weight lbs. (kg) 509 (231)
    Permitted total weight lbs. (kg) 904 (410)


    Top speed mph (kph) 75 (120)
    Acceleration, 0 – 30 mph (50 kph) seconds 2.6
    Acceleration, 0 – 62 mph (100 kph) seconds 9.1

    2021 Triumph Speed Twin Modern Classics Bike Review Specs Price


    The new 2021 Triumph Speed Twin Modern Classics Bike is redesigned for 2021 with more excellent performance, better handling, increased technology, and even more premium bespoke style and details. It has the ideal blend of character, style, and sporting performance.

    2021 Triumph Speed Twin Modern Classics Bike – Features and Specs

    Evolution in Every Dimension

    More performance, improved handling, improved technology, and even more luxurious elegance. The amazing Speed Twin raises the bar.

    2021 Triumph Speed Twin Modern Classics Bike

    Unmistakable Modern Sports Classic Style

    Modern classic roadster design has reached a new benchmark thanks to the evolution of the original high-performance icon.

    Features and Updates

    Due to its category-defining premium finish and detailing, class-leading handling, thrilling and responsive engine, cutting-edge rider technology, and stunning, contemporary custom style, the Speed Twin, introduced in 2018, established the standard for a Modern Classic performance roadster should ride and feel.

    The Speed Twin, an award-winning motorbike, has been popular with customers. The Speed Twin featured the modern custom look and engaging ride of the Street Twin, with even more premium and attractive features and touches. It was known for possessing the power and torque of the Thurston R in an even more approachable setup.

    And now, for 2021, the Speed Twin provides an update in every area—from handling, technology, and style to power and performance—making it the ideal marriage of personality, style, and actual sporting performance.

    Higher Performance

    The Speed Twin’s charming 1200cc High Power Bonneville twin engine has undergone significant updates for 2021 and is now fully compliant with Euro 5 in terms of performance and emissions. With 100PS at 7,250 rpm and 3PS greater peak power than the previous generation, the engine now has more substantial midrange power.

    The 2021 Speed Twin also features a broader torque curve, with a peak torque of 112Nm reaching more than 500rpm lower down the rev range compared to the previous generation, in addition to the compelling and linear power delivery.

    2021 Triumph Speed Twin Modern Classics Bike

    Another improvement to the Speed Twin engine’s responsiveness is the 17% reduction in inertia made possible by a redesigned, lighter alternator and crankshaft. These allow the engine to rev more complexly and longer than the previous version, with a red line now 500 rpm higher. The list of performance improvements is completed with new high-compression pistons, updated ports, and a new cam profile.

    The new brushed stainless steel megaphone twin upswept sports silencers, which have been meticulously constructed for a deep, throaty roar to match the Speed Twin’s illustrious moniker, amplifying the unmistakable sound of the Bonneville Twin. The catalyst box is skillfully hidden by the inventive and continuous exhaust header run, resulting in the recognizable clean-line “straight-run” look.

    The high initial major service interval of 10,000 miles/16,000 kilometers helps to keep ownership costs low for all of the Triumph Modern Classic models.

    Better handling

    The new generation Speed Twin benefits from several substantial enhancements for an even more precise, elegant, and dynamic ride, adding to its well-known reputation for excellent, comfortable handling.

    With higher-spec upside-down 43mm Mar Zocchi front forks and cartridge damping, the Speed Twin is brand-new for 2021 and offers a more secure and pleasant ride with 120mm wheel travel. These are ideally suited to the dual rear suspension units, carefully calibrated for even superior handling and the ideal ride for a contemporary roadster, and include adjustable spring preload and 120mm of rear wheel travel.

    Brembo 4-piston M50 radial Monobloc front brake calipers and dual 320mm Brembo discs, newer, higher-specified components that further increase the next generation Speed Twin’s braking capabilities. These provide a sharper initial brake bite, a more sumptuous feel, and superior fade characteristics when combined with the Nissin 2-piston floating rear caliper with 220mm disc and ABS installed as standard.

    2021 Triumph Speed Twin Modern Classics Bike

    New cast aluminum wheels, 17″ in size front and back, with a lightweight 12-spoke design, are also standard equipment for the 2021 model, providing remarkable grip, accuracy, and high-speed stability.

    The Speed Twin is a balanced motorbike that offers a natural and self-assured riding experience. With an easily accessible 809mm seat height, a narrow stand-over width, tapered handlebars, and a comfortable roadster foot-peg position 38mm farther front and 4mm lower than the Thurston, the ergonomics are precisely suited to provide the rider a more relaxed riding posture.

    Enhanced Technology

    A sophisticated ride-by-wire system that assures accurate throttle control and offers three riding modes—Rain, Road, and Sport—is one of several rider-focused technologies in the next-generation Speed Twin. These have been improved for 2021, allowing the rider to customize the traction control and throttle response settings.

    To adapt to any change in the riding environment and to maximize rider confidence and safety, the riding modes may be changed at the press of a button while the rider is moving. Through the instrument menu, the rider can freely decide to turn off the traction control.

    As long as market regulations allow it, the bike has indicators, an LED rear light, and a distinctive LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) built into the headlamp.

    The scroll button on the handlebar is used to access the digital menu system built into modern 3D clocks. It gives the rider access to traction control settings, a TPMS indication if one is installed as an accessory, two trip settings, fuel level, and range to empty. It also displays average and actual fuel usage.

    Other rider-focused equipment includes a USB charging port beneath the seat, a tire pressure monitoring accessory, and an immobilizer with a transponder built into the pricey Triumph key.

    More Premium Style and Detailing

    The new 2021 Speed Twin is even more gorgeous and has even more sophisticated accents. It mixes Triumph’s classic DNA with a contemporary stripped-back bespoke style and elegance.

    Along with its trademark 14.5L tank with knee indents, lovely bar end mirrors, sculpted side panels, and chic bench seat, the Speed Twin is distinguished by its new 12-spoke cast wheels, twin upswept sporty silencers, and brushed stainless-steel headers.

    Brushed aluminum front and rear mudguards with new mounts, side panel finishers, and heel guards are just a few of the high-end accents and finishes consistent throughout the bike. The new anodized headlight mounts, painted headlamp bowl, vintage Monza fuel cap, and clear anodized aluminum swing arm are all quality finishing touches and features.

    The Speed Twin is offered in three paint colors for 2021: the brand-new, glistening Red Hopper scheme, the chic Matt Storm Grey with subdued yellow accents, or the time-honored Jet Black.

    The Genesis of a Motorcycle Icon

    The original 1938 Triumph Speed Twin, the first successful parallel twin engine ever packed into a chassis that changed the face of motorcycles, was a revelation to ride. Its exceptional responsiveness and smooth dynamic handling made Triumph the top motorcycle brand in the world for performance and handling, establishing the standard for all that came after. It also gained a reputation as the first proper “rider’s bike” worldwide.

    The new Speed Twin redefines the standard for 2021 with its perfect blend of torque-rich performance, elegant and dynamic handling, and stunningly modern bespoke motorcycle character.

    50+ Custom Accessories

    The 2021 Speed Twin provides users with more than 50 bespoke attachments to further customize their bike’s appearance, functionality, and security. These include heated grips, knee pads, head bolt covers, sump plates, multi-function LED indicators, quilted seats and luggage, and many more.

    To ensure flawless integration and exceptional longevity, all authentic Triumph accessories have been created and developed in tandem with the bike itself to the same high standards. They also all come with the same two-year unlimited mileage warranty.


    The new 43mm Mar Zocchi upside-down cartridge forks and dual rear shocks on the Speed Twin are tuned to provide class-leading handling, providing 120mm of regulated damping and a ride that inspires confidence.


    Robust new premium grade Brembo four-piston M50 radial Monobloc calipers, high-performance 320mm floating discs, and the latest ABS generation all contribute to confident and secure braking.


    A significant engine upgrade adds 3 HP of more top-end power, greater mid-range torque, and less inertia for better responsiveness.


    A comfortable and confident upright riding stance is provided by the Speed Twin’s engaging roadster ergonomics and relaxed seating, foot peg, and handlebar layout, which improves the performance of this contemporary sports-focused motorcycle.


    The Speed Twin’s confident, elegant, and natural handling results from engaging ergonomics, a dedicated roadster-focused chassis, new high-specification suspension, and intelligent tires.


    A handlebar-mounted scroll button on the modern, feature-packed dual clocks provides access to a simple menu system that displays all the necessary information.

    Modern Capability

    For optimal rider safety and enjoyment, upgraded riding modes, traction control, LED lighting, and a light-action torque-assist clutch are tastefully incorporated with little visible impact.

    Riding Modes

    With three improved riding modes that each have their dedicated throttle map and traction control setting, adjustments can be made instantly to fit the situation and the rider’s preferences.


    The new dual upswept silencers and brushed stainless steel headers, engineered for performance and aesthetics, give style and the distinctive Speed Twin roar.

    Wheels & Tires

    New lightweight cast-aluminum 12-spoke wheels with new Metzeler Racetec RR tires provide the ideal balance of grip, high-speed stability, and handling agility.

    Style Features

    The most attractive Speed Twin ever, with a variety of premium new finishes, fresh colors, and superb craftsmanship. Beautifully poised and well-balanced.

    2021 Triumph Speed Twin Modern Classics Bike

    2021 Triumph Speed Twin Modern Classics Bike – Price

    The new 2021 Triumph Speed Twin Modern Classics Bike is available for $12,500 only.

    2021 Triumph Speed Twin Modern Classics Bike – Technical Specifications

    Engine & Transmission

    Type Liquid-cooled, eight valves, SOHC, 270° crank angle parallel twin
    Capacity 1200 cc
    Bore 97.6
    Stroke 80
    Compression 12.1:1
    Max Power EC 100 PS / 98.6 bhp (73.6 kW) @ 7250 rpm
    Max Torque EC 83 ft-lb (112 Nm) @ 4250 rpm
    System Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection
    Exhaust Brushed stainless steel two into-2 exhaust system with twin silencers
    Final Drive O ring chain
    Clutch Wet, multi-plate torque assist clutch
    Gearbox 6-speed


    Frame Tubular steel, with steel cradles
    Swingarm Twin-sided aluminum
    Front Wheel Cast aluminum alloy 17” x 3.5”
    Rear Wheel Cast aluminum alloy 17” x 5.0”
    Front Tire 120/70 ZR17
    Rear Tire 160/60 ZR17
    Front Suspension Ø 43mm USD Marzocchi forks, 120mm travel
    Rear Suspension Twin RSUs with adjustable preload, 120mm rear wheel travel
    Front Brakes Twin Ø 320mm discs, Brembo M50 4-piston radial monobloc calipers, ABS
    Rear Brakes Single Ø 220mm disc, Nissin 2-piston floating caliper, ABS
    Instrument Display and Functions Twin dial analog speedometer and tachometer with LCD multi-functional displays

    Dimensions & Weights

    Width Handlebars 30.6 in (778 mm)
    Height Without Mirror 43.2 in (1097 mm)
    Seat Height 31.9 in (809 mm)
    Wheelbase 55.6 in (1413 mm)
    Rake 22.3 º
    Trail 3.6 in (91.5 mm)
    Tank Capacity 3.8 US gal (14.5 liters)
    Wet Weight 476 lb (216 kg)

    Fuel Consumption

    Fuel Consumption 41.8 mpg (US gal)

    Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bikes to Buy


    For a longer period of time, it seemed as if the dual sport was all but extinct, with only a few very obsolete types still in production. Although a lot has changed recently, there are still a few vintage bikes in circulation that are still popular among riders. Additionally, there are several modern bikes currently available.

    Most of us enjoy getting out and riding the trails. Owning a dirt bike can be expensive and usually requires a pickup to get the bike to the trail. Buying a dual-sport, a street-legal dirt bike you can ride on the tracks instead of taking it out there is a cheaper solution.

    Although the term “dual sport” is vague, it’s a street-legal dirt bike. Now that more and more people realize the benefits of these street-legal dirt bikes, it makes more sense for those who aren’t interested in motocross to take to a trail or fire road. There’s a model for almost any budget that complies with current emissions and noise regulations for dual sport bikes.

    Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bikes to Buy – Top Rated

    Kawasaki KLR650

    Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bikes to Buy

    The Kawasaki KLR650 was recently given a second chance as a low-cost adventure bike, although in its basic guise, it is still essentially a dual sport. It’s a short motorcycle that’s easy to like. The venerable machine’s size and weight are its major drawbacks, which are significant off-road obstacles and aren’t precisely user-friendly for novice riders.

    Honda CRF300L

    Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bikes to Buy

    If you’re a novice rider looking for something a little more beginner-friendly and charming, look no further than the Honda CRF line. In any case, it’s accessible and has a modern fuel-injected engine. Although the seat height appears high on the spec sheet, it compresses very little when you sit down and is low enough for most people with flat feet. However, its major drawback is that the rear shock is soft, as a big, heavy rider almost always bottoms out.

    Suzuki DR-Z400S

    Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bikes to Buy

    One of the last vehicles of any kind that you can still buy with a carburetor is the DR-Z, which has been around in that form for over 20 years. Suzuki fans have been begging the company to update this machine, and when they can, the cost will inevitably go up. So far, it’s one of the best options for the money as it has much better suspension than a comparably priced motorcycle and almost as much power as some of the costly modern bikes. It currently holds a unique position in the dual sports market.

    KTM 450 EXC-F Six Days

    Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bikes to Buy

    The Six Days is a unique vehicle that delivers the best high-performance competition bikes on the road. Of course, such performance comes at a price, but if you plan on taking part in proper off-roading or enduro events, this is one of the best vehicles money can buy.

    Kawasaki KLX230

    Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bikes to Buy

    In short, the KLX strikes the ideal combination between affordability and off-road capability. Its suspension is better than the CRF, and its seat height is lower than that of the DR-Z. The little KLX certainly isn’t an enduro championship-winning bike, but not everyone needs one. The level of capability you get is ideal for a mountain bike. It would make a great first bike and is possibly the most excellent entry-level dirt bike ever.

    Beta 390 RR-S

    Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bikes to Buy

    Small Italian manufacturer Beta offers another “dirt bike with lights” alternative, one of those gadgets that perform better than you’d expect. It’s strong and agile and will undoubtedly keep all those expensive Huskies and KTMs under control. With brief service intervals, this will undoubtedly be one of the highest maintenance dual sport bikes you can buy.

    Honda CRF450L

    Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bikes to Buy

    So the big boy Honda isn’t cheap, but it offers terrific value. Although it will not perform as well as the European bikes, it will undoubtedly be less expensive. It’s one of the middle-of-the-road choices because it has excellent gearing, plenty of power, and is fantastic on the road for what’s essentially a dirt bike. Off-road, a skilled rider can keep up with more expensive enduros, and even a casual trail runner will benefit from the extra power.

    Husqvarna FE 350s

    Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bikes to Buy

    Possibly the best and most elegant dual-sport with an off-road focus. It produces good power and requires less maintenance than other high-performance options. Interestingly, even though it’s comparable to the KTM, it has a superior suspension, so the extra money you have to invest is well worth it.

    Yamaha XT250

    Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bikes to Buy

    It’s an incredible feat for Yamaha to pack 11 inches of suspension travel into a bike with a 32-inch seat height considering the rest of their bargain basement lineup. It’s the best learner bike available, and the 20-horsepower air-cooled XT is both accessible and low-maintenance. Riding a dirt bike or dual sport is a great way to learn.

    Beta 500 RR-S

    Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bikes to Buy

    With a capacity of 47 wheel horsepower, it is one of the fastest dual sport bikes money can buy. It’s hard to compare this bike to any other because Beta said, “Feel it,” and gave us a competition-spec motorcycle with lights and a number plate holder. All other bikes are tuned to some extent for road use.

    Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bikes to Buy – Top List

    Sr. # Top Ten Best Dual Sports Bike to Buy
    1 Kawasaki KLR650
    2 Honda CRF300L
    3 Suzuki DR-Z400S
    4 KTM 450 EXC-F Six Days
    5 Kawasaki KLX230
    6 Beta 390 RR-S
    7 Honda CRF450L
    8 Husqvarna FE 350s
    9 Yamaha XT250
    19 Beta 500 RR-S